Rounding fraction worksheets have actually abundant practice an abilities to ring the proper, improper and mixed fractions to the nearest whole number and also to the nearest half. Number lines room also detailed to mark and also round the fraction. These pdf worksheets are appropriate for grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5. Free samples are additionally included.

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Number Line: ideal Fraction

In this practice set, third grade students show the given proper fraction on the number line and find if that is close come 0 or 1. Also round the fraction to the nearest totality number.


Number Line: blended Number

Round each blended number to the nearest whole number by an initial indicating the on the number line and thereby recognize its closest value in these printable rounding worksheets.


Rounding blended Number: type 1

In ar A, one the numbers much more than half and in ar B circle the numbers less than half. In ar C, round every the numbers to the nearest whole number.


Number Line: Nearest half - combined Numbers

Practice each sheet by rounding the combined number come the nearest half. Show the number top top the number heat to uncover the closestly value.


Rounding improper Fractions

The printable worksheets are based upon rounding improper fraction to the nearest entirety number. Before rounding, transform improper fraction into combined number.

Number Line: Nearest half - appropriate Fractions

Learn come accurately ring the proper fractions by noting it on a number line and by recognize the closest half to which the is rounded.

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Rounding combined Number: kind 2

This batch of round off fractions worksheet pdfs for 4th grade and 5th grade kids features mixed numbers. Round each blended number come the nearest totality number.