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What wake up in the Romeo and also Juliet death Scene?

In the Romeo and Juliet death scene, Juliet is lie in the tomb, under the influence of a resting potion that renders it appear that she has actually died. Romeo finds she in the tomb. Before entering the tomb, Romeo death Paris in the graveyard.

Romeo mourns over her body, and also then drinks poison because he believes the Juliet is truly dead. He falls next come her. Juliet wakes up moments afterwards.

Friar Laurence has actually come assist her. Once he discovers the Romeo is dead, he attempts to convince Juliet to leave. Juliet insists top top staying, and also discovers Romeo's dead body next to her. Friar Laurence leaves her alone in the tomb. Juliet stabs herself in the heart.

Romeo and Juliet each commit self-destruction within the Capulet family members tomb.

After their death, the body are discovered by both families, the Prince, and also several citizens of Verona. Friar Laurence confesses his involvement to the Prince. The Capulet and also Montague families pledge to finish their feud. The Prince the Verona sends everyone away with some sad last words.

How walk Romeo Die?

Romeo drinks poison to death himself because he believes that Juliet is important dead.

Romeo death Paris, climate Enters the Capulet Tomb

Count Paris, the gentleman Juliet's dad intended to pressure her come marry, visits the Capulet tomb to grieve over Juliet's body. Paris has strong love for Juliet, although he is fully unaware of her mystery love and marriage come Romeo.

While Paris is close to the tomb, Romeo arrives. Paris watch Romeo together a hated rival from the Montague family. Paris believes Romeo is in ~ the graveyard to vandalize the Capulet mausoleum.

Paris is wrong in his assumption, but he has no means to understand this. Romeo has involved the Capulet dig to see Juliet's dead body, and also commit suicide alongside her.

Paris confronts Romeo. Romeo fights back. The two men proceed to struggle, and also Romeo death Paris. Romeo beginning the tomb, and lays Paris's body inside. Romeo honors Paris.

Noble ar Paris!.. Provide me thy hand,One writ v me in cake misfortune's book!I'll ask thee in a triumphant grave;

--Romeo, act 5, step 3

Romeo Discovers Juliet's resting Body

Romeo finds Juliet lying inside her family's monument. That believes her to it is in dead. Ironically, he comment on just how alive she tho appears. He describes her lifelike beauty, saying the her lips and also cheeks room still together red and also lovely as as soon as she to be alive. He notes that fatality has not overcame her beauty through its customary pallor.

Death, the hath suck'd the love husband of your breath,Hath had actually no strength yet upon thy beauty:Thou art not conquer'd; beauty's ensign yetIs crimson in her lips and in your cheeks,And death's pale flag is not progressed there.

--Romeo, plot 5, scene 3

This is ironic due to the fact that Juliet is no dead in ~ all. She has taken a medicine that provides her appear to be dead, but she is really just an extremely deeply asleep. She is intended to wake up up really soon. Unfortunately, it will certainly not be soon enough.

Romeo kills Himself v Poison

Romeo is totally convinced the Juliet is dead. That has concerned the tomb through a vial the poison that he purchased in Mantua.


Put this in any type of liquid point you will,And drink the off; and, if you had actually the strengthOf twenty men, it would dispatch girlfriend straight.


There is your gold, worse poison to men's souls,

--Act 5, step 1

Romeo mourns end Juliet. He speaks of her beauty, and of his love. The swears the he will never ever leave her, and also that he will continue to be by she side forever. Providing one critical look to his love, and taking one last kiss from she inert lips, Romeo drinks his vial of poison and falls immediately.

Here's to my love!

O true apothecary!Thy drugs space quick. For this reason with a kiss ns die.

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--Romeo, plot 5, step 3

Romeo has killed himself due to the fact that he believes the Juliet is dead. The does not want to live there is no her. Romeo is unaware that Juliet's resting state is temporary. Friar Laurence will certainly soon pertained to awaken Juliet and take her out of the tomb.