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Miley Cyrus is stepping right into the following stage of she life. No much longer is she the crazy, impulsive show-stopper the she became after making it large in the music business. Cyrus is taking a ‘step-back’ method to life and also aiming to assist people gain through several of their darkest times. That seems, now can be better than ever, v the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on the world and people emotion the effects of isolation and also loss, whether that’s to love ones or employment.


For Cyrus, she was never about trying to garner headlines regarding just exactly how radical she was during performances. That was much more about the singer mirroring that she to be comfortable with who she was. Cyrus want that to trust vibe to obstacle off on various other women. The beratement she received following the 2013 VMAs only squandered she confidence, though.

“The worse point that I would feel prefer I would certainly be to my pan is lie or a fraud,” Cyrus explained to Lovato. “I felt like having this persona of being the many confident girl top top the planet was actually kind of fraud since I to be so insecure ~ above the inside that in my an individual life i wasn’t also wearing shower suits and shorts.”

Demi Lovato heard those comments and could yes, really resonate through them. Because that her, she was coerced into being who she wasn’t, especially as it comes to her body. She was preserved on a strictly diet by she team and also even cleared up to the point of exhaustion, all in the name of being ‘skinny’ and ‘easy on the eyes’. It to be a dark time for Lovato.

“My message was that ns was for this reason confident but in reality, ns was working out so much and also eating such a strict diet that i wasn’t confident,” she said. “Now ns feel like I’m more confident than I was ago then. And also I might be heavier than I was, but I’m an ext confident now. And that’s far better to me.”

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