A gigantic Snake Bares its Fangs! The Survival game Begins!

Kibamuku Uwabami! Tsui ni Hajimaru survival Game

牙むく大蛇<うわばみ>! 遂に始まる生き残り合戦<サバイバルゲーム>

Les crocs du serpent ! Le jeu de survie débute !

The Straw Hats scatter once their find for yellow uncovers a gigantic python, and Gan fall reveals the tragic story that Jaya`s arrival in the sky. Meanwhile, Wyper readies the Shandorians because that a raid top top Eneru`s shrine! Episode found on:

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One piece / Ep. 168 : A huge Snake Bares that is Fangs! The Survival video game Begins! episode 168 | Aired ~ above October 11, 2003 | TV-Y7 | 25 min. | Fuji TV

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