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They"re both grammatical:

Welcome is also a verb definition to receive or accept with pleasure. Formed into a past participle, which attributes as one adjective, that is welcomed.

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More is welcome is certainly the one friend want, because it indicates to the viewer that they space being target by the statement. More is welcomed, top top the other hand, sounds like a bare statement of fact that you currently accept more, without the exact same appeal come the separation, personal, instance viewer.


"More is welcomed" relates come the money being welcomed (greeted at the door), should it arrive."More is welcome" relates come the concept of "more" gift welcome (door is always open), need to it arrive or not. Also,

the an initial implies the you intend to say thanks to them as soon as they provide you money.the second is an ext in soul with the sentence: "Thanks, door"s open, just leave it on the table", for this reason not necessarily implying an prompt thank you.

"Welcome" is correct as it is the standard adjective.

"Welcomed" is a previous participle, which space often similar to the adjective form, however in this situation a different adjective exists, i.e. "welcome".


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