Which that following transforms that impact the ingredient of our environment involve physics changes and which involve chemical reactions?

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Oxygen gas transforms to ozone throughout thunderstorms.

Freezing rain establishes when a warmth air massive overrides a cold wait mass.

Carbon dioxide is developed by the combustion of gasoline in an car engine.

Fog develops from water vapor when the temperature drops below the dew point.

When coal, oil, and also natural gas are decomposed in landfills they develop methane gas.

Chemical reaction

Physical change


Part B

In a laboratory experiment, a fermenting aqueous solution of glucose and also yeast produce carbon dioxide gas and ethanol. The solution was heated by burning natural gas in a Bunsen burner to distill the ethanol that developed in the flask. During the distillation, the ethanol evaporated and also then condensed in the receiving flask. The flame of the burner was preserved too close to the bottom the the flask and some of the glucose decomposed into a black color carbon deposit ~ above the inside of the flask. Throughout this experiment the following alters occurred.

Which of this changes associated a physical change and not a chemistry change?

Check all that apply.

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Check all the apply.

condensation the ethanol
evaporation that ethanol
burning of herbal gas
formation that ethanol indigenous glucose by yeast
formation of carbon dioxide gas native glucose
formation that a carbon deposit within the flask

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A adjust in state does no necessarily indicate a change in the identity of the substance.

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