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This page consists of Naruto: route of the Ninja 2 cheats perform for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which contains 2 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 3 secrets. Us hope details that you"ll find at this page assist you in play Naruto: route of the Ninja 2 on Nintendo DS platform. If girlfriend didn"t find needed cheats placed request or questioning question about this at special section of the game. Likewise you can subscribe top top all brand-new cheats the we"ll discover for you in the future!

Some characters you unlock By either Winning matches,Getting wi-fi points,or by getting regional cards

Unlockable:How come unlock:HakuGet 10 local cardsJiraiyaPlay 10 rounds(doesn"t matter win or lose)Nine-Tailed Naruto (OTK)Get 100 Wi-fi pointsSasukeWin at least 1 wi-fi enhance then talk to the guy next to AnkoSasuke Second-StateGet 30 regional cardsTsunadePlay 20 rounds(doesn"t issue win or lose)

Go to where the moya world are. The space harder than consistent shinobi hence neaning the they give more EXP. Lug The 3rd Hokage, iruka and the people/person that you desire to level up. Have Iruka Be formation leader. Many thanks to this i now have actually every character and also the ones v levels room all 99. Are afraid me for ns am Haku!

This is just how to unlock 2 personalities in the game. I have actually seen many false Konohamaru codes almost everywhere the internet for people to get both easily. So, I"m going to article the means I and also several friends obtained ours.

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Also if you ever want a Sasuke or any type of other awesome personality cards go trade a card v someone rather after they supplied theirs. It has actually no usage after girlfriend unlocked them. So you might as well trade it friend stingies.

Unlockable:HowGuy(Gai)After you loss the game"s mainstory, there will be a conversation in Kakashi"s house. Guy and also Kakashi room doing your usual ruckus and also both decision they want to join. Select Guy(Gai). Go to her items and click use. Scroll down to till you see Guy(Gai) Ninja info card. Then usage it and also it will tell girlfriend he has joined.KakashiAfter you defeat the game"s mainstory, there will be a conversation in Kakashi"s house. Guy and Kakashi space doing your usual ruckus and both decide they desire to join. Select Kakashi. Walk to her items and click use. Scroll down to until you see Kakashi Ninja details card. Then usage it and it will certainly tell friend he has joined.

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BothEither gain a friend, Wi-fi partner or second ds and Path that the Ninja 2. Make certain they have additionally beaten the story mode and have the opposite map of you and trade cards. Make certain you provided the cards very first and climate trade! This is the only means I know for sure how to perform it.