There are some female friendships that are about seeing each other at social events, putting our best foot forward, and being nice and cordial. However, the most beautiful female friendships are the ones where you can be utterly gross and weird together.

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These are some of the things you probably do with your female friends if you have female friendships of the latter kind.

Talk through bathroom stalls.


Women going to the bathroom in groups might be a common joke, but it is something that happens for real. What’s more is that we do talk to our friends through the stalls while pooping.

 Get waxed together.


You might not know what your vagina exactly looks like because you can’t see it, but your bestie who accompanies you to your bikini waxes does. In fact, she is also familiar with the screaming and crying that happens during a much-delayed wax session! This practice of witnessing each other’s hair getting pulled out is something that only leads to a unique and unbreakable bond.

 Compare and touch each other’s boobs.


Women do touch each other’s boobs non-sexually to compare them. Some are uneven, some are saggy, some nipples are decidedly odd—but in female friendship land, it’s all a part of the sisterhood.

 Pluck blackheads and ingrown hair together.


The satisfaction that comes from doing disgusting things like these might seem unladylike, but with our best friends, none of us feels the need to be graceful images of perfection. Plus, only another woman can understand the satisfaction of having smooth skin after pulling out a particularly large ingrown.


Share cringe worthy fantasies.


You can’t tell your boyfriend about the beach wedding you’ve got all planned out in your head for the two of you for fear of sounding creepy AF, but you sure can tell your best friend! Plus, who else would listen to your specific wishes about the exact kind of proposal you want (even though you don’t even have a man) without judging you, but your best friend?


Talk about shit. Literally.


Discussing the nature of our faeces is common amongst female humans who are extremely close to each other, the same way that taking a close look at each other’s disgusting pimples and feeling each other’s breasts to check for lumps is. If best friends don’t look out for each other’s good health, who will?


Discuss sex positions.


If you think your girlfriend hasn’t discussed your sex life with her girlfriends, you’re a bit delusional. We like telling each other stuff, and we like learning new things from each other in the process. Teaching each other about sex is a primary component of girl code. I mean, some women even learn to kiss from their female friends, if Cruel Intentions is anything to go by.


Overanalyse all contact with the opposite sex.

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Women do sometimes see a man smile at them and start planning babies in their head. However, the only person who is privy to this information is their best friend, who will not judge them for this. In fact, she will probably join in and overanalyse with you.