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1 While browsing "The Charlotte", Ben and also Ian discovered the meerschaum pipe in among the shooting powder barrels. While they to be trying to number out what the proviso "iron pen" meant, Shaw retained insisting the it was a(n) what?
Answer: prison show figured that since prisons space made of steel bars, it must have meant the following clue remained in a prison. They later on figured that "iron pen" supposed a contract. The statements of self-reliance is what the rest of the clue words engraved on the pipeline led them to.
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Who was chasing Ben when he ran top top the peak of a building, and also had come stop due to the fact that he couldn"t gain off?

2 whereby is the complying with clue revealed: "The legend writ, the stain affected, the crucial in quiet undetected, fifty-five in steel pen, Mr. Matlack can"t offend"?
Answer: Meerschaum pipe on the Charlotte After taking the pipe apart, while aboard the Charlotte, Ben notices elaborate carvings ~ above the stem that the pipe. To check out what the carvings depict, Ben cuts open up his finger to usage his blood as ink to roll on the stem that the pipe. When Ben rolfes the pipeline onto paper it reveals the abovementioned quotation. The copy of "Common Sense" that Ben steals indigenous his father only reveals that Ben knows his father"s secret hiding location for money.
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3 Knights indigenous which crusade discovered mystery vaults comprise treasure, i beg your pardon were covert under a temple?

Answer: an initial We discover this out together Ben"s grand is telling the story behind the treasure. Prior to the knights discovered the treasure, it had been missing for end a thousand years.
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Answer: Patrick when the FBI got into Patrick"s residence after Ben, Riley and Abigail left, one of the police police officers told the chief the the car stolen was registered to Patrick Gates.
Answer: Cage Ben gateways is a brilliant man, search the can be fried treasure that has been gathered throughout history, and was surprise by the signers of the statements of Independence.
6 once "The Charlotte" caught fire and also Ian locked Ben and Riley inside, what part of the delivery did they escape through?

Answer: The smuggler"s hold. A smuggler"s hold is a cargo trunk that is hidden in the bottom of particular ships come hide items being smuggled right into foreign countries from the authorities. ~ escaping, castle then had to walk several miles with the eye to discover transportation back home.
7 What is the souvenir item that Ben buys in the gift shop of the national Archives building that costs him $35.00 plus tax?

Answer: Duplicate the the declaration of independence Ben says, "A souvenir. I assumed it can be a great idea to have a duplicate, turns out ns was right. Actually, I had to pay for the genuine one and also the duplicate, for this reason you fan me $35, add to tax." Abigail fan him the money for the duplicate due to the fact that she loser it come Ian once she is hanging turn off the door of the catering truck. Ben being the good guy the he is, never ever actually collects the money indigenous Abigail, probably since they autumn in love by the finish of the movie. The souvenir the Ben is speaking of is a duplicated copy of the explanation of freedom that that buys in the national Archives Building"s gift shop. The new England existing is the newspaper that Benjamin Franklin it is registered the silence Dogood letter to, due to the fact that this to be the file run by his brother. Franklin had pretended to it is in a middle-aged residence wife in stimulate to have his ideas published in the file anonymously.
8 What was the surname of the temple where knights discovered the treasure, which became known as the sweetheart of the Knights Templar?

Answer: temple of Solomon We also find this out in the story the Ben"s grandfather tells him. As soon as the knights from the very first Crusade uncovered the treasure, they brought the treasure back to Europe and also took the surname "The Knights Templar".
Answer: Charlotte at the beginning, his grandfather told Ben the "The secret lies v Charlotte". Ben figured out the location of the Charlotte and also eventually uncovered the word "CHARLOTTE" under the ice.
Answer: Voight Voight play Patrick gates in the movie. Patrick entrances abandoned the idea that the visibility of the treasure. However, when Ben"s grandfather told him around the story behind the treasure, Ben garbage his dad"s belief about there no being any type of treasure.
11 What was the surname of the mrs Ben and Riley had actually a meeting v to allow her understand Ian was planning on thefts the Declaration?

Answer: Abigail follow Dr. Abigail Chase functioned as a curator in ~ the national Archives. Abigail walk not think that the Declaration might be stolen because it was so securely protected. As soon as Ben and also Riley said her about the hints on the pipe and she inquiry to view it, they told her they shed it. She then asked sarcastically, "Did Bigfoot take it it?" She later obtained kidnapped through Ian and also helped Ben and also Riley find the treasure.
12 What is the alias the Ben offers Abigail, when he and also Riley re-publishing their comes to for the security of the declaration of self-reliance at the nationwide Archives Building?

Answer: Paul Brown Ben gates gives the surname Paul Brown since "the name gates is not an extremely highly respected in the academic community." as Abigail claims after the chase scene, "Gates, you"re that family with the conspiracy theory around the establishing fathers." She would never have believe him if he had presented himself as his true identity. They never give any clues come as where he come up v his alias though.
13 The Knights Templar smuggled the treasure indigenous Europe into the new World. The Knights Templar formed a brand-new brotherhood the was recognized as what?

Answer: free Masons They called themselves complimentary Masons, in respect of the builders of the good temple. At the moment of the Revolutionary War, the complimentary Masons hid the sweetheart again. In ~ the time, Masons had such famous civilization as Paul Revere, George Washington, and also Benjamin Franklin.
Answer: Escaping chef Sadusky told Ben the choices of punishments because that stealing the explanation of Independence. "Door number one, you walk to prison for a really long time. Door number two, we gain the Declaration earlier and you walk to prison for a an extremely long time". Ben called the FBI that he had uncovered Door Number Three and also was walk to take it, but he was just bluffing.
Answer: Riley Riley is a tech nerd. Ian is the "leader" of the competitor group. Riley and Ben barely make it out of the Charlotte prior to it explodes.
Answer: saxony German While talking to Abigail about Ian"s setup to stealing the Declaration, Ben guessed that her accent was Pennsylvania Dutch. She corrected him by speak "Saxony German".
17 after ~ Ben jumps from the U.S.S. Intrepid right into the Hudson, where is it that he end up once he comes up indigenous the water?

Answer: new Jersey He end up in new Jersey whereby Ian"s men offer him new clothes and also put the in a vehicle to take to Ian. He is taken to brand-new Jersey when in the river due to the fact that Ian and his guys do not want to get recorded or have actually Ben caught. Shedding Ben would certainly mean losing the treasure. Due to the fact that they start in brand-new York for this component of the movie, they would obviously not finish up whereby they had begun. Pennsylvania is not obtainable via the Hudson, and Parkington roadway is a person"s grave that they are trying to find when they reach Trinity Church in ~ the edge of Heere and Wall.
Your options: < Shield and also two swords > < loose pyramid > < All-seeing eye > < Compass and also 90 degree ruler >
Answer: Shield and two swords
miscellaneous symbols that the Knights Templar/Free Masons were on clues in bespeak to aid identify them. Mason symbols, such together the all-seeing eye and unfinished pyramid, space on the united state $1 bill.
19 as soon as Ben and also Riley were telling Abigail about the treasure, she asked for proof of their evidence. They had none. That did she assume took it?

Answer: Bigfoot Ben required to call someone that Ian was going to steal the Declaration, so they went in to view Abigail utilizing the name Paul Brown and also Bill. Ben said her the someone was going to steal the Declaration. Ultimately Ben called Abigail he believed that there to be an invisible map top top the back. Abigail request Ben why he thought there to be an invisible map, and also he said that castle had found a 200-year-old pipe v an inscription. She asked because that the pipe and they didn"t have actually it. She inquiry "Did Bigfoot take it it?". Ben then stood up and left.
20 Look at the surname of world in the gates family: Benjamin Franklin Gates, thomas Jefferson Gates, and also John Adams Gates. Keeping these surname in mind, what is Patrick"s (Ben"s father) center name?

Answer: Henry Patrick Henry was an important person in the American Revolution. "Give me liberty or give me death" is Henry"s most renowned quote.
21 in ~ the national Archives Gala, Ben do a toast through Abigail and a colleague of hers. What did the toast to?

Answer: High treason High treason is what the men were committing as soon as they signed the statements of Independence. It sounded much better to Abigail once he defined it come her.
22 "Okay, Ben, pay attention. I"ve lugged you to the Library that Congress. Why? since it"s the greatest library in the world. End 20 million books. And they"re all saying the same precise thing". What is it the they room all saying, follow to Riley?

Answer: listen to Riley "Listen to Riley" is what every one of these books and also documents space saying follow to Riley. Small does Riley know that Ben has actually a arrangement of his very own to stealing the record involving the conservation room, i beg your pardon Riley to trust is for "delicious jams and jellies". Riley is less optimistic about finding the treasure than his companion ~ above this expedition. Ben"s family members has searched for generations before and is not about to let any kind of obstacle stand in their means now the they have acquired so far.
23 once Ben was assessing the best method to steal the statements of Independence, he uncovered that the finest time come steal that was when it to be where?

Answer: In the preservation room The preservation room is whereby documents and their casings space cleaned/repaired. There is much much less security here than where the statements is ~ above display.
24 Ben very first went round to his father"s house with Riley and Abigail come tell him that he had a problem. What was his father"s an initial guess at what his difficulty was?

Answer: Abigail to be pregnant Ben had to walk to his dad"s house to hide native the FBI, look for the map on the Declaration, and get the silence Dogood letters. When Ben, Riley and Abigail landed on Patrick"s door, Ben stated "Dad, I"m in trouble" and also his dad thought that he supposed Abigail was pregnant. She was rather offended by this remark, therefore Ben responded "If she is, would certainly you leaving the mommy of her grandchild out in the cold?" Patrick permit them in, and also left Abigail feeling fat.
25 In 1832, Charles Carroll (96 years of age and also the last making it through signer that the statements of Independence) provided Thomas gates the first clue to the treasure. That told him the the mystery lies with what?

Answer: Charlotte Thomas entrances was just ten years old in ~ the time and also was control Carroll"s carriage. That drove Carroll to the White home to provide a blog post to Andrew Jackson, but Jackson was not there that night.

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