Hi everyone! Sharing one interesting tool through you for Need for Speed Carbon. This tool allows you to unlock some bonus cars and make the easily accessible in career mode. But the most awsome thing that it doesn is, it enables you to unlock everyone"s favorite BMW M3 GTR in career mode, so you deserve to play it and also beat the game via it! Yes, you readed it best, many thanks to this tool, you can now beat NFS Carbon through BMW M3 GTR from the start. So yeah, if you always wanted to do that, then below is a opportunity for you to perform it. Enjoy :)IMPORTANT: I tested this tool on variation 1.2 of the game. So i can"t guarantee you that it will certainly occupational through other versions. But you deserve to attempt it out to see if it will certainly.How to install and also use:1. Downfill this tool and unpack Editor folder everywhere you want, and ARazor conserve file folder in to My Documents/NFS Carbon/ folder.2. LaunchNFSCSaveEditor.exe to open up this tool and also to start functioning through it.3. In this tool"s home window, press on Browse and choose your ARazor profile, which you copied in to My Documents/NFS Carbon/ folder and also it must present your save"s profile name in the list listed below, in the window of this tool. And if it does not, then rebegin the tool.4. Now, pick that profile name in that list area below and also press on EDIT. And in new opened up home window you have the right to check or uninspect cars and also stuff, that you wanted to unlock, just how a lot money you wanted to have actually and also stuff like that. So go and inspect or uncheck any kind of of stuff that you desire to unlock and then press on SAVE FILE to conserve the changes.5. Now go to TOOL alternatives in this tool"s window, and in brand-new opened home window pick CD vital from the left field, copy it and insert it in to best field and after that press on FIX function to accept the changes. After that push on SAVE CHANGES to conserve your transforms.6. Now close this tool, start your game, go tou your Career mode and push on Continue Career. Not on pack, not on save, however on Continue. And after that you must view your BMW M3 GTR standing best in your garage. And you have the right to now beat this game through BMW M3 GTR from the begin of the career mode.NOTE: The prologue of the game will be skiped after you install all this. And you will begin after the prologue, in the garage, if you did every little thing appropriate, and also if this tool functions for you.WARNING! If you did every little thing best and game says that your conserve file wasn"t uncovered, then close the game, delete your save file and also execute whatever aacquire. Causage, occasionally this tool functions from the first attempt and occasionally it does not. So attempt to install all this stuff aobtain, till you gain it to occupational.ANSWERING THE QUESTION THAT YOU PROBABLY HAVE:Q: Can i develop my own conserve file and also then modify it via this tool to unlock what i want?A: No, you can"t.

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And i don"t know why, yet without that save file that is in arhive through this tool, you can not do anything. I mean, this tool does not permit you to edit your own conserve file and i don"t understand why.