The Remington 870 is just one of the most famous shotguns top top the market today. The median Remington 870 to express sells for a sleeve price the $349.99. The Remington design 870 Express is among the many affordable shotguns that the Remington 870 series. In ~ $349.99, you get a shotgun through a solid stole receiver, non-glare matte steel finish, twin activity bars that space reliable, modified rem choke, ventilated rib through front bead sight. Currently there are different chambers and also gauges in the assorted Remington 870 refer shotguns, however they are normally still priced the same. Even if it is you acquisition a 12 gauge v a 3 inch chamber or a 20 gauge v a 2 ¾ customs chamber, it will still it is in $349.99.

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Remington 870 with Magpul Stock

If you want to go v a much more expensive shotgun then you have the right to go v the Remington 870 Wingmaster, which is priced at $847.00. This beauty, beauty is make of custom crafted American walnut woodwork and has the very same solid stole receiver. The Wingmaster model has actually been about for an ext than 60 years, however with countless upgrades and advancements since it was first introduced. But it is the pump action shotgun the sets the typical for all various other Remington pump activity shotguns. You have the right to purchase the Wingmaster in a 12 gauge, a 20 gauge, or even a 28 gauge.

If you go to the website you have the right to easily uncover a version 870 shotgun the suits your needs. All you need to do is click Shotguns, Pump activity and then design 870. From over there you will be able to select the gauge, barrel length, barrel type, stock material, stock finish and also any additional options you want to encompass with it. Based upon the demands you select, a list of shotguns that complement those needs will be listed if lock exist. However it is for sure to to speak that many of the prices will certainly be under $900 and more than $300. If friend are trying to find a provided Remington 870 then you could always try a gun show or local gun dealer. In ~ the very least, you might purchase one native a exclusive seller over the web or with Craigslist for just a couple of hundred dollars. However make sure you execute the transaction legally since gun sales room much more regulated now.

There are likewise custom Remington 870 shotguns with various finishes, upgrades and accessories.

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