FYI...... As a kid who flourished up in the building and also being the nephew of the male who ran it because that 30 yrs. First thing, its an extremely SAFE for anyone and also especially kids. If you dont know just how child safety that place is , climate thats reflects you gibberish spent lot time there, if your that worried save them house or find another babysitter and stop using them as one..If her so worried around them getting hurt , or exactly how the rather ones act roughly them or that they will certainly pick up something. Then save your poorly behaved kids at home and also be your own sitter , bc ns promise girlfriend what you think other children are doing over there your child is most likely the ring leader !!!!Not their tasks to beat parent...

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Love this ar for couple date night. Im 26 and also I still feel favor a kid ever time my remarkable boyfriend bring me come skate. Its funny and great exercise without also knowing you space working the end hahaha exorbitant time through friends!!!

I would certainly have gave 0 stars. So opened at 7pm and also closed at 8pm. Tried not to provide my 12 yr old money back. Climate told she she was not allowed earlier due come the truth she wasnt going to get robbed through owners. Saying the she was snobby. This is exactly how teens are treated here. Together a parental I went in to see what exactly had happened and also I was told to leaving after they also told me my child was snobby for wanting her money back.

I mean, this place will always bring me ago to mine childhood, however it could definitely use a significant remodel/clean.

I loved it the critical time i went.but my concern is if yall tighten the wheels so you cant fall down easily

LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!! Really great vibe vintage feel and also really sweet staff. You will do feel favor you room transported come some various other decade, hope this location is approximately forever!

Great tough working staff and apparent babysitters that is means under paid.....Some of you parents who just drop off your youngsters should surprised them with a unforeseen pick up and see if your together embarrassed together I to be for you.... Over there was much more kids without skates running about hollering profanities and also making threats around fighting or cut someone. SMH the made the really tough to reap our household outing.

Great people, trusted environment. The a great affordable task to do with your friends and family. $4 for over 2 hrs of skating! Win.

I love this place and so does my babies! just wish it was open more days of the week and also longer time frames

Love skating below every various other Sunday. Just wish the owners would come turn off their earlier pocket and also put part $$$$ into the wait conditioning. That unbearably warm for an indoor type of entertainment. Yes no excuse for it. Spent a the majority of money top top redoing the floors and also on the sound system. Placed some money right into the air conditioning. PLEASE!!!!!!!

I went last Sunday v my family and also we had actually fun. It to be a little hot yet we met part awesome people and also staff.

I walk love it!! ns didnt get to rollerskate due to the fact that all the skates to be to tiny and or to tight on my feet. Think I need size 15 skates. I provided 5 stars being such a pretty place. Wanting come come back again. Try relearning rollerskating again. :)

I skated here in High School and recently went earlier cause mine husband loves to skate. We went ~ above a Saturday night Midnight Skate and also was surprised by the lot of people there. Overall my group had a blast and we do plan to walk back.Pros: Price, music, lockers through keys, pretty employeesCons: absence of government in the rink, too many teens sitting on the ago of the rink and/or blocking entries, teenagers (without) skates running on the rinkI do recognize my con perform is much more with the other patrons than with the organization but I carry out not mental rules being so lax once I to be a teen.

$150 because that drinks and party room no food consisted of unless you salary it separately not also aloud to lug your own. If you have a little child that has to wear braces on your legs and cant even wear skates. You room not aloud to skate v them in arms even though you are continuing to be away from others. Certainly not choose it was ago when i was a kid and also definitely no be safety money over there again.

The music to be horrible and I mean horrible. Additionally no teen guidance too many of really foul language comes from the kids. It has dropped under a lot use to be a an excellent place for youngsters of all ages. Before getting foolish remember this is from mine experience and also is simply my opinion. Thank you

Its a great place yet there skates are messed up should remodel bedy that is the best person there and the nicest

I was mad because my friend said he got kicked out for no reason I apologize because that that ns was just perplexed at the time

This location is nothing but a place for parents to drop turn off there children for someones to watch. To lot drama . Big kids bullying the tiny kids and also running end them .yes part parents stay with there children while castle skate and also keep the large kids from running over them. It is a great parent.

The seats space wet from year worth that sweat and also whatever else. Over there is urine anywhere the restroom floors.. Everywhere... You cant reenter the building if you forget other in her car, without repaying of course. The late night employees are very rude. Cash only.. The ar wouldnt be fifty percent bad if they would have someone clean the place every now and then. But those seats space disgusting. The larger employees are all friendly though. Not just gonna list the bad.

Lots of funny for kids. Friday night is the night to go for a milder middle school and also younger high institution crowd. Saturday nights space busier v high school and also young adults.

We had actually our 10 year old daughters birthday party there critical weekend. Her and also her friends had a blast! anyone that works there is an excellent and at sight nice. The party prices are great. We will be having more parties in ~ Roller Coaster skate World.

Great all around experience. Together friendly people. Give thanks to you! my son had actually a an excellent birthday party. 2 thumbs up.

Went there through a friend today and had a blast. We met part employees that were nice, and also they had actually younger workers that looked choose they loved their job. We likewise had some fun v the gamings that lock play.

I prospered up going come this skating rink. Every Friday and Saturday night because that 7 years us hung out there. Ns love this place.

Great location for teens. Offered to come here alot, but stopped because of time. Cheap prices yet could use brand-new skates. Various other than that, recommended because that teens, much less recommended for households with small children.

I teach my kids here and also we skated frequently through the years and now they room grown (23 yrs and 30 yrs), I bring my grandchildren here and also they love it. We have actually fun skating with each other as i did once their mommys to be young. The floor is seasoned and also easy come skate on, the staff room Awesome and the coffee is great. A family members friendly location to enjoy and be active.

Cash only, i will not ~ let my friends bring any kind of food or drink in for their children birthday party after they payment $150 to have the room. RIDICULOUS and also GREEDY. Cash only screams taxes EVASION come me. What company operates on just cash this days? The skating floor is uneven and also EVERYTHING IS NASTY.

A date of birth party where you cant carry in pizza yet can buy 3$ slices for a p party of 25 what a joke and you have actually 2 world trying to run this organization with 3 parties going on what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clean affordable funny for the children . Good value and also is safe. The dj even plays a great Mixof music v out play the unreasonable hip hop laboratory .

Raising my 2nd and fixen come be 3rd generation that skaters below at ft OGreat Rink Still modern-day with an old format flavor I store seeing an unfavorable posts around the rink.. Mainly cause people perform not monitor the rules and get butthurt if they get dubbed out on break the rules... And also to the lady that whined about their girlfriend paying 150$ for a party and also not being able to bring other food items as well as cake etc... I have seen the party forms and also they clearly say what can and also can not bring.... But if they want to salary $500 for another place where they deserve to do just that and also bring food items they can go ahead... Businesses make rules so they have the right to make money hello thats a shocker...

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I love it there it friendly all my grandchilds friends space I love it say thanks to you for her friendly staff

Good place to walk skating because its not almost as crowded together other regional skating rinks. They could do a little of updating.

I love it, that is a good place to take your family members to have fun, the staff is awesome and also everyone is very friendly. Lock dont charge you an arm nd a leg to acquire in, its quite to go somewhere and take the whole family and not have to spend a lot of money!!!

First time i went i wasnt yes, really sure exactly how to ice skating then i learned due to the fact that people out there will help you and also the staff space wounderfull they have an excellent food and also they do there ideal to save it cool in there and also for date of birth parties they provide you more people come invite 보다 hamilton place and also they have late night skates that space really fun and also midnight skates to and also all night skates then the continual night skates.. That a an excellent place come go and skate they have actually a new security man out there and also he blows his lil whistle as well much yet other than that its fantastic place