Road tripping in between two iconic cities is absolutely our idea that an exciting long weekend getaway. Whether we room leaving after work-related on Friday and coming back late Sunday evening or adding an extra job to do the many of a vacation weekend, detect an area wherein you have the right to maximize your time is miscellaneous we constantly love come explore. Because that those of friend that have yet to venture to the love of the States, specific the “Midwest” and “South”, girlfriend can generally find you yourself isolated given the distances between many bigger cities. However, if you check out our post on enjoy it a road pilgrimage from Memphis to Nashville, you will understand that there room some opportunities. We room delighted to introduce a similar entertaining trip, this time native Memphis come St Louis, Missouri.

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If girlfriend are analysis this write-up wondering why girlfriend would desire to explore both Memphis and also St Louis during a 2 or three-day weekend getaway, the an easy answer is due to the fact that you can! Sure, both the these historic locations room cities where you could easily spend number of days trying out on your own yet their reasonably close proximity to every ensures the they can be thought about exploring in the same trip. Even if it is you are visiting one of these from out of city or just live close to among these, we feel that the following post will offer you one idea of the must-see experience in each location in addition to some covert gems worth exploring along the route.


From the best BBQ point out in Memphis to the above Gateway Arch nationwide Park in St. Louis that has only freshly been designated v such status in 2018, over there is a myriad of factors to desire to discover both locations. But perhaps the lesser-known locations such together Cape Girardeau, Ste.Genevieve and also Arcadia Valley, amongst others, will certainly be an added selling point for experimenting this roadway trip. Let’s take it a look in ~ the different routes easily accessible along through why Memphis to St. Luigi is a trip we think girlfriend will want to discover for yourselves in the close to future!

Road pilgrimage from Memphis to St Louis

If you room looking for straightforward 4-hour drive in between two cities, the route along I-55 between Memphis, Tennessee and also St. Louis, Missouri couldn’t be lot simpler. That course, there are constantly a couple of options (albeit slightly longer) the you have the right to take, so ultimately it’s going come be under to an individual preference and exactly what you want to experience on the journey.

We space going to highlight the adhering to locations follow me this route, featuring few of the best things to execute in every spot.

Memphis, TNCape Girardeau, MOSte Genevieve, MOArcadia Valley, MOSt. Louis, MO

Let’s take it a look in ~ a couple of different choices and throughout the remainder of this post, we will certainly highlight several of the best things to perform regardless of which course you take.

I-55 – Quickest Option

Total distance – 283 milesDuration – 4 hours 7 minutes

If you setup on spending every one of your time exploring the an extremely best the Memphis and also St. Louis, the quickest course is clearly to take it I-55 directly in between the 2 cities. Friend will notification that there are a pair of point out along here such together Cape Girardeau, that room worth exploring yet for the many part, this option is certainly going to give you the optimal lot of time to suffer both significant cities.

Click below to open up Google Maps for step by action guided instructions

Arkansas/Arcadia valley – Scenic Option

Total street – 290 milesDuration – 4 hours 47 minutes

Visiting Missouri and also Tennessee ~ above this trip? Why not add Arkansas to the mix and also spend a little much more time in the herbal State prior to heading into the depths of the Arcadia Valley an ar of Missouri? If you love breathtaking organic scenery and also are to plan a loss road trip between Memphis and also St. Louis, we deserve to 100% attest that this is a course well precious considering.


The innate beauty the this region, provided that that is component of the Ozark Mountains, is something not to it is in missed. Setup on visiting the highest suggest in Missouri at Taum Sauk while experimenting other herbal gems such together Johnson’s Shut-Ins and many others. The real advantage of this route is that you can venture back across to I-55 if you want to explore some that the other urban places on this route.

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Things to do in Memphis

Memphis might well be renowned together being the birthplace that rock and roll, and also certainly for good reason, but there room plenty of various other reasons why Memphis have to be on your radar. If you room trying to experience some of the highlight attractions in a short period of time, we think that the following will provide you an eclectic sampling the the finest things to carry out in Bluff City.

From Beale Street to Graceland, indigenous the varied collection that thriving communities to a myriad of vibrant coffee shops, Memphis has actually something for everyone. We are going to emphasis on several of the best neighborhoods in Memphis that will certainly truly stand for the city and permit visitors the only have a quick time to get a actual feel the the culture and diversity there.

Of course, our suggestions are just a couple of ideas and there is absolutely plenty more to experience, dependent on an individual preference. Go you know that Memphis was house to more than likely the most distinctive Bass agree Shops anywhere in the US? “The Pyramid” is house to this outdoor sleeve store and can be discovered close come the Mississippi River.

Take a expedition to the summit the this iconic structure to excellent breathtaking scenes throughout the flow and also downtown Memphis. This is just one of countless unique “other” attractions that Memphis is renowned for.

Downtown Memphis

Located along the financial institutions of the Mississippi River, downtown Memphis is stacked complete of wealthy history. At the love of downtown Memphis is the top Beale Street. Generally renowned together the heartbeat that Memphis offered its lively arsenal of bars, restaurants, and also unique stores, Beale Street is an area every visitor needs to experience.

I would encourage you come visit both during the day and again in ~ night if possible as girlfriend will check out polar opposites. Transparent the day, Beale Street is commonly a relaxed environment with lot of of cleanup taking place (similar to Bourbon Street in new Orleans yet on a lesser scale) but home to a selection of places that remain residence throughout the day and long right into the evening.

Original, rare vinyl records can be discovered along Beale Street and also well, it’s not referred to as the “Home of the Blues” because that nothing. Memphis Music is a famous spot to find a plethora that Blues associated merchandise. Whatever from CD’s, vinyl, DVD’s and t-shirts have the right to be uncovered here.

If you pick to go back to Beale Street in the evening, be prepared to enjoy a range of vivid bars together as silky O’Sullivan’s (home come the “Drunk Goats”), Rum Boogie Cafe and many more.

South key Arts District

Just a brief drive (or trolley ride) from Beale Street is the eclectic ar of the South main Arts District. In terms of history and iconic locations, this is perhaps among the most notorious throughout Memphis. Because that those that room interested in civil rights history, the Lorraine Motel and also the nationwide Civil legal rights Museum room two landmarks friend won’t desire to miss. Known as the website for young name Luther King’s disastrous assassination, this is a poignant place that should be ~ above everyone’s radar as soon as heading to Memphis.

The story that the civil legal rights movement may be the prevalent topic the conversation in this component of Memphis however that shouldn’t take away from the other highlight attractions in this neighborhood. Examine out the Blues room of Fame for a deeper look in ~ the music step that has made Memphis such a warm spot for musicians over recent decades. If friend are ready to take a bite to eat or perhaps simply recharge her batteries through a decadent espresso, head end to Bluff City Coffee to enjoy a wide range of menu options.

Cooper-Young District

If friend are trying to find art, history, culture, and delicious cuisine every thrown into one neighborhood, watch no more than the Cooper-Young district of Memphis. The hatchet “hip neighborhood” springs to mind when in search of words to define this area the Memphis and it’s no surprise to hear the this is a famous spot because that locals and visitors alike.

Cooper-Young is among those areas where you desire to park her car and also walk about to discover the beauty, beauty of this neighborhood. Just enable yourself to gain lost among the metropolitan beauty of this area and also you will certainly be pleasantly surprised in ~ the varied blend that restaurants, boutique shops and many other attractive reasons to store you intrigued through the neighborhood.

Artisanal coffee shops are always a large selling point when we explore neighborhoods and Cooper-Young doesn’t disappoint, through Java Cabana and also Otherlands supplying two the the best coffee shops in Memphis.

Cape Girardeau

It’s same to say that experimenting the above Memphis neighborhoods will likely make girlfriend intrigued come explore much more of the city. However remember, this trip is all about making the many of your lengthy weekend getaway and exploring Memphis, St. Louis and also everything in between. The journey from Memphis come Cape Girardeau is about 2 1/2 hrs (172 miles) along I-55 but this is open minded the first worthwhile spot to stop and also explore if you pick to take it the federal government route discussed above.

This is the perfect ar to grab a bite come eat before continuing your journey through a repertoire of chain and also local restaurants to choose from. However, one of the finest things to carry out in Cape Girardeau is come head close to the banks of the Mississippi River and also enjoy the arsenal of street arts on display. The imagination of this murals is a real sight to behold and this ar is house to a range of both temporary and also permanent displays.

Ste Genevieve

For the background buffs the end there, probably the assumed of visiting the oldest permanent European settlement in the state the Missouri will be intriguing. Head to Ste Genevieve the dates back to 1735 to enjoy various historical landmarks in addition to modern-day attractions that will certainly appeal to all the family.

The environment-friendly Tree Tavern is the earliest vertical log building in the town dating ago to 1790 and also is an amazing sight. The Centre for French early american Life is a historian’s dream v plenty the artifacts and also exhibits offering a detailed look at beforehand French settlers in the area.

Whether you simply want to spend a few minutes exploring the historic structures in Ste Genevieve or want to discover all around the rich background here, it’s a place you should take into consideration visiting en course from Memphis to St. Louis. Located simply one hour from Cape Girardeau, this is another spot perfectly positioned to break up the drive, again ideally located if you are planning on acquisition the straight route follow me the interstate.

Arcadia Valley

Head far from the hustle and bustle that city life and driving along interstates to explore the Ozark an ar of Missouri, in particular, Arcadia Valley i m sorry is perfectly situated to endure while driving between Memphis and also St. Louis. Residence to Taum Sauk Mountain, the highest allude in Missouri in ~ 1,772 feet, Arcadia Valley has a plethora of the end adventures wait to be experienced.

Elephant Rocks State Park is an attractive area worth exploring as the is residence to a number of large granite boulders that collectively look like a group of elephants – hence the name! take it a quick drive v the scenic Ozark hills to come at Johnson’s Shut-Ins, house to assorted hiking trails and scenic overlooks by the river.

This area is the perfect relaxation spot and if you have actually time on her side, it’s definitely worth considering spending a half-day or even a full day trying out this component of Missouri. The see alone is worth the initiative of leave I-55 and we don’t think you will regret it.

Things to execute in St Louis

Be all set to invest at least a full day exploring the best of St. Louis. Similar to Memphis, you can quickly spend the totality trip in a location known as the “Gateway come the West.” among the attractive services of exploring St. Louis is that there space A many of cost-free (that’s right, you check out it correctly…FREE!) attractions across the city such as St. Luigi Zoo, Anheuser Busch Brewery amongst many others.

Visitors to St. Louis will understandably most likely want come visit the Gateway Arch, an iconic landmark in this part of the US. Be ready for a tight squeeze within the capsule the takes you to the summit of the arch but once you come at the top, the views throughout the Mississippi River into Illinois and downtown St. Louis room breathtaking. Choose out some of your favourite highlight attractions such as Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals and Gateway Mall.

Let’s take a look at at 3 of our favorite areas that will help give you an understanding into this beautiful city. If you want to explore St. Louis turn off the beaten path, this is certainly a great start!

The Hill

When it involves iconic areas in St. Louis, “The Hill” is probably the many infamous given that this is house to one eclectic arsenal of Italian restaurants and additionally where baseball great Yogi Berra grew up. From the world-class athletes come the vivid Italian influence in this area, The Hill is a component of St. Louis wherein you will instantly feel at home with trusted locals always willing to make you feeling welcome. You could easily it is in forgiven for thinking that you were in one Italian town v the quantity of red, green and also white paint everywhere.

But the background of The Hill is combined with 21st-century enhancements such together authentic coffeehouses, studios and boutique stores the make this a popular hangout clues not only for travellers but likewise locals that call St. Louis your home. Pizza is unsurprisingly the go-to cook in this component of St. Louis and if girlfriend are trying to find something various other than Italian cuisine, you would be far better suited to visit another component of the city. We always hear that plenty of restaurants lay case to having actually “authentic” cuisine but we would argue that “The Hill” has wealth that truly have the right to attest to having true Italian dishes.

Forest Park

Home of the St. Louis Zoo, woodland Park covers end 1,300 acres and also is a influential area that green an are in the heart of an urban environment. Forest Park is the perfect area come visit if you space looking to relax far from the hustle and also bustle the city life. Similar to Hyde Park in London and central Park in new York City, woodland Park plays an integral role in everyday life in St. Louis.

One of the most beautiful urban parks in the people — and one of the greatest public treasures that St. Louis

Aside indigenous the zoo i beg your pardon is certainly one of St. Louis’ to mark attractions given that over there is totally free admission, the park is home to a plethora that gorgeous ecosystems, beautiful landscapes complete of trees, lakes, and streams and also of course, a plethora of cultural institutions. It’s no surprise to hear that with 13 million annual visitors, this is the sixth most generally visited park in the US.

Delmar Loop

If “The Hill” is house to Italian cuisine, Delmar Loop is home to every little thing else. Because that those that you the are frequently indecisive once it comes to cuisine options, head end to Delmar Loop for a diverse selection of options ranging native BBQ, noodles, Mexican and also Korean cuisine to cite just a few. Hop top top a vintage trolley come meander follow me Delmar Loop, admiring the yes, really architecture and also planning where you want to visit when you have actually explored using this timeless public transportation.

Get ready to immerse yourself in ethnic and social diversity while exploring Delmar Loop. Fitz’s, America’s initial soda microbrewery have the right to be uncovered here and this is a must-see attraction. Enjoy a cream soda, root beer or one more flavor when watching the bottling that St. Louis’ acclaimed drink.

For an ext information top top the finest things to do in Delmar Loop, inspect out Visit The Loop.


Memphis and also St. Louis room two cities that us love visiting and also we hope the anyone plan a visit come this part of the us will choose to monitor this itinerary in bespeak to endure both. Over there is a unique beauty around both cities and also it’s only once you start trying out the communities away from the key tourist attractions the you really start to evaluate the innate quality of these cities.

Visitors from every corners that the globe will appreciate both Memphis and St. Louis yet we would argue the planning a lengthy weekend getaway to both is the ideal scenario, provided that you deserve to experience the beauty, beauty of Arcadia sink in the heart of Missouri. Us all hear about the stereotypical beauty beauty of the Appalachian Mountains, Yellowstone, and also Yosemite, however that must take nothing away from the Ozarks. An off the win path hidden gem and also one that deserves simply as much recognition.

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We hope the you will discover this itinerary beneficial and choose to monitor this in the near future – if you space planning a expedition to one of two people Memphis or St. Louis…or both, you re welcome let us recognize as they space both taken into consideration our “home cities” provided their close proximity to wherein we live.