The lore of the Spiral is extensive and honestly very intriguing. With so many worlds in Wizard101 and also Pirate101 with so much history, it’s hard to save track of when, what, and also why. In this article, I’m walking to attempt to mark down all the lore behind wizard City. If you find anything friend think i should include or something that is inaccurate, please let us recognize in the comments below.

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The production of magician City

The Spiral was when one collective world, named the first World, ruled by 3 elder races: the Fire Dragons, the Frost Giants, and also the Tritons (also well-known as the Storm Lords). Fighting in between these teams resulted in the devastation of the an initial World. An alert Bartleby climate sang the track of Creation, which placed the gyeongju to sleep and mended the now-shattered worlds.

Hailing indigenous Avalon, the magician Merle Ambrose and his owl companion, Gamma, found Bartleby and built magician City about him. Merle set up schools and hunted under the finest teachers to teach all the different species of magic, excluding Astral Magic and also Shadow Magic.

Bartleby, the grand Tree

Wizard City’s recent History

For centuries, magician City and also Ravenwood grew teaching young wizards the arts of magic. Every was well until Life Professor Sylvia Drake recorded a horrible, incurable disease. In spite of the efforts of wizards from approximately the Spiral as well as those indigenous her very own husband, the fatality Professor, Malistaire Drake, Sylvia at some point succumbed to her illness and passed away. Enraged and heartbroken, Malistaire descended right into madness, leave Ravenwood to seek dark method of resurrecting his wife… but not before ripping the fatality School indigenous the key campus, sending out it crashing under to Nightside much below.

Worried about what Malistaire could do come disrupt the order of the Spiral, Merle Ambrose and also Gamma searched the well-known universe to discover a young wizard to save the Spiral. Eventually, Merle found Earth, a distant planet wherein such notions that magic didn’t exist. Then, at lengthy last, he uncovered you.

Grandmother Raven

Wizard City fun Facts

Elik’s leaf is a clues in the Shopping district that ice wizards visit for a order quest. But why is it called as the is? it is named after an early student the Merle Ambrose named Elik. He to be a scandalous student, and when gone after after stealing items from neighborhood shops, the jumped off the edge, never to be watched or heard native again.Lydia Greyrose is the very first professor Merle Ambrose recruited, together she saved him from trouble in she homeland the Karamelle.The Drakes (Malistaire, Sylvia, and also Cyrus) used to teach all the Spirit colleges (Death, Life, and also Myth) prior to Sylvia’s death. Now, just Cyrus remains.

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That is all the known history behind wizard City and also Ravenwood. I’d love to see an ext about Merle Ambrose’s history, and much more dungeons like the 5 B.O.X.E.S that will give us much more insight ~ above the history of Ravenwood.

What go you find most interesting?What would you favor to see more touched upon?Tell us in the comments!