Molecular orbit (MO) theory explains the building of molecular orbit diagram on the communication of complying with main clues .

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1.Formation of MOs:

Atomic orbitals(AOs) linearly combine with each various other to form equal number of molecular orbitals (MOs).


2.Energy of MOs:

Half the the molecule orbitals (MOs) having power lower than the atom orbitals are called as bonding molecular orbitals (BMOs) while fifty percent of the molecule orbitals (MOs) having energy greater than the atom orbitals are referred to as as Anti-bonding molecular orbitals (ABMOs)

3.Total power remains conserved:

The complete energy the the MOs is constantly equal to the complete energy the combining atom orbitals.

Now let’s know !!

How to draw molecular orbital Diagram of Oxygen molecule (O2) ?

Oxygen (O2) molecule:

Oxygen atom has electronic configuration 1s2, 2s2, 2p4 .

Two p-atomic orbitals (one from every oxygen) atom integrate to form two molecule orbitals, the bonding molecular orbital σ2px and antibonding molecular orbit σ*2px. The other four p-atomic orbitals (two from every oxygen) atom incorporate to give 4 molecular orbitals, two bonding molecular orbitals i.e. π2py and π2pz, while two antibonding molecule orbitals i.e. π*2py and π*2pz. The electron pour it until it is full in these molecular orbitals follow aufbau, pauli exclusion principle and also hund’s rule.

Out of eight electrons six go to bonding molecular orbitals and two come the antibonding molecular orbitals. As electrons are also present in antibonding molecule orbitals for this reason weak bonds will certainly be formed.

Bond order = number of electrons in BMO – number of electrons in ABMO


Bond order = 6-2


Bond bespeak = 2

As bond order in Oxygen is 2 so two bonds i.e. Twin bond is formed between two oxygen atoms (O=O). Further more as there room two unpaired electrons in Oxygen molecule for this reason it is paramagnetic.

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Simplest trick to calculate Bond order :

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exactly how to draw molecular orbital Diagram that O2 9 in Urdu / Hindi)

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