Oxygen and nitrogen have actually a stronger electronegativity than carbon (e.g., a strong pull on a shared electron).

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Bonds in between carbon and other atoms are relatively unstable and also readily dissociate, causing the formation of brand-new molecules.
The carbon backbone the a molecule is consisted of of a string of carbon atoms held in addition to either single or double bonds.
The carbon backbone the a molecule comes in a range of shapes: linear, ring-like, or highly branched.
Carbon is a relatively big atom allowing it to bind to much more atoms than smaller sized atoms would, thereby making it more versatile.
Functional groups aid define the nature of macromolecules. The _____ sensible group(s) is/are uncovered within amino acids, while carbohydrates contain the _____ functional group(s).
-no dual bonds within carbon backbone-solid at room temperature-comes generally from animals and also animal products
-Liquid at room temperature-oil-found mostly in plants and plant products-double bonds in ~ carbon backbone-trans fats are a synthetic type that has a greater melting point
A gram the fat shop _____ energy than a gram that starch because of ______ within fat molecules family member to strength molecules.
The plasma membrane is consisted of of a phospholipid bilayer, v the _____________ of the phospholipids____
If two proteins have the same complement of amino acids, what would rise the likelihood the the two proteins would behave differently, e.g., have various functions?
____ is a polysaccharide that is uncovered primarily in plant cells as a form of power storage. It is _____ and as a result, the is not an extremely soluble in water.
_____ is a polysaccharide that is save in muscle tissue. It is ______ enabling hydroxyl side teams to be conveniently exposed come water in the neighboring tissue, for straightforward hydrolysis
_____ is ______ and also most organisms lack the crucial enzyme come hydrolyze the beta-D glucose monomers. The is used mainly for ____ in plants.
_____ are the structure blocks the proteins. Lock are comprised of a center carbon atom bound come a positively fee ___ group and a negatively charged _____ group and also a next chain.

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In the ______ the a protein the polypeptide is folded through the device of amino acids rotating roughly bonds and also folding into a alpha-helix or beta-pleated paper structure and stabilized by ___ bonds
In the _____ of a protein the amino mountain side chain of the folded polypeptide interact, creating a complicated ____.
An athlete asks you speak that also though he loses so much water as soon as exercising, the still manages to acquire muscles. His tardy is that muscles are made up of mainly water. You explain that