The Remington design 700,™ a rifle through no equal, and a remarkable performer in every way. That accuracy and also dependability have end up being the standard through which all other centerfire rifles space measured and also continually loss short.

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Still the many accurate rifle out-of-the-box, the model 700 bring its famous action and renowned consistency to this diverse family that guns—all equipped v our externally flexible X-Mark Pro cause system.

Its strong, smooth action, consistent accuracy, standard beauty and unequaled value have actually made The version 700 BDL the hunter’s favourite for 40 years.

The high-gloss American walnut share is intensified by a distinctive black color fore-end cap, Monte Carlo comb with elevated cheekpiece, and generous skipline reduced checkering. Metalwork has actually our rich, deep bluing for beauty and also protection. Features include a hinged newspaper floorplate, sling swivel studs, hooded ramp front sight and flexible rear sight.

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Barrel LengthCaliberFirearm TypeManufacturerModel


30-06 Springfield



700 BDL


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