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================================================================================2)PUZZLE & items LOCATIONS================================================================================This list is compiled largely in chronicle order.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUZZLE 001~020--------------------------------------------------------------------------------PRELUDE - 001 - (Before getting to town) - 002 - Bridge, Franco - 003 - Entrance, IngridCHAPTER 1 - 004 - Plaza, Percy - 005 - Plaza, clock tower clock - 006 - Manor Road, Marco - 007 - Manor Border, Ramon - 008 - Reinhold Manor, flower bed near the coast - 009 - Manor Foyer, Matthew - *** - Manor Foyer, right large paintings (painting scrap) - 010 - Manor Foyer, Bookshelves - 011 - Manor Parlor, SimonCHAPTER 2 - 013 - Manor Border, watercraft - 014 - general Store, chair + (painting scrap) - 015 - general Store, candle - *** - Plaza (Vanishing Crank) - 016 - city Hall, Rodney + (strange gizmo) - 017 - Entrance, Stachen + (painting scrap) - *** - Inn, Beatrice (Lacquered Stool) - 018 - Inn, Beatrice (Handwoven Rug) - 019 - Drawbridge, auto + (strange gizmo) - 020 - Park Road, Pauly + (strange gizmo)CHAPTER 4 - 012 - Manor Parlor, Gordon--------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUZZLE 021~040--------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHAPTER 2 - 021 - Park Road, Adrea, climate Pauly + (strange gizmo) - 022 - Park Road, Agnes + (fish bones) - 023 - Restaurant, Grouton + (strange gizmo) - 025 - Restaurant, Flick + (strange gizmo) - 026 - Park Gate, seasoned + (painting scrap) - 027 - Manor Parlor, Gordon + (strange gizmo) - *** - Manor Parlor, Matthew (Dropped Cogs) - 028 - Manor Parlor, Mattew + (strange gizmo)CHAPTER 3 - 029 - Manor Parlor, Chelmey + (strange gizmo) - 030 - Manor Border, Agnes + (strange gizmo) - 031 - Manor Road, Marco x 2 + (strange gizmo) - 032 - basic Store, bottles on the counter + (strange gizmo) - 033 - basic Store, candle + (pine bed) - 034 - Plaza, Percy x 2 + (strange gizmo) - 035 - Plaza, Deke + (strange gizmo) - 024 - Restaurant, Grouton + (strange gizmo) - 036 - Clock Tower, cat + (painting scrap) - 037 - Clock Tower, Lucy + (strange gizmo) - 038 - Fork in the Road, Zappone + (strange gizmo) - 039 - Fork in the Road, Agnes - 040 - Market, Archibald + (strange gizmo)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUZZLE 041~060--------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHAPTER 3 - 041 - northern Path, Gerald + (strange gizmo) - 042 - north Path, Gerald (after puzzle 41) - 043 - Clock Tower, Lucy (after talking to Deke) + (Blue Bed) - 044 - town Hall, Rodney x 2 - 058 - Plaza, white doorCHAPTER 4 - 045 - Park Road, Adrea (painting scrap) - 046 - Park Gate, Deke (after Gerald request you to find his watch) + (Stuffed Bear) - *** - Inn, Beatrice (Wristwatch) - 047 - Plaza, Gerald (after returning Wristwatch) + (cream rug) - 048 - Clock Tower, Cat + (painting scrap) - 049 - Clock Tower, Lucy + (Bookcase) - 050 - Fork in the Road, Marco (Teak Bureau) - 051 - Crumm"s Cafe, Zappone + (painting scrap) - 052 - north Hill, Pauly - 053 - Market, Agnes + (Television) - 054 - Market, Giuseppe + (painting scrap) - 055 - Inn, Beatrice - 056 - Entrance, Stechen + (Desk) - 057 - Plaza, Deke + (pile that Books) - 059 - Manor Road, Marco - 060 - Reinhold Manor, Claudia + (painting scrap)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUZZLE 061~080--------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHAPTER 4 - 061 - Manor Parlor, Gordon + (Wall clock) - 062 - Manor Parlor, Chelmey + (painting scrap) - 063 - Manor Parlor, Dahlia + (Spendid Painting)CHAPTER 5 - 064 - city Hall, Rodney - 065 - Clock Tower, cat - 066 - Clock Tower, Lucy - 067 - Clock Tower, Lucy (after fixing 66) - 068 - north Path, Gerald x 2 - 069 - Prosciutto"s, Prosciutto + (World Map) - 070 - Market, Giuseppe - 071 - Market, Giuseppe (after addressing 70) + (Lower Vase)CHAPTER 6 - 072 - Plaza, Percy + (Reading Lamp) - 073 - town Hall, Rodney + (Gramophone) - 074 - Market, Agnes - 075 - Market, Agnes (after fixing 74) + (Globe) - 076 - Park Road, Pauly - 077 - Park Road, Adrea + (Houseplant) - 078 - Restaurant, Grouton + (Flower Bouquet) - 079 - Restaurant, Grouton (after addressing 78) + (painting scrap) - 080 - Restaurant, Flick + (Stuffed Chair)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUZZLE 081~100--------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHAPTER 6 - 081 - Restaurant, Flick (after addressing 80) + (painting scrap) - 082 - Restaurant, Flick (after resolving 81) + (Hat Rack) - 083 - Restaurant, Flick (after resolving 82) + (painting scrap)CHAPTER 7 - 084 - sewer Exit, Stachen - 085 - exterior the Sewer, car + (Fossil) - 086 - sewer Dead End, Sylvain + (painting scrap) - 087 - Ferris Wheel, ferris wheel + (painting scrap) - 088 - Shack Path, Slyvain + (Violin) - 089 - Under the Shack, stone tablet - 090 - secret Path, door + (painting scrap) - 091 - secret Area, right paint + (Bone China Teacup)CHAPTER 8 - 092 - drain Dead End, Sylvain - 093 - Manor Border, Ramon + (painting scrap)CHAPTER 9 - 094 - Tower Floor 1, red "?" plank - 095 - Tower Floor 2, red "?" plank - 096 - Tower Floor 3, Pavel - 097 - Tower Floor 4, red "?" board - 098 - Tower Floor 5, Martha - 099 - Tower Floor 6, red "?" plank - 100 - Tower Floor 7, green "?" board--------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUZZLE 101~120 (HIDDEN PUZZLE)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHAPTER 1 - 110 - Manor Parlor, ChandelierCHAPTER 2 - 111 - Park Road, Poster outside the structure with blue door 112 - Inn, Photo over Beatrice 118 - city Hall, right windowCHAPTER 3 - 101 - Market, left obelisk in the lift 107 - Clock Tower, left doorwayCHAPTER 4 - 103 - Manor Parlor, Gordon (after resolving 61) + (Mysterious Bottle) 106 - Crumm"s Cafe, bottom right corner bottle 113 - Entrance, the upright "INN" signboard 114 - Prosciutto"s, meats hanging above ProsciuttoCHAPTER 5 - 108 - Archibald"s, BookcaseCHAPTER 6 - 119 - course Entrance, signboard 117 - Tower Road, right home window 102 - Tower Road, MarthaCHAPTER 7 - 115 - exit Tent, the right tentage 116 - Shack Path, sag exterior the shack 120 - Sewer, manholeCHAPTER 8 - 104 - Prosciutto"s, Prosciutto + (Baron Statue) 109 - Archibald"s, Archibald + (Teak Table) 105 - Tower Road, Martha--------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUZZLE 121~135 (BONUS)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Inventor"s House- 121- 122- 123The Decorator"s House- 124- 125- 126The arts Lover"s House- 127- 128- 129The golden Appple"s House- 130- 131- 132--------------------------------------------------------------------------------WEEKLY PUZZLE CHALLENGE--------------------------------------------------------------------------------080217 - From 5 to Four================================================================================3)SOLUTIONS================================================================================This section includes the equipment to all puzzles. Ns will indicate you come trythe puzzles yourself, as well as the hints coins prior to you inspect the price hereso as to feel the pride of the achievement. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUZZLE 001~020--------------------------------------------------------------------------------1)Where"s the Town?Picarats: 10Answer:Top right village2)The Crank and also SlotPicarats: 15Answer: 13)Strange HatsPicarats: 10Answer: A4)Where"s my House?Picarats: 20Answer: Blue home in the middle facing north5)Digital DigitsPicarats: 50Answer: 346)Light WeightPicarats: 40Answer:Weight 1,2,3 versus 4,5,6There space 3 possibilities...If they room on the exact same level, weight 7 & 8. The lighter of the weightsbetween 7 & 8 is the answer.If 1,2,3 is lighter, load 1 & 2. The lighter of the weights in between 1 & 2 isthe answer. If 1 & 2 is the same, 3 is the answer.If 4,5,6 is lighter, weight 4 & 5. The lighter the the weights between 4 & 5 isthe answer. If 1 & 2 is the same, 6 is the answer.7)Wolves and ChicksPicarats: 50Answer: - wolf x 2 left- wolf x 1 right- wolf x 2 left- wolf x 1 right- chick x 2 left- chick+wolf right- chick x 2 right- wolf x 1 left- wolf x 2 right- wolf x 1 left- wolf x 2 8)Farm WorkPicarats: 20Answer: 509)One negative PoochPicarats: 35Answer: 30Answer: T11)Arc and LinePicarats: 20Answer: 1012)Make a RectanglePicarats: 40Answer: 13)Sinking ShipPicarats: 30Answer: 1314)Which Chair?Picarats: 30 + (painting scrap)Answer: E15)How numerous Are Left?Picarats: 10Answer: 316)Triangle and also InkPicarats: 40 + (painting scrap)Answer: 717)Five-Card ShufflePicarats: 30 + (painting scrap)Answer: D18)Of Dust and DustpanPicarats: 10Answer: many GridlockPicarats: 30 + (strange gizmo)Answer:Move horizontal car over red auto to the rightMove the 2 upright cars in prior on red car to the topMove red automobile to the rightMove bottom left horizontal car to the topMove bottom left 2 upright cars to the leftMove the middle vertical automobile in the top row, downwardMove red auto to the leftMove the right vertical automobile in the optimal row, downwardMove the 2 horizontal car in the peak row come the leftMove the 2 car blocking the red auto to the top20)Unfriendly NeighborsPicarats: 50 + (strange gizmo)Answer: 021~040--------------------------------------------------------------------------------21)Pill PrescriptionPicarats: 30Answer: 8 + (strange gizmo)22)Pigpen PartitionsPicarats: 30 + (fish bones)Answer: PitchersPicarats: 40 + (strange gizmo)Answer:Pour from...8 to 55 come 33 come 85 come 38 to 55 come 33 come 824)Milk PitchersPicarats: 50 + (strange gizmo)Answer:Pour from...10 to 77 come 33 come 107 to 33 to 107 to 310 come 77 to 33 come 1025)Equilateral TrianglePicarats: 25 + (strange gizmo)Answer: complete of GermsPicarats: 20 + (painting scrap)Answer: 5927)Bickering BrothersPicarats: 40 + (strange gizmo)Answer: in clockwise direction, 1, 3, 6, 4, 2, 528)Find the DotPicarats: 30 + (strange gizmo)Answer: bottom right29)Five SuspectsPicarats: 20Answer: 130)One-Line Puzzle 1Picarats: 30 + (strange gizmo)Answer: Bottom left (the house)31)Racetrack RiddlePicarats: 30 + (strange gizmo)Answer: 132)Candy JarsPicarats: 30 + (strange gizmo)Answer: 10033)Light which One?Picarats: 20 + (Pine Bed)Answer: light the "Matchstick" which he is holding34)How numerous Sheets?Picarats: 40 + (strange gizmo)Answer: 535)Strange DotsPicarats: 20 + (strange gizmo)Answer: 336)Too numerous MicePicarats: 30 + (painting scrap)Answer: 137)Brother and SisterPicarats: 40 + (strange gizmo)Answer: brothers = 6, sisters = 638)Island HoppingPicarats: 20 + (strange gizmo)Answer: Puzzle 2Picarats: 30Answer: height right (the hat)40)How Old Is Dad?Picarats: 30 + (strange gizmo)Answer: 44--------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUZZLE 041~060--------------------------------------------------------------------------------41)Spare ChangePicarats: 10 + (strange gizmo)Answer: 942)The Camera and also CasePicarats: 50Answer: 9543)Three UmbrellasPicarats: 20 + (Blue Bed)Answer: 0%44)Stamp StumperPicarats: 50Answer: AliensPicarats: 30 + (painting scrap)Answer: COMPASS46)The best StarPicarats: 20 + (Stuffed Bear)Answer: the RunPicarats: 40 + (Cream rug)Answer: B48)Cats and also MicePicarats: 25 + (painting scrap)Answer: 549)1,000 TimesPicarats: 20 + (Bookcase)Answer: M50)OTTF?Picarats: 20Answer: F51)The town BarbersPicarats: 10 + (painting scrap)Answer: A52)Find a StarPicarats: 30 + (painting scrap)Answer: ThiefPicarats: 35 + (Television)Answer: C54)Monster!Picarats: 20 + (painting scrap)Answer: Stab on the cresent moon on the top left part of the sky.55)The odd SandwichPicarats: 20 + (Simple Chair)Answer: 156)The Lazy GuardPicarats: 30 + (Desk)Answer: 257)Cut i m sorry One?Picarats: 30 + (pile of Books)Answer: D58)Get the round Out! 1Picarats: 30Answer: Slide appropriate blue block come upSlide the 2 violet blocks come underneath the blue blockSlide bottom yellow block come rightSlide bottom blue block to rightSlide environment-friendly block bottom to the cornerSlide height yellow block come the leftSlide bottom blue block downSlide red ball to the other end of the passageSlide peak yellow block come the leftSlide environment-friendly block to the peak cornerSlide red sphere to the bottom-left cornerSlide blue bottom blue block to the topSlide red sphere to the end59)The Longest PathPicarats: 50 + (painting scrap)Answer: CatsPicarats: 30 + (painting scrap)Answer: Left--------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUZZLE 061~080--------------------------------------------------------------------------------61)Pin plank ShapesPicarats: 40 + (Wall clock)Answer: secret NotePicarats: 40 + (painting scrap)Answer: Bill63)How Old Is Mom?Picarats: 20 + (Spendid Painting)Answer: 4364)Odd EquationsPicarats: 30Answer: 165)What"s E?Picarats: 50Answer: 566)Birthday GirlPicarats: 60Answer: Month = 1 , job = 267)The cacao CodePicarats: 40Answer: message ME68)Find the PentagonsPicarats: 40Answer: 1269)Chocolate PuzzlePicarats: 30 + (World Map)Answer: 2970)The not correct VasePicarats: 10Answer: ThiefPicarats: 40 + (Lower Vase)Answer: C72)The Sound the SilencePicarats: 40 + (Reading Lamp)Answer: Rest73)How plenty of Squares?Paracats: 40 + (Gramophone)Answer: 1174)A broken WindowPicarats: 30Answer: A75)The cable CubePicarats: 40 + (Globe)Answer: 476)A brick SquarePicarats: 30Answer: 2077)Which Job?Picarats: 20 + (Houseplant)Answer: B78)Water PitchersPicarats: 60 + (Flower Bouquet)Answer: to water from...16 come 99 to 77 to 169 to 716 to 99 to 77 come 169 to 716 come 99 to 77 come 169 come 716 to 99 come 77 to 1679)Apples to OrangesPicarats: 40 + (painting scrap)Answer: plenty of Queens 1Picarats: 20 + (Stuffed Chair)Answer: Queens" location are...1st column:2nd row2nd column:4th row3rd column:1st row4th column:3rd row--------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUZZLE 081~100--------------------------------------------------------------------------------81)Too many Queens 2Picarats: 40 + (painting scrap)Answer:Queens" positions are...1st column:4nd row2nd column:1th row3rd column:3rd row4th column:5rd row5th column:2nd row82)Too many Queens 3Picarats: 60 + (Hat Rack)Answer: Queens" positions are...1st column:1st row3rd column:4th row4th column:2nd row83)Too many Queens 4Picarats: 80 + (painting scrap)Answer: 1st column:3rd row2nd column:1st row3rd column:7th row5th column:8th row8th column:6th row84)Which Boxes come Move?Picarats: 30Answer: 385)Weekend GetawayPicarats: 50 + (Fossil)Answer: 6086)Squares and CirclesPicarats: 30 + (painting scrap)Answer: 487)Ferris Wheel RiddlePicarats: 50 + (painting scrap)Answer: 4288)In a HolePicarats: 30 + (Violin)Answer: WATER89)Which Way?Picarats: 30 + (Artisan"s Teapot)Answer: the sphere Out! 2Picarats: 50 + (painting scrap)Answer: slide bottom blue block to rightSlide bottom violet block come the holeSlide bottom blue block to leftSlide ideal purple block to down, climate rightSlide right environment-friendly block downSlide height purple block rightSlide peak blue block to leftSlide yellow block to top, then rightRoll red ball to the various other endSlide left purple block to wherein the red round was originallySlide left green block upSlide bottom blue block leftSlide bottom violet block to the other endRoll red ball into the hole91)Pattern MatchingPicarats: 40 + (Bone China Teacup)Answer: B92)Wash UpPicarats: 30Answer: the RiverPicarats: 30 + (painting scrap)Answer: sheep to rightCabbage come right, lamb to leftWolf to rightSheep come right94)Get the ball Out! 4Picarats: 70Answer:Slide reduced left purple block downSlide the various other purple block leftSlide the reduced right blue block come leftSlide right environment-friendly block downSlide upper right purple block downSlide the various other right violet block under tooSlide optimal blue block rightRoll red sphere down right against the blue blockSlide left eco-friendly block upSlide yellow block leftSlide upper appropriate purple block left and downSlide top blue block downRoll red ball right into the upper best pocketSlide peak blue block up and leftRoll red ball down, down and also leftSlide the right purple block up right into the upper ideal pocketRoll red round right, downSlide the various other purple upRoll red sphere leftSlide the lower environment-friendly block as much as the endRoll red ball into the hole95)A Magic SquarePicarats: 60Answer: 29475361896)Take the StairsPicarats: 30Answer: 6497)Princess in a crate 1Picarats: 60Answer:Slide middle 2 eco-friendly blocks rightSlide violet block rightSlide optimal left and also top middle eco-friendly block downSlide optimal right green block come the upper leftSlide violet block upSlide the 2 eco-friendly blocks versus the arrow to to fill the feet belowSlide purple block to upper appropriate cornerSlide the mid-bottom environment-friendly blocks as much as fill the gapSlide bottom left purple block to right, upSlide bottom blue block come the rightSlide red block downSlide the 2 eco-friendly blocks top top the second row to the left (place them above red block)Slide the 2 eco-friendly blocks top top the third row upSlide blue block upSlide the eco-friendly blocks below purple block to under the blue blockSlide purple block downSlide the 2 eco-friendly blocks above the blue block to to fill the gap above purple blockSlide blue block upSlide the environment-friendly block as well as the red block, up and also rightSlide red block rightSlide the green blocks listed below the left blue block to to fill the gap Slide the mid blue block left come the left wallSlide the 2 green blocks top top the appropriate of the red block to fill the gapSlide red block rightSlide the eco-friendly block below the blue block right, downSlide bottom blue block downSlide the 2 eco-friendly blocks over red block to the left between the blue blocksSlide red block upSlide the 2 green blocks at the reduced right edge to below the red blockSlide every little thing on the left (2 eco-friendly blocks & 2 blue block) downSlide the 2 green blocks over red block to to fill the upper left gapSlide red block upSlide reduced right environment-friendly block (against the purple block) to up, leftSlide purple block leftSlide the 2 block on the best of red block, down to to fill the gapSlide red block rightSlide the 2 green blocks on the left of purple block approximately fill the gapSlide purple block leftSlide the green block just listed below the red block, left and also downSlide red block to the exit98)Card OrderPicarats: 70Answer: Diamond Joker Heart club Spade99)33333!Picarats: 70Answer:41268-7935100)Seven SquaresPicarats: 101~120 (HIDDEN PUZZLE)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------101)Splitting the UpPicarats: 40Answer: 6102)Aces and also the JokerPicarats: 40Answer: 20%103)Wood CutoutsPicarats: 40 + (Mysterious Bottle)Answer: Sweet TreatPicarats: 30 + (Baron Statue)Answer: a ThreePicarats: 30Answer: 6106)How plenty of Glasses?Picarats: 20Answer: 1107)A Worm"s DreamPicarats: 30Answer:With the brick spaces being represented by a number as illustrated below...123456789 (position 8 is empty here)Now change the tiles in the place to to fill up the room in this order:(the digits stand for the an are of the tiles, no the tiles itself! once I sayshift tile 5, it method the tile currently in the middle of the puzzle, not thetile the was initially in the middle!)5,4,1,2,5,8,9,6,5,4,7,8,5,4,7,8,5,2,1,4,5,6,9,8,7,4,5,6,9,8,5,4,7,8,5108)Not Knots?Picarats: 50 Answer: C109)Laziest guy on EarthPicarats: 30 + (Teak Table)Answer: under the sofa110)The noodles CubePicarats: 20Answer: ItemPicarats: 40Answer: BelovedPicarats: 50Answer: rotate bottom piece twiceBottom left switch with height rightTop right switch with top left113)The pet HotelPicarats: 30Answer: TrialPicarats: 10Answer: C115)Odd box OutPicarats: 40Answer: D116)The largest TotalPicarats: 50Answer: 51117)Painting a CubePicarats: 30Answer: 1118)Red and also Black CardsPicarats: 50Answer: 1000119)Red and also Blue 1Picarats: the sphere Out! 3Picarats: 60Answer: slide bottom ideal blue block rightSlide bottom violet block to the holeSlide bottom right blue block come the leftSlide right blue block downSlide right green block downSlide peak purple block rightSlide optimal blue block rightSlide left blue block upSlide left green block upSlide bottom blue block leftSlide bottom best blue block leftSlide right environment-friendly block down and rightSlide yellow block rightSlide bottom blue block rightRoll red ball to the southern endSlide left eco-friendly block right, then as much as the endSlide yellow block to the left and touch the wallSlide bottom ideal blue block upSlide bottom purple block up, then rightRoll red ball right into hole--------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUZZLE 121 (BONUS PUZZLE)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------121)Diamond in the FlagPicarats: 60Answer: 8122)The next DiePicarats: 60Answer: C123)Tons the TrianglesPicarats: 60Answer: 17124)Missing NumberPicarats: 70Answer: 1126)Red and Blue 2Picarats: 70Answer: middle pocket = the slot protruding in the middleMiddle left spot = the spot next to blue CMiddle ideal spot = the spot alongside red CMiddle clues = listed below middle pocketRed C to middle pocketRed B to middle right spotRed D to center spotRed A come Blue D spotRed D come Blue A spotRed C come Blue B spotRed A to center pocketRed B come Blue D spotBlue C to Blue C spotBlue D to middle left spotRed A come Red D spotBlue B to middle spotBlue A to middle right spotRed A come Red A spotBlue A come Red D spotBlue B to Red B spotBlue A to middle pocketBlue D to Red D spotBlue C to Red C spotRed C to middle right spotBlue A come Blue D spotRed B to center pocketRed C to center right spotRed D to middle spotBlue A come Blue A spotRed D to Blue D spotRed C to Blue B spotBlue C come Blue C spotBlue B to lower left spotRed B to Red B spotRed B to center pocketBlue C come Red C spotRed C to center right spotBlue B come Blue B spotRed D to center pocketRed C come Blue D spotBlue C come Blue C spotBlue D to center left spotRed D to Red D spotBlue D to center pocketBlue C to Blue C spotRed C to middle right spotBlue D to Blue D spotRed C to center pocketBlue C to Blue C spotRed C to Red C spot127)Perimeter PerplexerPicarats: 70Answer: 26128)Number LockPicarats: 70Answer: 1 69248 3129)Four BallsPicarats: 70Answer:Slide height blue block left, bottom environment-friendly block up x 2Roll yellow sphere left, upSlide bottom blue block right x 3Roll red sphere up, right x 2Slide environment-friendly block under x 3Slide yellow block & top blue block leftRoll yellow ball leftRoll environment-friendly ball under x 3Slide top environment-friendly block rightRoll yellow sphere up, rightRoll red round up x 3Roll yellow sphere left, down x 3, leftRoll environment-friendly ball left, downSlide yellow block best x 2Roll yellow round up x 2, leftSlide yellow block left, eco-friendly block under x 2Roll red ball right into its holeSlide optimal blue block right x 2Roll blue ball best x 2Roll yellow ball right into its holeSlide bottom-left green block up x 3Roll eco-friendly ball into its holeSlide yellow block down, leftRoll blue round down, left, downSlide peak blue block leftSlide right green block upRoll blue round rightSlide yellow block right, upSlide bottom blue block to right x 2Roll blue ball right into its hole130)Too many QueensPicarats: 99Answer: Queens" location are...1st column:1st row2nd column:5th row3rd column:8th row4th column:6th row5th column:3rd row6th column:7th row7th column:2nd row8th column:4th row131)Heavier or Lighter?Picarats: 99Answer:1/2/3/4 against 5/6/7/8if both is the same...head come 1.1. If not, 1.2(answer in between 9 ~ 12)9 versus 10. If it is balance, head to 1.12. If not, 1.139 or 10 against 11. If tilt, 11 = answer. If balance, 12 = answer9 against 11. If tilt, 9 = answer. If balance, 10 = answer(answer between 1 ~ 8)Depend top top your an initial weight...If 1/2/3/4 lighter or 5/6/7/8 more heavier --> 1.21If 1/2/3/4 heavier or 5/6/7/8 lighter --> 1.221/2/5 against 3/4/6If 1/2/5 & 3/4/6 balance, 7 versus 1. Balance, 8 = answer. If not, 7 = answer.If 1/2/5 lighter, 1/6 against 9/10. Balance, 2 = answer. If 1/6 lighter, 1 =answer. If 1/6 heavier, 6 = answer.If 3/4/6 lighter, 3/5 versus 9/10. Balance, 4 = answer. If 3/5 lighter, answer= 3. If 3/5 heavier, answer = 5.1/5/6 versus 2/7/8If 1/5/6 & 2/7/8 balance, 3 against 9. Balance, 4 = answer. If not, 3 = answer.If 1/5/6 lighter, 5/2 versus 9/10. If balance, 6 = answer. If 5/2 lighter, 5 =answer. If 5/2 heavier, 2 = answer.If 2/7/8 lighter, 1/7 versus 9/10. If balance, 8 = answer. If 1/7 lighter, 7 =answer. If 1/7 heavier, 1 = answer.132)Princess in a box 2Picarats: 80Answer:Slide bottom right eco-friendly block up x 2Slide bottom violet block right, optimal purple block down x 2Slide height right 2 eco-friendly blocks leftSlide bottom appropriate purple block increase x 2, bottom violet block rightSlide bottom eco-friendly block right, upSlide bottom blue block appropriate x 2Slide red block downSlide middle two green blocks to left above red blockSlide 2 top environment-friendly blocks downSlide top blue block best x 2Slide every little thing on the left (green blocks x 2, red block) upSlide bottom blue block left x 2Slide everything in the center (green blocks x 4, blue block) downSlide 2 environment-friendly blocks above red block best x 2Slide red block upSlide 2 eco-friendly blocks listed below top blue block to left x 2 under red blockSlide optimal blue block downSlide mid-top eco-friendly block (against red block) down, rightSlide red block rightSlide 2 green blocks above bottom blue block come left of red blockSlide middle blue block left x 2Slide bottom right eco-friendly block up, leftSlide bottom appropriate purple block leftSlide peak right purple block under x 2Slide the 2 green blocks best of red block come rightSlide red block to rightSlide green block above blue block right, upSlide height blue block upSlide 2 eco-friendly blocks as well as purple block to between blue blocksSlide 2 purple blocks left to listed below red blockSlide peak right 2 green blocks (right of red block) under x 2Slide red block rightSlide left violet block increase x 2Slide bottom violet block leftSlide the eco-friendly block listed below red block to left, downSlide red block out 133)Finish the EquationPicarats: 70Answer:(3-7/4)x8=10134)Land DisputesPicarats: EscapePicarats: 99Answer:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------WEEKLY PUZZLE CHALLENGE--------------------------------------------------------------------------------08.02.17)From 5 to FourAnswer: - - | | | | - - - -| | | | - -================================================================================4)DECORATOR"S HOUSE================================================================================You will uncover various furnitures which have the right to be offered to decorate the rooms in theinn. By place the correct furnitures to the exactly person, you will make theperson really happy. Try to make both Layton and also Luke to as happy as possible tothe allude that lock wouldn"t want to leaving the room, and also Layton will unlockseveral puzzles as appreciation because that the efforts.Here room the furnitures the you will be assigning if you great to make themreach their maximum happiness.Layton- Handwoven Rug- pine Bed- Teak Bureau- Houseplant- Stuffed Chair- cap Rack- Lacquered Stool- Teak Table- Flower Bouquet- Flower Vase- Gramophone- Artisan"s Teapot- Bone China Teacup- Fossil- Splendid Painting- Baron Statue- wall surface Clock- secret BottleLuke- Cream Rug- Blue Bed- Stuffed Bear- Bookcase- Television- basic Chair- Desk- reading Lamp- Violin- pile of Books- Globe- civilization Map================================================================================5)HINT COINS================================================================================Hint coins space coins the you can find throughout the games.

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They room coinswhich you have the right to spend on utilizing to unlock note (up come 3 clues per puzzle) come thepuzzle i m sorry you are stucked on. This ar list the areas on finding allof the hint coins.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------DAY 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 ~ 10Starting Items11 ~ 13 (Entrance)barrel external Innwindow of ideal buildingbarrel external the buildings versus each other14 ~ 16 (Plaza)bin in former of left buildingRight many barrelwindow of building with chimney17 ~ 19 (Manor Road)Pouch on the right many buildingadvert board near the blue doorleft window next come the brown door20 ~ 22 (Manor Border)steps near the the opposite shorehat in the boatbushes top top the appropriate edge23 ~ 25 (Reinhold Manor)right windowlower home window of the cone-towerhole in the facility of the path resulting in the door26 ~ 28 (Manor Foyer)candles above Matthewpainting ~ above the appropriate side the the left candlestop heat of the bookshelves29 ~ 31 (Manor Parlor)painting near Simonvase in prior of windowthe carpet somewhere in between Gordon and also Matthew32 ~ 34 (General Store)closet in the center top of the roombox under the counteron the left shelves, the second item through the 3rd row35 ~ 37 (Town Hall)drawer top top the lower-left cornertop-left picture between the 2 windowsunderneath the desk with the lamp38 ~ 40 (Inn)flower pot by the ideal edge over sofathe denting portion between the 2 sofa cusions top top the sofatop part of the table lamp41 ~ 43 (Drawbridge)top left windowpouch in front of best buildingpillar of the pier whereby the personalities are standing44 ~ 46 (Park Road)box left of Paulybarrel external restauranttop window of the brown door building47 ~ 49 (Restaurant)Paper best of the doortop ideal paintingflat portion of the chair by the left table50 ~ 52 (Park Gate)Right side rock wall, in between the top edge and also the treetop the left gate pillarbottom the the ideal gate, ground53 ~ 56 (Dahlia"s Room)vase on the left tableshelves in ~ the optimal on the appropriate sideAfter talking to Dahlia, curtain knob ~ above the rightThe chair57 ~ 59 (Granny R."s)red bucketplant ~ above the left corner of hutchimney (where the smoke come out)60 ~ 62 (Clock Tower)street lightmiddle the the floor (the line intersection the the rock tiles)wooden chip by the left edge63 ~ 65 (Fork in the Road)street lightlower left edge bushesthe front most apparel at the top left corner66 ~ 68 (Market)The stack of books placed ~ above the left side of the best hutUnder the table at the lower-left corner, left that signboardthe 2 little bottles over the signboard69 ~ 71 (Northern Hill)Blue roof windowAlgae top top the reduced left edge in prior of Jarvisleft roof chimney72 ~ 74 (Northern Path)Street lamp (building v blue door)At the bottom that the stairsAt the bottom edge of the screen, between the blue door and also Gerald--------------------------------------------------------------------------------NIGHT 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------75 ~ 77 (Park Road)Left row of houses, the soil in prior of the door of the inner housewhite sag in former of the tallest buildingmanhole78 ~ 80 (Park Gate)Lower ideal corner, broomTop that the right shaft of the gateThe spot just on the left next of the left pillar (stone wall top)81 ~ 84 (Plaza)The lamp of the clock towerThe appropriate barrel ~ above the left that Geraldroof that Granny R.chimney of the best (background) building85 ~ 87 (Entrance)The board on the right side of the door that the innInn"s chimneywhite bin by the appropriate row the buildings88 ~ 90 (Clock Tower)On the too much left, the paper on the wallThe pebble listed below the window on the too much rightthe left home window in the middle91 ~ 93 (Fork in the Road)Pebble on the soil in former of the doorthe left window of the structure down the left pathwindow with metal balcony ~ above the upper right94 ~ 96 (Crumm"s Cafe)Left chair the the counter barblue paint at the earlier of the wallThe edge where the left pillar and the left shelves meets (left of Zappone)97 ~ 99 (Market)Left barrelrectangular box next to Giuseppepot on the right100 ~ 102 (Northern Hill)Blue roof chimneystaircases top top the right edgeRoof the the structure on the left edge103 ~ 105 (Northern Path)The home window of the 2nd building, gloomy portionCrack as well as the home window on the extreme leftlower right edge (just slightly over the pair of shoes icon)106 ~ 108 (Prosciutto"s)Under the was standing on the appropriate side (near opened red book)the closed book at the middle of the ground4th row of the bookshelves in the background--------------------------------------------------------------------------------DAY 2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------109 (Inn)The button over the staircase railing110 (Entrance)The chimney that the environment-friendly roof building111 (Plaza)The chimney the the building behind Deke112 (Manor Road)The right stone wall leading into the manor garden113 (General Store)Beyond the counter, the second bottle under the painting114 (Manor Border)The bushes by the lower-left corner115 (Reinhold Manor)between the tree and the cone-head bush on the left the the building116 (Manor Foyer)The middle of the second steps the the stairs117 (Manor Parlor)The circular thing over Dahlia118 (Drawbridge)The path before the car119 (Town Hall)The small desk in prior of the chair120 (Clock Tower)Directly above Lucy, the green part of the building121 (Fork in the Road)The bin down the appropriate path122 (Northern Path)The corner of the roof part near the top left leaf of the blue door123 (Market)The blue parasol in the center of the market124 ~ 129 (Archibald"s)PaintingFlower potFlower vase table top top Archibald"s left(zoom in on Baron"s desk) left foot of the table(zoom in ~ above Baron"s desk) crate on the deskom in ~ above Baron"s desk) reduced right edge of the desk top130 ~133 (Path Entrance)The left door, the rectangle peek holeTop that the big potThe ground just in prior of the door stepsThe shelves on the right edge of the path (between the 2 icons)134 ~ 137 (Tower Road)The window of the building behind Marthathe street lamp above the door on the leftthe carton of flowerthe bottom home window panel the the left building138 ~ 141 (Dead End)Lower right edge of the wall (near pair of shoes icon)Upper left corner rooflower left corner of the wallupper right edge window142 (Northern Hill)Roof the the left building143 (Park Road)Left wall surface of the park144 (Restaurant)Right chandelier145 (Park Gate)Middle the the left rock wall146 ~ 148 (Sewer)In the water ~ above the left sewer pathBottom the the ladderThe wall on the left next of ladder (middle section)149 ~ 151 (Sewer Exit)The eco-friendly plant vane ~ above the best of the wallThe obstacle fencing in ~ the finish of the waterwayIn the water, the middle-left section of the water passage152 ~ 154 (Outside the Sewer)The left windowThe water, under the sewer spot whereby the characters are standingin the midst of the woodland (middle of the screen)155 ~ 157 (Sewer Dead End)At the end of the drain passageThe bottom that the spot in the water whereby the waterfall endsThe appropriate wall, too much right sheet (between the 2 icons)158 ~ 161 (Park route Fork)trash binTop that the left street lamp postThe left feet the the map standThe best (nearest) tree where the barks split162 ~ 165 (Abandoned Tent)The stack cupsThe left horse rideTop of the left street desk lamp postThe pebble in the middle of the road166 ~ 169 (Ferris Wheel)Bottom the the ferris wheel (middle bottom leaf of the screen)signboard ~ above the appropriate edgeright crate in the left yellow standsignboard on the left of the ticket booth170 ~ 173 (Waterside Shack)trash binwooden leg to shedthe opposite coast on the appropriate sidethe opposite coast on the left side174 ~ 177 (Shack Path)trash binchimneythe grasses at the feet of the ideal lamp postblue roof178 ~ 181 (Under the Shack)Bucketabove rock tabletthe rock by the reduced right (left of the pair of shoes icon)the tiny pebble ~ above the right of the brick ground182 ~ 185 (Underground Path)In the center of the right rock wallthe small pebble top top the center left of the brick groundthe tiny pebble at the center bottom the the screenthe moss at the reduced left edge of the screen186 ~ 189 (Underground Area)Under the candle, whereby the two various colors the the wall surface meetstop of the stairs step at the left edgethe middle section the the best shelvesthe small pebble through the best of the bucket190 (Tower Entrance)The bottom right edge of the door (green patch)191 (Tower Basement)The corner in between the villagers surname board and also the fridge-like thing192 (Tower Floor 1)The north on the left193 (Tower Floor 2)The heap of stones underneath the ceiling lamp194 (Tower Floor 3)The right building candle stand195 (Tower Floor 4)The feet at the bottom right edge of the stone wall v candle196 (Tower Floor 5)The left bench197 (Tower Floor 6)The middle window of the structure behind the character198 (Tower Floor 7)On the best edge of the stone passage where the turn occurs (between 2 icons)199 (Spiral Staircase)The middle candle at the height (next to the bend)200 (Tower optimal Floor)In the center of the square garden================================================================================6)SECRETS================================================================================Here space the methods to unlock the bonuses:The Inventor"s House- Gather all the gizmo piece to unlock puzzle 121~123The Decorator"s House- Gather every the furnitures, and place them in the exactly room come max out thehappiness the Layton and Luke come unlock puzzle 124~127The arts Lover"s House- gather all painting pieces, then settle the jigsaw puzzle using the paintingpieces to unlock 127~129The gold Apple"s House- complete the video game to unlock puzzle 130~132The Puzzle Master"s House- finish all puzzles (1~132) to unlock the 133~135.