Teach color words v the ever-popular frog street press color songs. Right here are the peak color word song on video, in my opinion, because that kindergarten.

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I don"t know about you but we offered these songs repeatedly to teach how to spell shade words in kindergarten. In fact, i love making use of songs so much that ns created more songs to teach every vision word required by ours district!

I"ll list the videos because that each color and also let you understand what is detailed for every color. Plus, ns share just how I teach a few of these song to my five and also six year old students with an excellent success.

It"s mine hope that by listing these all in one location you won"t need to go in search of them in the future. There are a few free printables and also resources in ~ the finish so be sure to examine them out.

Use song to learn to spell shade words

The color songs were offered to aid build increase the variety of sight words mine students knew and they additionally functioned as mutual reading pieces.

Once college student were familiar with the songs, theywould practice the new sight native in these literacy centers:

listening facility (small printed publications with CD of song played many times)

Color songs for kindergarten

Let"s start with the red color song. This one is pretty short and also isa an excellent introduction to learning sight words.

This tune lists just two things that are red: firetrucks and also stop signs. This is a very short song.

For that reason, it"s usually the very first or 2nd song ns teach andalso since the letter R-E-D(or also r-e-d) look indigenous one another. Renders it less complicated for brand-new little kinder eyes to distinguish in between at the beginning of the year.

This Y-E-L-L-O-W shade song lists this yellow things: baby ducks, daffodils, the sun, lemonade, scrambled eggs and a smiley face.

I taught activities with this song since there space a lot of items in it. Ns just consisted of the movements so you have the right to too! simply keep them continual the next time you sing the song wink

Here is a yellow shade song video you deserve to download.

Sung toa familiar tune, the O-R-A-N-G-E shade song feeling a little awkward to start but you"ll easily pick it up. The lists jack o"lanterns, oranges and carrots.

It"s a an excellent one to present after you"ve covered blue, red and yellow.

Thisis an orange shade song video you have the right to download.

Blue is the first or 2nd color word ns taught. The sky and also the ocean are the just two things noted in it, which provides the blue shade word songon the same level as the redone.

This B-L-U-E song speeds up at the finish which is really funny for the kinders. They love it.

Here"s one more version the the B-L-U-E spells blue song. I add motions to this one so that once they speed up we can obtain really silly.

Thisis a blue shade song video clip you have the right to download.

While us were at our seat doing an art job I would placed on a playlist that the songs (but without visuals as to not odor theeasily distractable kinders - favor by transforming off your computer system monitor). They would certainly softly sing along as they worked and it was an excellent review of all the songs maintaining them new the entirety year through.

The G-R-E-E-N song is among my favorites. It may be since they have one or two other shade words under your belt and pick increase this one pretty fast as a result.

The green color word song lists: caterpillars and grasshoppers. It"s basic to develop motions for.

I love using this word later on in the school year too as a way to teach the "ee" vowel pattern since they"ve viewed it in this indigenous a gazillion times.

The black color song feels sort of long and has a few more obtuse points in it... Like execute most kids even know what Sunday shoes are anymore? It"s catchy despite which is helpful due to the fact that there a the majority of things listed: bats, jelly beans, cats, Sunday shoes and Santa"s boots.

If you"re longing for the little printable book template that goes v the shade booksthen you"ll appreciate this next version the the B-L-A-C-K song.

Here is a black shade song video you have the right to download.

I supplied these printable small books andenlarged them onto colored construction paper. Ns laminated them and bound one side.

They made for a great very first set of huge books because that our large book proficiency center and also made teaching the words totality group a tiny easier v such a huge model.

Okay, I"ll recognize that the B-R-O-W-N song is my the very least favorite. It"s sung to the tune of Bingo, i beg your pardon may have something to carry out with it... Yet it might be because there space a good number of points listed.

The brown tune includes: teddy bears, chocolate milk, cacao candies, leaves, coco cake and squirrels.

Here is a brown shade song video clip you have the right to download.

It additionally could be that this one was hard to come up with motions for wink us did a "hug" because that teddy bear due to the fact that it to be the just thing I can come up with on the spot. But, no issue whether I choose it or not, using songs to teach yes, really does work!

It"s one of the tricks of to teach kindergarten I used all the time.

What i haven"t mentioned yet was that component of the activities for learning these color songs is the we authorize the letters.

Yep - we use authorize language come spell out each color word. Us use sign language every day along with our alphabet graph so we obtain really great at fingerspelling. Plus, I prefer to teach a few other indicators to use so I deserve to communicate across the class (or the gym during assembly) without speaking a word.

Being able come say, "Sit down!" or "Go!" without having actually to utter an actual word is quite priceless... And also goes a lot farther than just using the teacher eye I"ve perfected. Just sayin"

The purple song walk pretty rapid for fingerspelling, yet that renders it fun.

Here is an different P-U-R-P-L-E shade song v a white background rather of balck in instance that"s simpler on the eyes.

Purple includes these items: grapesand Kool-aid.

Here room two version of the white color song. My kinders love this shade word song because they might get loud through saying "Boo!" and also "Ho, ho, ho!"

The W-H-I-T-E song by frog street press has actually two verses and also includes these white things: clouds, snow, ghosts, milk, glue and also Santa"s beard.

Here is a white shade song video clip you can download.

And lastly- we"ve gained the shade pink.

I"ll admit this one take it me the longest to learn! The P-I-N-K color song go fast because it is sung to the tune of solder Bells.

I usually conserved this shade song until later on in the college year even though the word is shorter. You simply don"t see words pink as frequently as the primary colors in most at an early stage leveled readers.

The pink shade word song includes: noodle candy, pigs, Valentines, icing, balloon gum, balloons, girls with sock and bows.

Here is a pink shade song video clip you have the right to download.

More free resources to teach shade words

As i was rounding every one of these videos up because that you, ns came throughout a couple of free resources you could find handy.

If you desire to snag the lyrics for these songs, then this list of shade songs lyricsis rapid to use.

source: colorsandkindergarten.blogspot.com

You could always print this collection of color song lyricsor this simplified color word poemsversion to hang in her classroom too.

If you have actually a smart board climate this smartboard free paper may it is in what you"re looking for!


There you have it. The shade songs (in video clip form) every in one place and also my development to making use of them in the kindergarten great if girlfriend aren"t using them already.

Are you a pan of using songs to teach sight words?You"ve acquired to get my sing to find out Sight indigenous pack. It come with whatever you"ll need to teach 31 kindergarten sight words.


Get sing to discover Sight Words

Do you wonder exactly how to teach vision words? Here"s my five minutes every day format for how to teach sight words in kindergarten.


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