This to be my son’s favorite scripture when he was around 5 year old —  “And my father dwelt in a tent.” He provided quite a talk around that city in Primary. Civilization came approximately me afterwards, amazing by his small discourse.

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In the publication of Mormon, as Nephi recounts his life, he shares stories of his family’s relocate from their residence in Jerusalem to their nomadic lifestyle in a tent. He talks about it often. Ns counted 22 time in that very first book of Nephi where he mentions this tent-living. Lehi left his property, his inheritance, his gold and his silver and his precious things and took only his family, part provisions and also those tents. I have thought about that — the tent living. And also their willingness to execute it. Also though Laman and also Lemuel complained (and Sariah at one time too) — they all left your home and also gold.

But really, leaving my home and also precious things and also go live in a tent? I have learned to let walk of some points — I marketed my gold jewelry – as soon as I required the money. However leaving my residence to live in a time or a van under by the flow — seems difficult. Of food Lehi may have actually traveled in ~ times and maybe he had actually a nice time set-up. In fact, the scriptures have many instances of people living in tents. However, he may have actually been the city dweller i beg your pardon was different than the Bedouin dweller, and also maybe that’s why Nephi makes the distinction:
To an Arab, “My father dwelt in a tent” states everything. “The present inhabitants the Palestine,” write Canaan, “like your forefathers, are of 2 classes: dwellers in villages and cities, and the Bedouin. As the life and habits the the one course differ from the those of the other, so execute their houses differ. Homes in villages are constructed of sturdy material; . . . Top top the other hand, Bedouin dwellings, tents, are an ext fitted because that nomadic life.”
So through the announcement that his “father dwelt in a tent,” Nephi serves notice that he had assumed the desert method of life, as perforce he should for his journey. Any kind of easterner would appreciate the significance and also importance of the statement, which to us seems practically trivial. (Hugh Nibley, Lehi in the Desert)
Nephi says that his father to be thankful because that this move — for this move right into a tent, thankful that he left every his wealth and also moved into a tent. After ~ traveling three days, he claims his dad pitched the tent by a river, developed an altar, do an offering, and gave many thanks to God. Yea, he was thankful for this complicated move, because it saved his life — human being wanted to kill him, and also his city to be going to it is in destroyed. It was 600 B.C. And also true to his dream, Lehi and also his family members did to escape the Babylonian devastation of Jerusalem, the Kingdom that Judah, in 587 B.C. By Nebuchadnezzar II.
I have actually thought come be more thankful for the points that don’t at first look all the great. The mr sees the larger picture, and also if i trust him, it will certainly all job-related out.


A Star in the West of a Humble attempt to uncover the long Lost, Ten tribes of Israel Preparatory, come their return to their lovely City, Jerusalem (by Elias Boudinot, published in 1816)
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