Starting in the 1980s, the swamps that the south Florida Everglades have actually been overrun by one of the most damaging invasive varieties the an ar has ever before seen: the Burmese python. These huge snakes, i m sorry can thrive to 20 feet lengthy or more, with telephone-pole-sized girths, have actually all however decimated the region’s small- and medium-sized mammal population, scary havoc v the area’s ecosystem.

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That ecosystem, the Florida Everglades, regulates some 1.5 million acres—or around one-and-a-half time the size of Rhode Island. Conserve for a couple of bisecting roadways (US 41 and also I-75), these desolate subtropical swamps room detached from the network of American civilization. It’s difficult to fathom that downtown Miami sits just 30 miles far from the substantial wetlands the have become an embraced home because that (at least) 10s of thousands of substantial snakes.

Because female pythons deserve to lay 50-100 eggs per year—and the creatures have actually no natural predator in the region—their threat continues to escalate. 


Native to Southeast Asia, pythons were very first brought to the United claims as exotic pets. As soon as the exotic pet trade boomed in the 1980s, Miami ended up being host to hundreds of such snakes.

Because pythons can grow to together unmanageable sizes, the was inescapable that some irresponsible owners would certainly release the snakes into the wild. Yet most experts think the pythons created a reproducing populace in the Everglades at some time after Hurricane Andrew—a classification 5 storm that ruined the state in respectable 1992. That was throughout that storm that a python breeding facility was destroyed, releasing plenty of snakes into the adjacent swamps.

Today, authorities have actually no idea how plenty of pythons occupy the area, in huge part due to the fact that they Everglades—in their substantial inaccessibility—are so difficult to conduct surveys in. And also the mottled brown snakes blend well into the scrubby environment.

“It might be tens of thousands, or it can be numerous thousands,” claims Rory Feeney, the bureau chief the land sources at the south Florida Water monitoring District (SFWMD)—a federal firm that helps spearhead Everglades conservation efforts. The agency, Feeney adds, has been proactively “dealing with invasive pythons for over a decade.”

OPEN SEASON ~ above PYTHONS: since the Burmese python is such a recognized nuisance to the Everglades ecosystem, the state the Florida has actually removed barriers to hunting them, and also even set up inspiration programs. Hunters deserve to kill Burmese pythons and also other invasive reptiles on private lands every year, there is no a allow or hunting license. Together of 2018, hunting regulations have eased up on some public lands as well: Hunters deserve to work there is no a allow or license, return there room some restrictions and also guidance roughly the humane methods. For an ext information on just how hunters end up being approved for official python eradication efforts, walk to the South Florida Water administration District's Python elimination Program.

Greatest ecological threat to the region

While just in southern Florida because that an eco-friendly blink the the eye, the Burmese python has currently devastated the mammal populace of the Everglades, severely threatening its biodiversity. Follow to one study, in between 1997 and also 2012 the Everglades’ raccoon, opossum and bobcat populaces dropped 99.3, 98.9, and also 87.5 percent respectively. Meanwhile “marsh rabbits, cottontail rabbits and also foxes successfully disappeared,” the study said.

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Another study, which equipment rabbits v radio transmitters and also released them into the Everglades, uncovered that 77 percent that those who died within the year met their fate at the deathly squeeze of the invasive serpent.