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The basics in leveling up your character and introducing AP, SP, Hyper, and also Ability!

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What is AP?

AP means "Ability Point", and it"s a worth that deserve to increase the stats for strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), intelligence (INT), and also Luck (LUK), and your character"s best HP and MP.

Press the hotkey in-game to watch your character"s Stat window.


When raising Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, or Luck, the stat will be increased by 1 every AP spent. The quantity of AP invested to boost HP and MP differs based upon your character"s job.

Obtaining AP


5 AP is offered per level every time friend level up, and extr AP is provided for certain job advances when leveling up.

Using AP

Points have the right to be invest in your selection of HP, MP, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, or Luck.


If you have points to invest, try pressing the button, where points will certainly be invested in the stats most recommended for her character"s class.



Use the AP Reset scroll to reset every one of your stats, excluding any type of AP spent on HP or MP.AP Reset Scrolls can be purchased native the Cash Shop or acquired through events.

What is SP?

SP stands for ability Points, and they can be offered to increase a skill"s level to do it more powerful. Press the hotkey in-game to watch your character"s ability window.


Each skill has actually a max level, and also each SP invested will increase a skill"s level by 1.

Obtaining SP

3 SP are offered per level every time you level up from Lv. 1 come 100. Starting from Lv. 101, friend will get 3 SP on many level-ups, and also 6 SP if your level ends in 0, 3, 6, or 9 ~ above level-up (ie: acquire 3 SP in ~ Lv. 101, 3 SP in ~ Lv. 102, 6 SP in ~ Lv. 103, 3 SP at Lv. 104...). Extr SP are likewise given for specific job advancements when leveling up.

Using SP


SP can be used to increase your skill level, so shot leveling up the ability of your choice!


Once you reach Lv. 140, you will have actually gained all of the SP needed to increase every one of your an abilities to their max level. But you can likewise learn new skills with Hyper Skill, and also you won"t need any kind of SP.Once you reach Lv. 200, you"ll have the ability to proceed with your fifth job advancement, and skill levels have the right to be raised using the V matrix system, and you won"t need any type of SP.

* are you curious about fifth Job skills and the V procession system?

Mastery book & Mastery Box

You have the right to use Mastery publication & Mastery crate to boost the fourth job advance skills" max levels.


Dawn Warrior, Blaze Wizard, Wind Archer, Night Walker, and also Thunder Breaker work do not need the Mastery book & Mastery Box. Cygnus Knights work (aside indigenous Mihile) execute not need Mastery Books.


Mastery publications can be obtained from miscellaneous shop NPC and also events, and you can acquire Mastery Boxes indigenous the following quests and content:

ContentQuest NameNumber that Mastery boxes ObtainedGrand AthenaeumLion King"s CastleSilent CrusadeFantasy design template WorldKorean individual TownRoot AbyssGolden TempleCrimsonheart CastlePartem Ruins
(Lv. 100) Visit the grand Athenaeum1 because that each chapter, and can obtain up come 3 in total.
(Lv. 115) The Adventure the Jenn the Locksmith2
(Lv. 120) town of Toys2
(Lv. 120) Dylan"s Story2
(Lv. 125) A Letter native the Library2
(Lv. 125) An immediate Summons1
(Lv. 130) Noi much more Tourists2
(Lv. 130) to Grendel"s Library2
(Lv. 135) Dark Prophecy1


Once you with Lv. 140, you"ll automatically achieve and . Open the character skill home window (hotkey ) and also stats window (hotkey ) to inspect out your new abilities!

What is a Hyper Skill?

They"re powerful skills that can be learned starting from Lv. 140. You can learn skill improvement passives, and powerful attack and energetic buff skills.


Skill improvement Passive

Passive skills that enhance other existing skills in assorted ways.A ability gets unlocked every time you with a certain level.You deserve to earn Hyper skill SP in ~ Lv. 140, 150, 165, 180, and also 190.

Active Attack/Buff Skills

These are distinctive active skills that have an effective effects.Skills will get unlocked in ~ Lv. 140, 160, and 190.Hyper skills will no be affected by Potentials including some of the cooldown reduction and buff duration increase effects.

How to Reset your Hyper Skills

You have the right to reset Hyper skills by pushing the button. Expense to reset Hyper skills will rise the an ext times friend reset, yet will no exceed 10,000,000 mesos.

Hyper ability Reset Costs1st Reset2nd Reset3rd Reset4th Reset5th and later Resets
100,000 mesos
1,000,000 mesos
2,000,000 mesos
5,000,000 mesos
10,000,000 mesos

What are Hyper Stats?

Hyper Stats are extr bonuses that deserve to increase your character"s stats! when you with Lv. 140, you can view the Hyper Stat home window through the personality stat home window (hotkey ) and clicking ~ above the button.


Once you reach Lv. 140, Hyper Stat points will certainly be given each time you level up. Invest the obtained Hyper Stat point out to boost your Hyper Stat levels.

Hyper Stat Types

Hyper Stat species and max levels are as follows.

StatsMax LevelIncrease per LevelMax accumulation IncreaseSTRDEXINTLUKHP(%)MP(%)DF/TFCritical Activation ChanceCritical DamageIgnore DefenseDamageBoss Monster damages IncreaseAbnormal standing ResistanceKnockback ResistanceAttack strength & Magic ATTGet EXPArcane Power
151Lv. 6+: 225%
153Lv. 6+: 455%
151Lv. 6+: 225
150.5Lv. 11+: 110%
155Lv. 11+: 10100

Note: You need to breakthrough to your fifth Job in order to rise the stats because that Arcane strength Hyper Stats.

Obtaining Hyper Stat Points

You will earn more Hyper Stat points as your character"s level increases.

Level RangePoints Given140 - 149150 - 159160 - 169170 - 179180 - 189190 - 199200 - 209210 - 219220 - 229230 - 239240 - 249250 - 259260 - 269270 - 275Total

Amount of required Hyper Stat Points

The larger the level the a Hyper Stat, the an ext Hyper Stat point out will required to level the Hyper Stat up further:

LevelRequired amount of PointsCumulative Points123456789101112131415


How to Reset invested Hyper Stats

You deserve to reset the Hyper Stats by pressing the button. Hyper Stats can be reset at any type of time in ~ the cost of 10 million mesos.

What is an Ability?

Ability advert to covert abilities in your character. When you reach Lv. 50, friend can finish the "The Eye Opener" pursuit through the star occasion notifier come unlock her Abilities.


After completing the quest, you deserve to view ability by clicking the switch on the character stat home window (hotkey ). One Ability"s stats and values will certainly be based on the location of the Ability, and also can be reset.

Ability Reset

Ability reset deserve to be done with Honor EXP or by using a miracle or Chaos Circulator item.


You have the right to reset the capability with 100 point out of honor EXP. Stats that you do not great to readjust can it is in locked, maintaining them safe while your various other stats room reset.


However, the rank requirements to it is in fixed also in order come lock the stats. If girlfriend lock a location or stats, respect EXP needed to reset it will certainly increase.

Required honor EXP come Lock-Epic AbilityUnique AbilityLegendary AbilityNone selectedRank selectedRank + 1 stat selectedRank + 2 stats selected

Rank and also stats can not be locked for rarely Abilities.

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Circulators have the right to be offered to reset capability without the cost of honor EXP. Intake effects differ relying on the type of the Circulator.