It’s one of the worst fears every pet owner has. Friend come home to discover torn increase gum wrappers ~ above the floor and also a puppy-eyed dog staring up in ~ you. If this has never occurred to you, you’re probably thinking “Oh no, my dog ate gum, what must I do?”

There room so many things that room perfectly safe for us to consume however if your dog eats it, he could get serious hurt. And also it’s not choose you can explain to a dog what will and will no hurt him. They are naturally curious and constantly looking because that something tasty come eat.

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Plus, if they check out you eating coco or chewing gum, chances are they are going to be extra curious about do the efforts it the end themselves. Therefore finding the end that her dog ate gum go not average that you space a poor owner or you disregard him too much. The a typical situation.


With the in mind, though, your dog eat gum can actually it is in a serious cause for concern. But it could additionally be nothing to worry about at all. That probably isn’t making girlfriend feel any type of less anxious. Therefore let’s dig a small deeper into this vital topic.

A quick Warning

Since this is a instance where serious cases are very, really serious, that worth putting a quick warning here prior to we get into the topic:

If her dog really did eat gum simply now and you recognize for a fact that it to be sugar cost-free gum, prevent reading this post and take your dog come the vet best now. Friend can continue reading the write-up while you room waiting in ~ the vet.

Otherwise, keep reading so that you understand what you should and what to look for later on if her dog ever eats gum. You’ll recognize why it could be so urgent once you gain to the end.

Why You require to examine the ingredient in her Gum

On the bright side, if you chew regular, sugary gum, girlfriend don’t need to worry. The gum will pass v your dog’s device without issue. The problem comes with sugar complimentary gum.


Most brands use an artificial sweetener called xylitol in your sugar free gum to provide it that sweetness. Xylitol is entirely safe because that you come consume but, unfortunately, even little amounts deserve to be deadly to her dogs.

The human body deserve to tell the difference between real sugar and xylitol so as soon as xylitol enters our systems, it doesn’t release any type of extra insulin. However, a dog’s body doesn’t understand the difference. When it look at xylitol, the assumes the is sugar and starts releasing a bunch the insulin to procedure the sugar.

But because it isn’t in reality sugar, the insulin can’t carry out anything come it. This method all that extra insulin simply starts working on everything sugar is there and also it starts breaking it down means too quickly.

So your dog’s blood sugar levels will certainly drop rapidly. This is what bodies use to fuel everything so when it is too low, it have the right to start come wreak havoc on the totality body.

Xylitol Toxicity symptoms to Watch out For

The symptoms of xylitol toxicity will start to show up about 10-15 minutes after her dog ate the gum. For this reason if friend come residence and an alert your dog acting especially unusual, examine if any type of of his behavior matches the symptom below. If so, it likely way he recently ate sugar free gum and also needs to be required to the vet.

The symptoms that you want to watch the end for include:

Loss of coordinationVomitingFaintingSeizuresLiver failureInternal bleeding

The critical two room not really something you deserve to see simply by spring at her dog but they are significant symptoms that might be deadly for your dog if not treated. Therefore if friend do notice any the the first 4 symptoms in her dog, over there is a opportunity that the is likewise experiencing the last 2.


The longer xylitol is in her dog’s system, the an ext damage it will cause. If left untreated for also long, it may even kill your dog. This is why that is so vital to take her dog come the vet as soon as you notice these symptoms.

It is even far better if you can gain them come the vet before the symptoms begin (but the is only feasible if you record your dog immediately after the ate gum.

What to expect at the Vet

When you gain to the vet, you might be emotion panicked because you recognize this is serious. The is important to remain calm. Through treatment, your dog has a an extremely high chance of survival. The danger of xylitol toxicity is in leaving it untreated.

So below is what you need to expect as soon as you acquire to the vet:

Because this is an urgent problem, the vet will more than likely skip the diagnosis stage and start treatment immediately. Make sure this happens by stating “xylitol toxicity” or even just “my dog ate sugar free gum” native the beginning.The vet is walking to start by monitoring blood sugar levels in her dog really closely.The vet will make adjustments as required to stabilize your dog’s blood sugar.In many cases, the vet will shot to induce vomiting in her dog to shot and gain the gum the end of his system.
If the is not possible to obtain the xylitol gum out of his system, the will likely need to be hospitalized so that the vet can administer IV fluids, liver protecting medication, and keep monitoring and adjusting blood street levels. This will have to continue until the gum passes with his system.

All told, this can become a really expensive trip to the vet (especially if your dog requirements to it is in hospitalized). So shot to prevent this emotional and also financial stress and anxiety by being much more careful about her gum.

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Either move to a brand that does not have actually xylitol in that or do a strong effort to keep it in places that your dog definitely cannot reach.