At an initial glance, Perro de Presa Canarios and Cane Corsos look favor the exact same breed: large stature, bulky muscles, and an intimidating expression. Both space immensely huge and powerful, both were bred for similar purposes, and also both space breeds that require experienced owners. Yet, there room some key differences that separate these 2 powerhouse canines. Today, we’re walk to failure both each other to know what makes them similar and different, while additionally going end what the takes to very own these strong dogs. Let’s take it a look in ~ the Perro de Presa Canario and also the Cane Corso to check out what to adjust these 2 breeds apart:

Visual distinctions Presa Canario vs Cane Corso

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A fast Overview

Presa Canario
Average elevation (adult): 22-26 customs Average load (adult): 85 – 130 pounds Lifespan: 9-11 years Exercise: 2+ hours (long go daily) Grooming needs: low Family-friendly: Potentially, normally protective Dog-friendly: requirements to be socialized beforehand Trainability: Yes, yet requires an experienced owner
Cane Corso
Average elevation (adult): 23-28 customs Average load (adult): 88 – 110 pounds Lifespan: 9-12 year Exercise: 2+ hours (long go daily) Grooming needs: low Family-friendly: Potentially, normally protective Dog-friendly: needs to be socialized early, have the right to be wild to dog of the exact same sex Trainability: Yes, yet requires an knowledgeable owner

Presa Canario Overview

Image Credit: volofin, ShutterstockPerro de Presa Canario dogs, often shorted to Presa or Presa Canarios, room a large breed that dog hailing native the Canary Islands. Among the enlarge of the Mossoler-type dogs, their history has been recorded as early on as the 13th century. Bred for working livestock and protecting the homestead, Presa Canarios have a powerful build and make quite the imposing vision to see. Unfortunately, yes sir a long background of using Presa Canarios for dogfighting in the Canary Islands, however the practice has actually been almost completely stopped in today’s world.

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Presa Canarios are great for rural and also farm living, especially for bigger homesteads that need the extra collection of eyes. They will normally take up the position of a functioning farm dog, particularly if they’re life on a livestock farm. Presas are normally aloof and also suspicious of strangers, so beforehand socialization is a must to stop people-based aggression. Return these enormous Mastiff-based dogs have actually a serious outlook ~ above life, Presas room actually quite affectionate to those they think about family and also are quite gentle through children. That being said, this dogs are not perfect for families with many visitors or for families with too many rambunctious children.


Training Presa Canarios will certainly be a challenge, specifically for first-time dog owners. These dogs are incredibly keen and will sense any kind of weakness, often daunting and pushing the invisible heat their owners set. Persistence and also patience space crucial, however a true knowledge of canine actions is necessary for these powerful dogs. Positive reinforcement cultivate will just go so far, so it’s very recommended to rental a dog trainer that has actually experience through Mastiff-type dogs. Strong-willed temperaments aside, Presa Canarios tend to be food-motivated and can learn a wide range of commands. Beforehand socialization is a must for this breed, but they’re no going to it is in social and excited come see brand-new people.

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Presa Canarios room working dogs the were bred because that livestock work, for this reason they’ll require a same amount of practice daily. Working out should consist of at least two to three one mile to walk a day through jogging intervals to store them in tiptop shape, while avoiding boredom and obesity. Playtime is also important together they will certainly bond closely with those who spend the most time v them, so gamings like tug-of-war will aid burn off energy. These dogs space not fetch-type of dogs, therefore it’s important to find activities that they’ll enjoy.

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Grooming Presa Canarios is a breeze because their coats space shorthaired, yet they’re center shedders. They deserve to definitely advantage from brushing out when a week to aid promote common shedding while gaining rid of any type of debris, particularly for Presas that room going to be functioning dogs. Bathing have to be retained at a minimum together they’re susceptible to dry skin, which can be painful and also itchy. Your nails need to be trimmed on one as-needed basis, around around every 3 to 4 weeks.