The Underground course is a tunnel linking two areas in the Kanto region in the "Pokemon" video games. The Underground course runs in between Route Five and Route 6 underneath Saffron City, through the entrances at the north and south ends of the city. There room no wild Pokemon in the tunnel, yet several items are covert there that have the right to be uncovered through scanning the relevant areas with the Itemfinder tool obtainable from Ecruteak City.

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Full Restore

In "Pokemon Red," "Blue" and "Yellow" versions, a complete Restore is discovered two floor tiles to the left the the top stairs in the secret Path. In "Gold," "Silver," "Crystal," "HeartGold" and also "SoulSilver," the complete Restore is surprise in the northern part of the tunnel. A complete Restore is a healing spray that recovers every one of a Pokemon"s health Points.


In "Red," "Blue" and "Yellow" versions, an X-Special article is surprise next to the left wall, 32 tiles down from the optimal of the tunnel. In "Gold," "Silver," "Crystal," "HeartGold" and also "SoulSilver," the X-Special is in the right edge of the path. One X-Special is things you can provide to a Pokemon that rises the holder"s Special attack rating by one point.

Burn Heal

In "Pokemon FireRed" and also "LeafGreen" versions, a Burn cure is covert near the bottom of the tunnel, two tiles increase from the stairs, and also two tiles come the ideal of the left-hand wall. A Burn cure is a condition healer i beg your pardon cures a Pokemon the a Burn experienced in fight -- if left untreated a Burn will certainly remove wellness Points indigenous the Pokemon every turn.

TM64 Explosion

You can gain the Technical machine for the move Explosion in the Underground path in "Pokemon HeartGold" and "SoulSilver" by trade the RageCandyBar through the man in the tunnel. You have the right to buy the RageCandyBar from the man at the western departure of Mahogany town -- that is a key Item, and its just use is to profession it for TM64.

Other Items

It is feasible to come throughout other items randomly in the Underground route by scanning through the Itemfinder. Items that appear around the tunnel incorporate Antidote, i beg your pardon cures a Pokemon of poisoning; Awakening, i beg your pardon wakes increase a resting Pokemon; ice cream Heal, a status healer that revives a frozen Pokemon; Paralyz Heal, i m sorry cures a paralyzed Pokemon; and Potion, which restores 20 health and wellness points come a Pokemon.

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