Only one color, however not one size. Grounding at the bottom, however I conveniently fly. Existing in sun, yet not in rain. Doing no harm, and feeling no pain. What to be I?

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You bury me when I am alive

Every day, Jack arrives at the train terminal from job-related at 5 pm. His mam leaves home in her car to accomplish him over there at precisely 5 pm, and drives that home. One day, Jack it s okay to the station an hour early, and also starts go home, till his wife meets the on the road. They acquire home 30 minutes earlier than usual. Exactly how long was he walking? ranges are unspecified. Speeds space unspecified, yet constant. Provide a number which to represent the prize in minutes.
The best means to think about this problem is to think about it from the view of the wife. She round expedition was decreased by 30 minutes, which means each leg of her trip was reduced by 15 minutes. Jack must have actually been walking because that 45 minutes.

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One morning an airline chairman is leaving on a organization trip and also finds the left part paperwork in ~ his office. He runs right into his office to gain it and also the night watchman stops him and also says, "Sir, don"t obtain on the plane. I had actually a dream last night that the aircraft would crash and everyone would die!" The man takes his word and cancels his trip. Certain enough, the plane crashes and also everyone dies. The next morning the man gives the watchman a $1,000 prize for conserving his life and then fires him. Why did the fire the watchman that conserved his life?
What word in the English language walk the following: the very first two letters denote a male, the first three letters signify a female, the first four letters represent a an excellent man, the an initial six letters denote a drug, when the entire civilization signifies a an excellent woman. What is the word?
A young peasant want to marry the king"s daughter. The king didn"t choose the idea the his daughter marrying a peasant, but he want to show up fair in front of his subjects. The king claimed that the would placed two pieces of record into a hat, one analysis "exile" and also the other reading "marriage". Later that day, the peasant overheard the king saying the both pieces of paper would check out "exile", therefore ensuring that the peasant would certainly be out of his way for good. The peasant continued to be undaunted and, as arranged, landed on the king"s court whereby a huge crown gathered for the large event. The peasant then did something the assured that the hand of the king"s daughter. What did that do?
The peasant picked among the piece of paper and tore the up. He then asked the type to show him the other piece of record which, of course, stated EXILE. The king, not wishing to appear fraudulent in prior of his subjects, granted that the piece of paper the peasant had picked must have said MARRIAGE.
There is a large Indian and a tiny Indian. The small Indian is the huge Indians son yet the large Indian is not the small Indians father. What is the big Indian?

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