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By Xiedi ns am Xiedi version 1:Correction about Rayquaza,Groundon,Kyogre,Deoxys and also Mew.Thanks to Claude Harris and also Aerojet materials 1. Regis 2. Kyogre 3. Groundon 4. Rayquaza 5. Latias/Latios 6. Deoxys 7. Jirachi 8. Mew 1. Regis Go get a Relicanth from the Sootopolis-Mossdeep underwater and also catch it.Beware,its rare. Wailord is essential too.Train her Wailmer to level 40 and also evolve it. Have a pokemon to know dive and dive into the water in ~ the current in between Pacidfilog and Slateport. (not the large 1 with tortoise rocks surrounding.)Go all the way till you pertained to the Brialle.Dive up.Dig in front of the giant Braille and put Relicanth in party slot 1 and Wailord in ~ the back.Talk to it and earthquake triggers.Go earlier to Dewford and surf to the

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left.Keep to the left it spins you involved Island Cave.Talk to it and also don't relocate for 2 minutes.Enter and also fight Regice Regice's move: Superpower,AncientPower,Curse,Icy Wind go to wherein you uncover the SafariZOne and also keep going to the left it rotates you accomplish a girl who offers you berry and also climb the stairs. Save going till friend reach old Tomb.Go to the middle and also fly. Registeel's move:SuperPower,AncientPower,Curse,Metal claw walk to the desert and also enter Desert ruins at the bottom..Go upx4,left,up and RockSmash. Regirock'smove: SuperPower,AncientPower,Curse,RockThrow. They are all level 40. Kyogre win the elite4. Go to the Weather Institute and talk to the professor in the an initial floor. He will certainly tell you where to go next. (Route 129) Groudon to win the elite4. Go to the Weather Institute and also talk come the professor in the first floor. He will tell you where to walk next. (Route 118) Rayquaza you could record it before you accomplish the elite4. In order to catch Groudon and Kyogre, I would certainly recommend the you capture Rayquaza first at the top of the Sky obelisk using a MasterBall. This is due to the fact that both Groudon and also Kyogre are at level 70. Moreover, friend will have to beat Steven in Meteorite drops - and all of his pokemon room at level 70+ - before the professor at the Weather Institute deserve to tell you where to uncover Kyogre and Groudon. Say thanks to you,Claude Harris for Rayquaza,Groundon and Kyogre's correction! Latias/Latios After death the elite4, walk down and also talk to the TV in your house.After that,your mother ask you even if it is what to be the colour of the pokemon.Red-Get Latias throughout Hoenn.Blue-Get Latios transparent Hoenn. Deoxys and also Mew MEW: you need a mystic ticket to walk to one island that has actually mew on it and also to get a mystic ticket you have actually to gain an update at a nintendo occasion like a card tournament. DEOXYS: you likewise need a ticket to go to birth island however it is a different ticket i dont know just how to get the ticket ~ above emerald yet if you have fire red or leaf environment-friendly you have the right to trade that from FR or LG. To gain deoxys ~ above FR or LG you need to go to any pokemon mart and press A while dealing with the clipboard top top the desk. Then put in the native "LINK along with ALL" then the mart person says you must know about the mystery gift then save your game and shut the off.then turn it bak on currently you have an enig gift dont go to it yet now you still have actually to obtain an upgrade from a nintendo also again and also the you go to the ship and you have a ticket(i dont know what the ticket is called yet) climate you use it and you sail to bear island the island is all a maze deoxys is the triangle climate you record it that is lvl 30. Then you have the right to trade it to fire red and also leaf green! many thanks to Aerojet because that his correction,the true means to gain Deoxys and Mew are: Another method quoted by Nazome: you likewise need a ticket to walk to bear island yet it is a differentticket ns dont know how to gain the ticket top top emerald however if you have fire redor leaf eco-friendly you can trade it from FR or LG. To gain deoxys on FR or LG you need to go to any kind of pokemon mart and also press A while encountering the clipboard on thedesk. Then put in the words "LINK along with ALL" then the mart personsays you need to know around the mystery gift then conserve your game and also shut itoff.then rotate it ago on currently you have an enig gift dont walk to that yet now youstill have actually to gain an upgrade from a nintendo occasion again and also the you walk to theship and also you have actually a ticket(i dont understand what the ticket is dubbed yet) climate youuse it and you sail to bear island the island is every a maze deoxys is the triangle then you catch it it is lvl 30. Climate you deserve to trade it to fire red and also leaf green!Jirachi Succesfully gain all 200 pokemon(excluding the Kanto and also Johto.Also Jirachi and also Deoxys.)Talk to the game desmmsanotherstage2019.comer in Lilycove to acquire a little hunt because that Jirachi. Special many thanks Pokemon agency for creating the game. Stephen because that posting mine guide. Aerojet,Nazome and also Claude Harris for your correction. and also you for reading this guide.