To enter a blank line into a document, press the ___ an essential without typing any type of text top top the line.

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When indigenous flags a possible spelling or grammar error, it also changes the Spelling and Grammar inspect icon to a(n) ___.


If a flagged word is spelled correctly, right-click it and then click ___ ~ above the shortcut food selection to instruct Word no to flag future occurences that the very same word in this document.

Ignore All

To relocate left one word through the key-board press the ___ key(s).


To move to the beginning of a line through the keyboard, push the ___ key(s).


To relocate to the finish of the document, press the ___ key(s).


To relocate down one paragraph, press the ___ key(s).


To relocate to the peak of a paper window, press the ___ key(s).


When you usage the keyboard to role to a various position in the document, the ___ automatically moves once you press the desired keys.

Insertion point

___ formatting is the procedure of changing the method letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and also symbols show up on the screen and also in print.


Word contains a variety of document ___ to aid you v coordinating visual elements in a document.


The ___, or typeface, defines the appearance and also shape that letters, numbers, and special characters.


On most computers, the default font dimension in indigenous is ___.


A(n) ___ paragraph is a i that starts with a dot or other symbol.


The ___ record type indentifies a word 2016 document.


Which of the complying with colors says neutrality?


The default shade scheme is called ___.


To choose nonadjacent items, select the first item as usual, press and also hold under the ___ key, then while holding down the key, select added items.


The small squares and also circles around a selected graphic are called ___ handles.


When you click the ___ button for a selected graphic, word provides choices for changing how a graphic is positioned with message in a document.

Layout Options

To center a page’s materials vertically in between the top and also bottom margins, click the web page Setup Dialog box Launcher, click the ___ tab, click the upright alignment box arrow, click center in the list, and also then click the ok button.


Press the ___ key(s) come erase one character to the left that the insertion point.


Press the ___ key(s) come erase one personality to the ideal of the insertion point.


True or False: If Word finds a potential error in a paper a red, green, or blue wavy underline flags the problem.


True or False: A raised dot reflects where the ENTER key was pressed.


True or False: each time the ENTER vital is pressed, Word create a new paragraph.


True or False: as you go into text in the Word document window, you should press the ENTER crucial when the insertion suggest reaches the right margin.


True or False: A record may wordwrap differently depending on the type of press being used.


True or False: A flagged word is one the is misspelled.


True or False: To minimization wrist injury, move frequently among touch gestures, the keyboard, and the mouse.


True or False: paragraph formatting calls for the i to it is in selected before formatting.


True or False: A single point is around 1/12 that an customs in height.


True or False: once shading paragraphs, word shades native the left margin to the ideal margin that the existing paragraph.

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True or False: Word gives an Undo button that can be offered to release the most recent command or action.