Each of the partygoers in action 1, step 4 that Shakespeare"s Romeo and Juliet try their hand at making puns during the scene. Romeo talks around his "soul the lead," referring to his heavy, damaged heart and being slow afoot. Mercutio makes puns around dreamers that "lie" in bed and also people that "lie" to each other. Even Benvolio, not recognized for puns, provides a pun about Mercutio"s long-winded speeches around Queen Mab and an "inconstant wind" indigenous the north.

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In plot 1, step 2 of william Shakespeare"s Romeo and also Juliet, Romeo reluctantly agrees to walk to the Capulet"s party uninvited, and also in action 1, step 4, Romeo, Benvolio, and also Mercutio are talking in the street ~ above the means to the festivities.

There"s substantial wordplay amongst the...

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In action 1, step 2 of william Shakespeare"s Romeo and also Juliet, Romeo reluctantly agrees to go to the Capulet"s party uninvited, and also in plot 1, step 4, Romeo, Benvolio, and also Mercutio space talking in the street top top the method to the festivities.

There"s considerable wordplay amongst the 3 friends, consisting of a number of puns—sometimes called the lowest form of humor because of their groan-producing effect—which show off words through an the same or similar pronunciation, periodically with different spellings, and also with different interpretations depending on the paper definition in which they"re used.

For example, one of the most famed puns in Romeo and Juliet is Mercutio"s comment in act 3, scene 1 after he"s to be fatally stabbed through Tybalt: "Ask because that me to-morrow, and also you shall uncover me a grave man" (lines 97–98).

In plot 1, scene 4, Romeo, lovesick end Rosaline, and also his love for she unrequited, says he has actually a "soul the lead," referring to his hefty heart and his heavy feet as he walks come the party. Mercutio responds that because Romeo is a lover, he must "borrow Cupid"s wings" and also fly to the party. Romeo protests the he carries far too heavy a load of love and would just sink to the ground.

Romeo"s line, "I dreamt a dream to-night," prompts one exchange through Mercutio the leads to Mercutio"s renowned "Queen Mab" speech.

ROMEO. I dreamt a dream to-night.

MERCUTIO. And so did I.

ROMEO. Well, what to be yours?

MERCUTIO. The dreamers often lie .

ROMEO. In bed sleep , if they execute dream points true.

MERCUTIO. O, then I see Queen Mab on foot been through you.

In English folklore, "Mab," or the "Queen Mab" of Mercutio"s speech, is the fairies’ midwife, who offers sweet dreams to sleepers and grants your innermost desires. She was also considered queen of the fairies until Titania marries Oberon, the king of the fairies, both of whom show up in Shakespeare"s A Midsummer Night"s Dream.

Mercutio spends the next forty lines talking around "Queen Mab." much of the speech shows up to be written of puns that one sort or another, however this is just wordplay based on archaic terms and cultural references native the Elizabethan duration which room unfamiliar to modern-day readers and audiences.

Romeo ultimately interrupts Mercutio"s an extensive discourse top top Queen Mab yet not before Mercutio renders a little much more wordplay on words "lie."

MERCUTIO. This is the hag, when maids lie on your backs,That presses them and learns them very first to bear. (act 1, scene 4, present 97–98)

Here, "lie" refers to maids lied on your backs at both the conception and also the birth of your children, learning to be affected by each other the weight of your lovers pressing down top top them and also learning come "bear," or birth, your babies.

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Eager to gain to the party, Benvolio—who is not known for puns—remarks,

This wind you talk of blows united state from ourselves. Supper is done, and we shall come as well late.(act 1, step 4, lines 111–112)

The "wind" come which Benvolio refers is the "inconstant wind" that Mercutio mentions, "who woos / also now the frozen bosom the the North" (act 1, step 4, currently 107–108), and "wind" is additionally a pun introduce to Mercutio"s long-winded explanations the everything, just to hear himself talk. Benvolio is saying that if Mercutio keeps talking, they"re walking to miss out on the party altogether.