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2.Parallel Lines
3.Skew Lines
4.Perpendicular lines
5.Parallel lines in genuine life
6.Perpendicular lines in real life
7.Equivalence Relation


'Parallel and also perpendicular lines', you might think these are just types of lines and also how will it affect real life, but after going v this blog, I guarantee you the your perception regarding these lines will certainly change.

Parallel lines

Parallel lines room nothing however lines in a plane that carry out not meet.

We can also say parallel lines are straight lines in a aircraft that do not crossing at any kind of common point.

In simple for simple understanding, I would say, “Lines in a plane that perform not meet each other, simultaneously have actually no usual point” are stated to it is in parallel.


Skew Lines

These currently exist in 2 dimensions and also three dimensions of geometry. In three-dimensional geometry, us come across a brand-new line that is ‘skew lines’. These lines space nothing however two lines however do not intersect and they are additionally not parallel.

The key difference in between parallel and also skew present is the the previous lies in the same aircraft but the latter lies in the various planes.

Interesting facts around parallel lines

We can contact interesting facts mathematically together properties.

Let us see a few of them.

Parallel currently are constantly equidistant from each other.They do not meet at any type of common point.They deserve to be extended indefinitely in both directions.Parallel lines space coplanar lines.If m1 and also m2 room the slopes of two lines, if they space parallel, us say


Perpendicular Lines

Two distinctive lines intersecting each other at a right angle are referred to as perpendicular lines. These lines touch each other at one point.

In smaller sized classes, we have gone v elementary geometry wherein perpendicular lines median the relationship between two present which accomplish at a suggest and the point to a appropriate angle other.

Interesting facts around perpendicular lines

This line constantly intersects at best angles.If 2 lines room perpendicular come the same line, they room parallel and also will never intersect.Perpendicular lines always intersect, yet the converse is not true; that is we can't to speak intersecting lines are always perpendicular.If two lines space perpendicularly representing the slope then


Parallel lines in real life

First, we see a helpful example. Let united state take 2 cities

Delhi and also Bhopal. Over there is a zero percent opportunity that these two cities fulfill each other.

They don’t have actually a common point to meet.

In real life, we see parallel lines in:

Railway tracksFour-way lanes, six-way lanes that roadsOpposite political parties of blackboard and also whiteboardOpposite wall surfaces or doors in a roomArrangement in a queue

Railway track v parallel lines

Perpendicular present in actual life

In actual life, the following are instances of perpendicular lines:

Football fieldRailway track crossingFirst assist kitConstruction that a residence in i beg your pardon floor and also the wall are perpendicularsTelevisionDesigns in windows

Television v perpendicular edges

Equivalence Relation

There is a relation called equivalence relationship which relates parallelism and also perpendicularity, i beg your pardon is defined by reflexive, symmetric, and also transitive.

Take three friends A, B, and also C


Any friend is a friend to himself, which is recognized as reflexive, i beg your pardon is a an easy fact that constantly I love myself; this is basic psychology.


Let us take two friends A and B if A is a friend of B, then B is a friend of A i beg your pardon is denoted by perpendicularity the is A perpendicular come B and also B perpendicular to A. They are meeting each various other on a typical point.


Take 3 friends A, B and C. Three space a friend to each other which we have the right to relate come parallel lines that is A is a girlfriend to B, B is girlfriend to A and also B friend to C and also C to A which can be well represented by 3 parallel present standing one after an additional not intersecting or meeting each other yet in practical life meeting with online setting via Skype, Zoom according to the latest technology.

If three problems are satisfied, that is well-known as equivalence relations.


Parallel and also perpendicular lines room making its application in a large area. Though we learned a few, the is up to the reader to explore more things on these lines, which would be much more interesting for them to go ahead. This lines aid many civilization in fulfilling their tasks in day-to-day life.

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Frequently Asked inquiries (FAQs)

Do parallel currently meet?

No parallel lines perform not fulfill or intersect each other.