Medusa is a monster via snakes for hair; she have the right to turn civilization that look her in the eye to rock. To pass in the mortal human being, she poses as Aunty Em, a woman who wears a veil, which conveniently covers her confront and also snakes. She runs a tiny hamburger joint and also sculpture garden a few miles exterior of New York City. However, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover conveniently find that this isn’t as innocent of an venture as it might seem at first—Medusa’s food is laced through a sedative, and she appears to frequently take sedated patrons right into her sculpture garden for a “photo.” The photo, they realize, petrifies the sitter into stone; her sculptures are all of petrified patrons. Percy manperiods to behead Medusa and he ships her head to Mount Olympus. After Percy completes his quest, he retransforms home to Mom’s residence to uncover package containing Medusa’s head waiting for him. Mom offers the head to petrify Smelly Gabe and also sell the resulting sculpture for enough money to pay for her initially term of college.

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The timeline listed below shows wbelow the character Medusa/Aunty Em appears in The Lightning Thief. The colored dots and symbols indicate which themes are connected with that appearance.


...ornaments. It smells choose fried food, though. He can’t check out the authorize, so Grover translates: Aunty Em ’s Garden Gnome Emporium. Percy and Annabeth method, yet Grover insists that the place is...(complete context)

...size, but Percy is also concentrated on food to care about Grover’s whimpers or that Aunty Em locks the door. In the dining location, Annabeth admits that they don’t have money. Aunty...(complete context)

...He looks to the side and sees Aunty Em’s reflection in a glass sphere: she’s Medusa.(full context)
Percy tries to think of exactly how Medusa died in the Greek myth, yet he’s too groggy. He thinks that she was asleep...(full context)
...war—but it can still petrify human being. Percy congratulates Grover on his braexceptionally, and they carry Medusa’s head into the warehome. They sit roughly the head for a while, and also then Percy...(complete context)
...need to carry out something via the head. Percy feels angry about the pursuit. He finds Medusa’s account publications, locates the deal with for the Underworld—it’s in an L.A. recording studio—and also fills out...

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(complete context)
...and also Grover walk with the entrances and also a courtyard filled via poisonous plants, jewels, and also Medusa’s statues. They pass a grove of pomegranate trees and also Annabeth claims they need to save...(complete context)