Hi AllI assumed I would ask you guys if you understand of any means to bring a PS3 ago to life. It’s the 120gig PS3 slim, it’s less than 2 year old and also it not transforming on. No yellow lights or flashing lights, just no power.It was functioning fine yesterday morning, I acquire home native work and nothing. I dubbed Sony and also they have actually said it’s out of warranty and also it will price me £110 to replace it v them. Ns tried the again this morning, together I had actually heard if you leave it without strength it have the right to revive itself but still nothing.The worst point it has GTAV in the console! ns at the really least need to acquire that out!Any assist would be considerably appreciated.

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Sounds choose it gained the "buyaPS4" patch haha.Seriously despite if it was a hardware fail within the console I"d mean some sort of action from the (e.g. Yellow light, atleast part sound of the trying to boots etc) but if there"s literally nothing then it might be a power resource failure. Very first try the in a various socket and also then if the doesn"t work try and discover a mate who have the right to lend friend their power cable and see if the works with that.If the works, run on Ebay and also buy yourself a brand-new cable, if the doesn"t work then you"re into the entirety getting the repaired/replaced.


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tried different sockets and different power cables to no avail. Ive pre bespeak the ps4 for release day but i need a console for ps3 games.
Pretty sure EU legislation says electrical equipment must last a "reasonable" amount of time. I"m pretty sure 2 years because that an expensive gamings console isn"t "reasonable" so keep pushing for a cost-free repair.It to be under that same ruling that I had actually a 40" LCD TV changed after 4.5 years because of some banding that occurred.
Pretty sure EU legislation says electric equipment have to last a "reasonable" quantity of time. I"m pretty certain 2 years because that an expensive games console isn"t "reasonable" so save pushing for a totally free repair.It was under the same judgment that I had a 40" LCD TV replaced after 4.5 years due to some banding that occurred.
i adhered to this on much more with sony, castle are level out refusing reducing the price allow alone doing it for free. I controlled to acquire the disc out many thanks to a youtube video. Still no ps3 though.
Your contract isn"t with Sony, it"s through the location you bought it from. Quote the revenue of items act come them and ask them because that a settle or instead of (their choice).
yeah, it is what ns am going to do. Ill likewise send this turn off to watch if the can get repaired. Which ever before comes first.

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Well if your just option is replacement you might too crack the open and have a poke around yourself and also see if its anything obvious, or will that affect their willingness to change it?
fine if your just option is replacement you might as well crack it open and have a poke around yourself and also see if its something obvious, or will that influence their willingness to change it?
yesthey will just take it if all the seals etc are no broken. Tbh mine mate has offered to look in ~ it. He conserves fat ps3"s native RROD together a side job. Just weighing increase the risk, 1. Execute i let the look at it if it falls short i"ll must buy a new or used machine2. If it functions itll only cost me parts3. Offer sony £110 to change it
Well game are doing that console pre-owned because that £129.99 and also thats before the PS4 has been relax so suppose it come drop a little more yet.That way if you danger letting your mate play about with it and it backfires at worst it"d only cost you £20 more than it would have done through Sony anyway.If you"re confident your mate knows his means around the console then possibly take a gambling on him together it can save you a same bit.

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