Springfield is among the most typically used city names in the entire United States. Pictured here: Springfield, Missouri. Editorial credit: mrcmos / Shutterstock.com.

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with a nation as huge as the US, the stands to factor that some of the city and town names can be repetitive over time. This list takes a look in ~ the most common names in the country and the factors for your popularity.


With 88 different cities and also towns throughout the country named Washington, this name takes first place. Given that the an initial president that the United claims was George Washington, the reality that for this reason many neighborhoods have honored that in this method is no surprise. The most famed city with this surname is Washington DC, the resources of the country.


Springfield comes in second place with 41 different cities and also towns sharing its name. The an initial place through this name was founded in 1636, Springfield, Massachusetts. The was named after Springfield in Essex, England. George Washington established the national Armory here and also later it became a civilization leader during the commercial Revolution. Today, the Simpsons television display is set in a Springfield.


Number 3 top top the list is Franklin. 35 various cities and also towns have actually this name. This surname is the 2nd name on the list that is used to honor among the founding fathers. Benjamin Franklin played an essential role in shaping the joined States. Some of his many achievements include helping to draft the declaration of Independence, promoting colonial unity, serving as united state Ambassador to France, and establishing the an initial national communication network via the postal service.


Next, top top the perform is Greenville, through 30 city and also town names. Among the oldest cities with this surname is Greenville, southern Carolina, i m sorry was started in 1786. The surname was acquired from the lush, eco-friendly appearance of the surroundings. Today, there is also a Greenville on the various other side of the country in California!


There space 29 Bristol’s in the US and also owes its popularity to the Bristol that England, among the country’s most economically important cities. Some of the famous places in the US through this surname are located in Virginia, Tennessee, and Connecticut. Bristol, Tennessee is taken into consideration the birthplace of country music.


Clinton is tied v Bristol at 29 places in the country, 3 of this are located in new York state. The name appears to have spread in popular after Dewitt Clinton, a united state senator, and also governor of brand-new York. His greatest legacy was the building of the Erie Canal.


The following most famous city name is Fairview. The origin of Fairview name is no clear though several places mention it as referring to the scenery which gives a “fair view”. The Fairview located in Utah was one of the very first towns in the state come be created by Mormon settlers.


Salem is one more common surname in the US and also has been assigned to 26 cities and also towns all over the country. The most famous of this is Salem, Massachusetts, which organized the 1692 witch trials. These trials were responsible for the court-ordered death penalty of 14 innocent women and also six males who had been accused the witchcraft. The use of the Salem name spread once people worked out into new areas and used the name of their previous home.


The next ar on the perform is Madison v 24 different cities transporting the name. This name is popular due to the 4th president that the nation, James Madison. His greatest legacy is having participated in drafting the united state Constitution and also the bill of Rights. He also worked closely with George Washington to organize the brand-new federal government. One of the most famed places is Madison, Wisconsin, the state’s capital.


Last, ~ above the perform is Georgetown. This name has actually been recurring in cities and also towns 23 times. Among the countless Georgetown’s, today, is a community in Washington, DC and also was established by George Gordon and George Beall around 1745. There are antagonistic views regarding whether the city was called for lock or the then-King George II the England. It has actually inspired the exact same city name throughout the country.

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