I was terrified come melt pony beads in the oven. After acquisition a plastics course in college (yes, this communication major passed the course -woot!), ns was wondering:

Would melting pony beads smell bad? (it walk by the way. I’ll tell you just how to prevent at the bottom the this post)Would the beads actually melt and also at what temperature?Would the melted beads permanently adhere to mine baking sheet???

I had questions…

And, ns was pleasantly surprised v how simple it to be to melt pony beads.

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I’ll share a few advice that will *really* aid you at the end of the post.

Don’t miss out on that list!

But first, here’s how you can make our melted pony bead ornament because that kids!


So, what’s mine favorite component about this kid-made ornament?

You have the right to make it right now.

Once you have actually a couple of supplies, there’s small to no prep because that this project. If the children are itching to make something for the holidays, you have the right to make this ornament so easily and also it’s something that they love to add to the tree!

Psst…These would make lover gift tag too!

What You require for This Melted Pony Bead Craft

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Yarn or kitchen twineGlue gun


How to make a Melted Pony Bead handmade Ornament

Preheat your oven to 400 and line her baking sheet with aluminum foil location pony beads inside of the metal cookie cutter (DON’T usage plastic cookie cutters). Note: my daughter sorted our blues and clear for she snowflake colors before we started.Put the cookie cutter and also beads inside the oven.Melted for around 5-10 minutes and also check ~ above the beads. If lock look flat and also melted (without bump that tho resemble beads), you deserve to take your ornament out. Allow it cook a tiny longer if it isn’t flat, however I don’t like my beads cooking for long.Let cool.Pop her melted pony bead the end of the cookie cutter. You’ll need to really press it out together the plastic sticks to the cookie cutter, but it will come out.Hot glue her ribbon or string come the back and you have an ornament!


I know.

That was less complicated than girlfriend thought, right?

Be certain to review these tips listed below to make it even less complicated for yourself…

Tips for melting Pony Beads the BEST method Possible

Melt the pony beads in a toaster range OUTSIDE or on your porch so you don’t smell up your house.Have a designated baking sheet for melting beads – pick one up in ~ the dollar store for future projects.Always usage metal cookie cutters. Plastic cookie cutters will…well….melt or burn. Yuck.We offered clear pony beads, but any kind of kind of pony bead will do.Do a very THIN great of beads in the cookie cutter. If you put too numerous inside the cookie cutter, you will NOT be able to pop the ornament out of the cookie cutter when it dries.

If you desire to make much more ornaments, here’s wherein I pin all of my favorite kid-made ornaments on Pinterest – there space some AWESOME principles on this board.

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