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Bids cannot be retracted making use of this feature. Please contact mmsanotherstage2019.com to learn around retracting a bid.


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article Description: analyze descriptionNational ordnance M1 carbine serial number 7473 .30 cal v 20 round magazine
Internet Premium : 15%Participation Requirements: Valid credit Card forced for bidding approvalPayment Options: Visa, MasterCard, wire Transfer, and CashVisaMasterCardPayment Instructions: CASH, wire Funds, credit card w/ convenience dues of 4%A credit transaction card is required to bid in ~ this auction and also is just for VERIFICATION functions ONLY!!All Sales final. Full payment due in ~ 24hrs that auction completion. Please allow our office approx. 12 hrs to email all successful bidders invoice and wire instructions.Seller is completely responsible for all shipping and Packaging.For Trucking and also or shipping estimates please call Hahn Auctioneers, Inc. Money Type: USDShipping Instructions: every shipping costs & arrangements room the SOLE obligation of the buyer. Call Hahn Auctioneers, Inc. Because that shipping questions. All shipping costs are buyers responsibility. Please call us through shipping questions. Brian Wuthrich 574-268-4940.Preview date & Times: Friday, march 13th indigenous 11 A.M. - 3 P.M.Checkout day & Times: Checkout: every ITEMS have to BE paid FOR and REMOVED BY march 20th. Because that shipping arrangements please call Brian Wuthrich at 574-268-4940.Location: 401 S Oakland Avenue, Nappanee, IN 46550Driving Directions:
TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. All sales final. No bidder might retract a bid made during the revenue for any type of reason.2. Payment is due immediately upon completion of the Auction. All payments have to be in the kind of cable funds, cash, credit transaction Card or certified funds unless various other arrangements have been approved in advance of the auction. Cash payments will be report according to U.S. Federal federal government Requirements.3. All sales are “AS IS” and “Where Is”. Bidder is responsible for inspections and also verification that condition, authenticity, and completeness of any type of item purchased. No warranties or representations of any form whatsoever room made through Hahn Auctioneers, Inc. Statements published in catalogs, brochures, online, signs, and also verbal statements make by auctioneers or employee are depictions made by the Seller and also Hahn Auctioneers, Inc. Has no duty to verify or authenticate any kind of such cases or representations. Any kind of announcements make at the moment of the revenue supersede any kind of earlier printed matter or statements.4. The person who lives is responsible because that all hazard of lose or damage automatically upon acquisition of the item. All items purchased should be removed from the auction website at the buyer’s price by posted removal date. If not removed by that day , Hahn Auctioneers, Inc. Will eliminate the item through all costs of relocating & storage to be paid by the buyer.5. Final bid price does not incorporate buyer’s premium or applicable taxes on every lot. Buyer is responsible come pay all city, state or various other taxes due for which the buyer does no qualify together exempt. Evidence of exemption is buyer’s responsibility. All personal checks need both approval through Hahn Auctioneers, Inc. And also must be accompanied v a financial institution letter of guarantee for the quantity purchased.No lots may be removed until the conclusion the the Auction, although invoices are accessible for payment at any time. Finish PAYMENT IS forced ON sale DAY. NO equipment OR related ITEMS might BE removed UNITL finish PAYMENT IN full IS RECEIVED. All items are available AS IS, whereby IS, there is no WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER, even if it is EXPRESSED, include OR STATUTORY in devices of measure as announced at the time of sale. No claim will be considered for allowance, adjustment or rescission of any type of sale based upon the failure of the building to correspond to any particular standards or expections of the buyer. Our catalog and other heralding material are listed for continuity of the Auction. The description in the magazine or oral opinions are listed for informational purposes only. That is the duty of the the person who lives to ascertain, by his own means, the correctness of year and also model and also equipment options/accessories before bidding.There is a 5% Buyer’s Premium on all web bids v mmsanotherstage2019.com. Indiana Sales. Payment by Cash, Certified Check, wire transfers. Letter need to be on bank Letterhead, consisting of your name, dollar lot of guarantee and the expiration date of the letter. Letter can not be much more than 5 daysold. No financial institution or credit transaction union explanation or credit transaction card statement space accepted.Persons attending are informed that an Auction site is a possibly dangerous place. Every human at the Auction website before, during and also after the auction sale shall be reputed to be over there at his or her very own risk with notification of the problem of the premises. Full Terms posted at revenue Site.
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