video clip games based upon anime and also manga have tendency to it is in hit or miss affairs. Idea Factory’s Ouran Koukou Host-Bu DS, known to American fans as Ouran High School organize Club DS, is just one of those hits. The game perfectly captures the humor and atmosphere the the series, and also the full voice acting and basic controls make it an ideal otome intuitive novel for novices.

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Ouran High School organize Club is a romantic comedy series surrounding Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship college student at Ouran. Haruhi goes come the school’s library one day to study, and also goes into the music room looking for a quiet area. Instead, the Ouran High School host Club, a club the is dedicated to entertaining female students, is discovered.

The 6 members (Tamaki, Kyoya, Hikaru, Kaoru, Huni and also Mori) failure Haruhi for a masculine “client.” when attempting come escape your advances, Haruhi backs into very expensive vase and also breaks it. Tamaki, the club’s president and “king” dictates that Haruhi will work off the debt at the club.

Then the society members, one by one, uncover that Haruhi is a girl.

She then proceeds to attend Ouran, dressed together a boy and working in the host Club, garnering customer requests, in order come pay turn off the debt. Here’s whereby Ouran DS picks up. Haruhi’s a host, and she’s working in the club alongside the guys. Along the way, the club will encounter adventures with Haruhi’s childhood friend Sayuri, a outing in a water park, and also a challenge by a competitor high school organize club chaired through Tamaki’s childhood friend Jean-Pierre Leo.

Ouran DS progresses in a manner comparable to the manga and also anime. If you’re going v a month and a fifty percent period that time, you’re likewise going through 5 “episodes.” each one uses a mini-story filled with humor and also drama.

It additionally isn’t entirely a intuitive novel and otome game. While it’s true the you’re trying to ideally shoot because that an finishing with one of the 6 hosts, you’re also struggling to fulfill a details request quota through the end of the game. This is completed by sit with organize Club guests and entertaining them. As soon as you sit down through a girl, or a girl and also another host, 6 topic symbols pop up. Friend then have actually to select the one that renders the girl, or girl and host, happiest in bespeak to properly pass. For this reason there’s a slight, extra strategic element included to the game.

If you delighted in the Ouran anime, you’ll love the DS game. Scene from the anime room liberally sprinkled transparent the video game in proper situations, as flashbacks and such. In fact, the game’s opening is the anime’s opening. All of the voice actors, significant and minor, return to reprise their functions as new characters.

Even better, the DS exclusive personalities Sayuri and also Jean-Pierre Leo to the right perfectly into the storyline. You’d think the original characters would disrupt the organic chemistry between characters and also stories, yet Sayuri and Leo are perfect enhancements to the actors as Haruhi and also Tamaki’s childhood friends. In one portion of the game, wherein Renge and also Sayuri space acting together announcers in ~ a series of event, Sayuri’s reserved nature perfectly balances the end Renge’s exuberance.

There’s another area whereby Ouran DS excels – the voice acting. I’ve noticed in plenty of DS games featuring substantial amounts of voice acting the the quality seems 2nd rate. It deserve to be muffled, quiet and also even a tad warped. The isn’t the instance with Ouran DS. The voice exhilaration sounds for sure perfect – you’d think you to be listening to the PS2 version and also not the DS one. A nice touch is the Idea factory got Maaya Sakamoto to administer voice exhilaration for Haruhi, the heroine.

As for extras, the is nearly as despite Idea Factory had six brand-new extra stories or mini-episodes – one because that each character. Each of these extra episodes supplies a brand-new choice option, whereby players make Haruhi nod correct or no to answer questions and development the story, and also two new CG scenes.

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I would absolutely recommend one of two people this game, or one of the Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s side DS games, to someone who’s always wanted to try an otome game however has been worried about the language barrier. Ouran DS is easy to play, enjoy and also understand, also if your Japanese is only passable. It’s a exciting game and also a exorbitant port. Plus, it’s genuinely funny, and definitely among the finest otome games I’ve played this year.