Nintendo DS Lite – just how to fix it


Over the last variety of months I have disassembled a large number the Nintendo DS Lite consoles. As a result, I’ve learned a an excellent deal about troubleshooting various concerns with this console.

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So, i am starting this brand-new How to solve It collection of short articles to share through you what I have / am finding out as i take personal old games consoles to repair them.

If i am absent anything or if there are any kind of items girlfriend think i should add to this guide, you re welcome feel cost-free to allow me recognize in the comment below.

Issue: mine Nintendo DS Lite wont turn on

If her Nintendo DS lite walk not turn on, ensure the battery is present. You never know, this might be the issue. Occasionally if girlfriend buy consoles such as this online, it can be quite common for the battery to not be included!Next, shot plugging a strength adapter into your console and permitting it to charge for 15-20 minutes. The is feasible the battery has actually become totally flat. If this does not work, take into consideration replacing the battery to check out if that will work. Batteries for these types of consoles must be pretty cheap come buy online.If you are still here and have not addressed the issue, it is time to open up up your console. Please carry out this through caution, I would recommend watching at least 1 YouTube video clip of disassembly prior to attempting this yourself. My very first time act it was a disaster!Strip the console under to the motherboard for this reason it have the right to be examined. Have a fast glance end the board and also see if any type of components look to it is in damaged or missing. Over there is no damage going over the board with some isopropyl alcohol and a cue pointer to remove any kind of dust or corrosion that might be present.In most cases, if there is a power worry with the DS, the error lies with among the fuses top top the plank (most frequently F2). Watch the screenshot below for the fuse locations. To watch if the fuses room functional, utilizing a multi-meter examine them for continuity. If friend don’t get continuity v one or both the the fuses lock will need to be replaced. These fuses room super tiny and can be daunting to change with very novice soldering an abilities so I would certainly recommend practicing your soldering that very little components before trying this if you can.If the fuses room not in ~ fault, that is feasible the inductors space at fault. There space 2 inductors (L2 and also L4) ~ above the board (see screenshots listed below for location). Again, test because that continuity of these materials using her multi-meter and also if there is no continuity one or both of this will must be replaced. These materials are also very tiny so an excellent luck!.

Issue: my Nintendo DS Lite turns on, the screen flashes, climate it transforms off

If you revolve on your Nintendo DS lite and also the bottom screen flashes then turns off, this is typically an indication that the top display screen is loosened or broken and vice versa.Take her console apart and reattach the ribbon cable come ensure it is effectively attached. Also if the ribbon cable is slightly loose, the display screen will not job-related so ensure that is enclosed properly. Reassemble and also see if this fixes the issue.If the ribbon cable is slightly damaged in any way the display screen will most likely need to it is in replaced. Display screens can most frequently be sourced on eBay or similar sites. Otherwise, if you take place to have a preventive DS roughly that you can salvage the display screen from, this is a basic swap.If you carry out not desire to buy a brand-new top screen / can’t bought one, there is one more option easily accessible to you. With some basic soldering knowledge, you could turn her Nintendo DS Lite right into a Gameboy Macro (or whatever its dubbed these days). Modders have been busy making these super cool tools (have a Google search) end the last variety of years to an excellent effect. You will loosened out on some DS functionality however if you room a fan of GBA gamings then this is definitely a viable option. I am hoping to try my hand in ~ this job myself in the comes months so much more to monitor hopefully.

Issue: my Nintendo DS Lite is no reading video game cartridges

Turn off your console, insert a game cartridge, then revolve on the console. If the game is no reading try using a game cartridge that you know works.If both video game cartridges carry out not work, clean the interior pins top top the console through some isopropyl alcohol and also a cue tip.Should an additional game cartridge work, climate you will understand the game is at fault. Clean the contacts of the game with some Isopropyl alcohol and a cue reminder can regularly resolve this issue.If this does no work, climate you will have to take personally the cartridge to resolve.Should the video game still no load, the is worth acquisition apart the DS to research the cartridge slot. If this is damaged that will should be replaced. This will need some tedious soldering to change the component yet it is possible.

Issue: some of the buttons do not work

If part / all buttons perform not occupational on your console, the ideal solution is to take it the console apart. Through the individual button components bring away apart, offer them a clean v Isopropyl alcohol and also a cue tip. That is additionally a an excellent idea to check each that the buttons come make certain they are not broken. Reassemble the console and check that the concern is corrected.


Hopefully you to be able to settle your issue based upon the remedies above. I’ll continue adding to this list together I discover more new and also wonderful troubles so stay tuned!

Oh and by the way, don’t forget that if you’re walking to it is in tearing down a console that you’ll require a gaming toolkit to occupational effectively. Why not examine out an post I wrote about mine gaming toolkit because that teardowns and also repairs.

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If girlfriend have any kind of hints or understanding to re-publishing on this terrific console I would love to hear indigenous you.