Protists are organisms the are component of the organic kingdom called the protista. These organisms room not plants, animals, bacteria, or fungi. Protists are a an extremely diverse group of organisms. They room basically every the organisms that don"t fit into the other groups.

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Characteristics that ProtistsProtists as a team have very little in common. They space eukaryotic microbe with reasonably simple eukaryote cell structures. Other than this, lock are any organism that is no a plant, animal, bacteria, or fungus.Types that ProtistsOne way protists can be separated up is according to exactly how they move.Cilia - some protists use microscopic hair referred to as cilia come move. These small hairs have the right to flap with each other to assist the organism move through water or other liquid.Flagella - other protists have a long tail dubbed flagella. This tail deserve to move back and soon helping come propel the organism.Pseudopodia - This is once the protist extends part of that is cell human body to scoot or ooze along. Amoebas use this technique to move.What perform they eat?Different protists gather energy in different ways. Part eat food and also digest that internally. Rather digest your food external of their bodies through secreting enzymes. Climate they eat the pre-digested food. Still other protists use photosynthesis like plants. Lock absorb sunlight and also use this power to do glucose.AlgaeOne major type of protist is algae. Algae room protists that perform photosynthesis. Algae are very similar to plants. They have actually chlorophyll and also produce food making use of oxygen and the energy from the Sun. However, they are not thought about plants due to the fact that they perform not have devoted organs or tissues prefer leaves, roots, and stems. Algae space often split up by their shade such as red, brown, and green.
Slime MoldsSlime molds are various from the type of molds that space fungi. There space two varieties of slime molds: cellular and plasmodial.Plasmodial slime molds space made native one huge cell. They are additionally called acellular. Also though these organisms are just one cell, they deserve to be an extremely large, even up to number of feet wide. They likewise can have many nuclei in their single cell.Cellular slime molds are small single-celled protists that can join together to occupational as a single organism. Different cellular slime molds will certainly take on different functions when they work together.AmoebasAmoebas are small single-celled biology that move using pseudopods. Amoebas are shapeless and also eat by engulfing your food v their bodies. Amoebas give birth by separating in two with the cell department process referred to as mitosis.Interesting Facts about ProtistsMany protists act as pathogens to humans. This way they cause diseases. The an illness malaria is caused by the protist Plasmodium falciparum.If one amoeba is cut in half, the fifty percent with the nucleus will survive, when the other fifty percent will die.The word "pseudopod" comes from Greek words an interpretation "false feet."Seaweed is a type of birds that grows in the ocean.

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