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Hi, I`m just wondering if the remington 710 (30-06) is worth anything. I am in the armed forces so I`m use to shooting the 5.56 (.223) and the 7.62 (.308) however I to be fairly new to shooting searching rifles. Just want to know if this would be an ideal rifle for the occasional deer and pig hunt and target practice at the range. I an looking in ~ this rifle cause it is in mine price variety and that looks prefer a kind rifle. Any and all information you can give me about this rifle will help (positive or negative). Five yeah ns gonna to buy on 1 OCT 2005. Thanks


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The 710 can not by any kind of stretch of the imaginattion be contrasted with the 700. The totality gun to be designed as a price leader (cheap) and every manufacturing procedure to cut price was used, indigenous the cheap share to the swaged barrel. For the as soon as a year deer hunter the is adequate yet IMHO you would certainly be far better served v the Savage combo package at about the very same price.

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Yep, Remington 710 equals mucho cheapo. Go v the Savage and you won\"t go wrong. Make certain you acquire one with the accu-trigger. You\"ll love it.
Hi,Don\"t also waste your time on the Remington 710. If girlfriend are looking for a decent rifle top top a budget, obtain either a Savage 110 or a Howa 1500. I\"ve viewed the Howa top top sale last week because that $259. These are the same rifles together the Weatherby Vanguard. Another rifle you could want come look at is the SKS. Same power together the 30/30 with less recoil. Through an after sector stock and a Red dot scope, this set-up is awesome in the brush. Off-hand at a relocating target, this combination is unbeatable. I just won the running Deer Shoot at our local gun club through this set-up. I have a most custom varmint/target rifles but my SKS is my fun/hunting in the brush rifle. Catch you laterThe large Dog
well for 30-06 i would go v my 760 pump. I have shot the lots and also is really reliable. Ns dont favor the 710 much, heard alot that negitive talk about it and also havent had alot that luck through it
u might not get a better rifle than the 30 06 ive obtained one myself and also i use it to shoot wildebees, koedoe,eland,impala,gemsbuck,and buschpig they are all big animals and also with the exactly bullet and also gunpowder or fabrick ammo the rifle is really deadly great buy good huntingmorte
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