Lighters are an ext of a commodity to smokers who prefer having actually a handy and stylish light together it is something that they need to keep with them always. Design, the product of the exterior, lighting capacity are few of the attributes that include to the price of these lighters. Here we will list these lighters follow to their price suggest in ascending order.These space the many expensive lamp in the world starting from the shortest to the highest.

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10. Dunhill gold Apex

Dunhill is just one of the greatest names once it pertains to the smoking cigarettes industry. The is a agency that makes everything classy. Dunhill is likewise credited through the manufacturing of the an initial ever butane gas lighter. Gold apex was an anniversary edition whose exterior included 18 karat gold. This was a restricted edition influenced by Elvis Presley’s light and the firm only developed 50 of these lamps. It was offered for $13,000 hence in our most expensive list.

9. 1933 Zippo

Zippo is one of the most well known brand that produces medium to high priced lighters. Zippo started production lighters in 1933, and also this was your initial model. This old style even now is very popular amongst users. The was marketed for $18,000, it did no have any precious metal used in the making still it is one of the most costly lamp in the world.

8. Cartier watch lighter

Cartier go not need any introduction to any jewelry or watch fanatic. Cartier is a high-end brand specializing in the manufacturing of expensive jewelry and also watches. It produced through Cartier in among a sort which includes a watch in it. This high-end piece was made out of 18 karats actual gold and also had other precious stones ~ above its exterior. It was do in France which at that time was the summary of class and also was sold for $18,988 on eBay.

7. Faberge jeweled and white enameled lighter

This lighter was designed by the pioneer Henrik Wigstrom in his signature style. This intricate lamp to be handmade in the early 1900’s. It had actually a rectangular shape and also beautiful style which was no less than a vintage arts piece. It was decorated through jewels when the exterior to be white enameled. The was offered in 2010 because that $30,000.

6. Cartier black color enamel lighter with diamonds

This lighter by Cartier is pure class. It is other every arts lover would want. Handcrafted in Paris it was made the end of platinum. The exterior the the lighter is black enameled through one top corner being decorated v diamonds. The diamonds weigh 2.75 karats in total. This timeless item was sold for $34,375 in new York in 2013.

5. Zippo windproof lighter


Zippo is one all-time American favourite brand. It is not only the 5th most high value in the world but the most expensive one produced through Zippo ever. It was a treat come the customers on Zippos 75th anniversary. It came out in 2007 and also was one air and wind resistant lighter. This model of Zippo lighter was offered for $37,000.

4. Faberge yellow enamel

Faberge yellow enamel is every smokers dream. Handmade in the 1900’s by the maestro Vladimir Soloviev and also it is as graceful together it can yet. It has actually a yellow exterior that offers it the perfect touch of color. It was priced in ~ $65,650 once sold in 2011 and also was one of the most expensive to be ever sold in the world.

3. S.T. DuPont Ligne 2 Lighter

This document breaking lighter was came in four different colors to pick from. The colors were according to the product of the exterior. One was golden which to be made out of pure gold. One to be white made the end of white gold. Silver- made out of diamonds and also rose pink made the end of rose gold. The diamond on each weighed 5.2 karats. It also contained a equivalent pen and also it was sold for $79,000.

2. Faberge imperial table lighter

This stand in the list the 2nd most high-quality lighter in the world. It was made in the shape of a monkey in silver color. This can be a classy option for the pocket as well as the table. It was auctioned because that $136,000 i m sorry is way more than an average human would knife in years. That all pertains to the class which this lighter delivered.

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1. Jadeite Ashtray and also Lighter

This lighter is the most expensive one in the world. Numerous rank it as the ideal one in the world. It is not really suitable to be taken around in pocket together it is one ashtray and also lighter combined. That looks like an old royal item that has been slipped from part palace. Exterior is made out of silver, and the light have the right to be detached indigenous the ashtray if someone wishes to take it around. It retailed at $254,000 making the the highest view in the world.

Most high value Lighters – height Rated

Sr. No.NamePrice
1Jadeite Ashtray and also lighter$254,000
2Faberge royal table lighter$136,000
3S.T. DuPont Ligne 2 lighter$79,000
4Faberge yellow enamel$65,650
5Zippo windproof lighter$37,000
6Cartier black enamel lighter with diamonds$34,375
7Faberge jeweled and white enameled lighter$30,000
8Cartier watch lighter$18,988
91933 Zippo$18,000
10Dunhill gold Apex$13000