Do you desire to learn how to say pretty to satisfy you in French in much less than 10 minutes?

It doesn’t issue if it’s French, Russian, Japanese, or any type of language for that issue – learning just how to to speak “nice to accomplish you” is valuable knowledge come have. That is vital both as soon as in a professional situation wherein we are introduced to a CEO or dignitary, or a personal context whereby we room meeting who new.

Not every one of the means to connect a great feeling about meeting someone room the same. Together there are countless different means to to speak nice to meet you, over there are additionally various methods to usage it. 

Greetings and also introductions space a an essential part of discovering a brand-new language. It is also very helpful when traveling. In France, many locals evaluate it as soon as someone to know at least the basics. To aid you out and to prevent awkward situations when girlfriend don’t recognize what to say – here is a list of the different ways to say nice to accomplish you in French

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The common way of saying nice to meet you in FrenchFormal means of saying nice to accomplish you in French

10+ means to to speak Nice To accomplish You In French


7. Bonjour, Enchanté/enchantée – Hello, pretty to accomplish you

This is a combination of the traditional hello in French and also the casual nice to fulfill you. Something that can be offered in both casual and formal situations, this expression is brief yet genuine. It is typically heard in situations when who is introduced to a group of people, to express pleasure in conference them. 

Other methods to to speak “nice to meet you” in French

Apart indigenous the usual expressions mentioned, there are other means to express joy in conference someone. 

Not all these have precise English translations however they’re not complicated to understand. Few of these may be supplied on their own while others might be linked with several of the expressions in this list. 

Heureux(euse) de dare rencontrer – literally way “happy to meet you”.

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On m’a tellement parler de vous – the precise translation of this is “Someone has talked to me a lot around you”, intended together a compliment.Ca m’a fait plaisir de discuter avec vous – It to be a pleasure speaking through youC’était bien agréable de pouvoir vous parler – a sports of “Ca m’a fait plaisir de discuter avec vous“, however this one method “It was an excellent to speak through you”.C’était un plaisir de parler avec toi – this way “It to be a pleasure speaking come you”, and also another sport of “Ca m’a fait plaisir de discuter avec vous“.

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Je suis enchantée de faire votre connaissance – one more highly formal means of saying Nice to fulfill you in French. This one way ‘I am happy to have actually made her acquaintance”.Mes homages, madame – This is the French method of saying “Nice to accomplish you” and usually followed by a kiss come the hand. That is exclusively used when addressing one old lady. This expression loosely translates to “My pleasure/ honor to meet you” 

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