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teens & Young Adult Drama


Novus, mine boyfriend claimed out that the blue. Well, yes. The is my boyfriend, as of now.

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"What did girlfriend say, Novus?" ns asked him v so much confusion. Ugh! right here we walk again. He constantly say those words, yet I can"t still to speak what that means. Ns am no interested to understand it, tho.

"Nothing, love. Exactly how was the ready for your debut tommorow?" he stated with a pure laugh on his lips yet his eye tell that he is no happy. 

"Ow! Ahmm... It to be good! Actually, I need to tell friend something. Speak yes, huh?" I claimed with puppy eyes, when playing v my hands. I hope he"ll agree.

"What is that first... Hmm?" he said and also pinched mine cheeks.

"John is coming morning for mine debut and I just wanna ask—" 

"Yes. Correct! Of course it"s okay." he stated without removing the smile on his lips.

"Ow em! thank you, love!" since of so lot happiness, I"ve jumped and also hugged the so tight.

"Woah. Woah. HAHA that"s enough for now, love. To make reservation that energy for tomorrow. Y-your love will certainly be there. So yes ... Haha. Her love will certainly be there, surely."


"OMG John! girlfriend can"t believe this!" I"ve dubbed John to notify him the Novus agreed come my—our plan.

John and I plan to be on the party tomorrow and to announce that we"re ultimately together, again. But it just so taken place that Novus only knew that john will pertained to the party, and also that"s it. I m sorry is not.

"What is it?"

"Novus agreed!"

"S-seriously? the was great? Let"s say it to mommy and—"

"Do girlfriend think it would be fine for him?" I"ve reduced him through those words.

"I don"t think so, however I think... Mine mom and also your household need to recognize that we are lastly together. I mean, again. I"m sure, they will certainly be happy. Besides, your mother really wants me because that you. She don"t want Novus come be your boyfriend. I know. And I"m sure..." that laughed, so ns asked him.


"I understand that friend don"t love him. So protect against pretending." he said and laughed, again.

"I needed him. Ns mean, I require someone next to me as soon as you weren"t around, right? It"s your fault, duh." i stopped and also think that what ns said, a 2nd ago. The was as well harsh—but it"s true.

"Hey, why so poor to Novus?" and we both laughed.


*Kring kring*

OMG! Is this because that real!? i am 18 years old, now!?

As I open my eyes, I witnessed the door opened. Novus stepped his feet slowly while looking at the ostrich of flower he to be holding. I climb up and also sit.

"Oh h-hi, love! I thought you"re still sleeping..."

"...sorry if I"ve interrupted your sleep and also just gotten in without knocking." the scratched his nape.

"It"s okay, love. Ahmm..." ns cleared my throat and also brushed mine hair with my bare hands. Ns rubbed my eyes after.

"Is over there something you"ll gonna call me?" that asked and bit his lower lip.

"It"s just... Man and—"

"Allure! oh my gosh! You are at her lega— Ow hi, Papa Novus!" we looked in ~ Perry, my gay friend together he walked v my room there is no knocking. Ugh! Is it on the tendency to just go into a private room without knocking?

"It seems like Perry wanna have actually some fun through you, so i guess I need to give you this." that handed me the bouquet of flower he was holding. He smiled and also held mine hand while providing it to me. His eyes appears to be irritated. Uhh, go he simply cried or something?

"Thank you, love. Ns love you." i grinned awkwardly and removed my hands from his grip.

"I love you also my dearest Allure. Ns really do."


"I"m gonna film this, love HAHA!" the guy said if hugging the girl so tight, yet looking at the camera.

"Hey, New! Look in ~ me. Don"t simply film it." the girl stated while hugging the guy, too. They have actually mud all over their body.


"...I love you mine dearest Tempty." 

"I love friend too, New. Yet y-you currently knew it. I love Juanito much more than I—" the man putted his finger on her lips to stop her from speak something.

"Shhh... I know, yet that doesn"t issue as lengthy as you are right here with me. I loved you. I love you. And also I will always love you, also if her love because that me wasn"t true."

"Awwwww" the guests on mine debut shouted. We"re the town hall a movie the Novus ready for my party.

"Okay guys. Say thanks to you because that paying attention on that wonderful movie. Currently the many awaited part of the party was about to start! room you all ready?"


I discovered a love

For me~

My favorite song played and also my dad danced with me and also then my brothers, and my friends. As Novus came near me the track changed.

Somebody said me you were leaving

I didn"t know~

"Hi mine dearest Allure. Friend know exactly how much I"ve waited for this time. It"s been a year..." that whispered together he hosted my waist and started a mellifluous dance through me. 

"I believed you"ll gonna it is in my critical dance." I stated with mine brows furrowed.

"Shhhh... Let me finish haha" that sniffed and also wiped his tears top top his tuxedo.

"Why are you crying Novus?"

Somebody called me

That girlfriend don"t want me

No more~

"You understand what my name means?" he asked, quiet crying.

"Hmm.. No" ns said and also shook my head.

"It method "new"..."


"Ow c"mon Novus! ns don"t recognize what go those words mean. You"ve never told me" I said while laughing. I tapped his shoulder lightly. 

"All things space changing, and we are transforming with them." 

"What execute you mean?" my brows furrowed again. 

"I knew around you and John."

My laugh faded and I was around to explain my side and say something however he stopped me.

"Shhh.. New and the girl on the movie to be real. The story was filmed ~ above the so late 80"s. The story to be true and... Lock died because of an accident b-but they were reincarnated on ours time."

Let me be the one 

To rest it up 

So you won"t need to make excuses~

"Novus..." a tear dropped indigenous eye, unexpectedly.

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"For the second time mine Queen, you made decision him..."

" ...but I will say it, again. I love you, my dearest Allure. Ns really do. And also I will constantly do. Ns wish you all the best. I finally welcomed our—my fate. Therefore b-be with him." he came closer to my ears and also whispered all at once with the lyrics of the song.