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Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona

By D. Roddy, U.S. Geological survey (http://www.solarviews.com/cap/earth/meteor.htm)

Earth's attractive Mysteries - Ley present of North and South America

Have you ever sensed that there to be something special around a certain place yet couldn't quite put your finger top top what it was? I understand I have actually in the city and the country. These spots can be located on a ley line. Ley currently is a term supplied for a grid of energy lines that apparently surrounds the earth.

The points in this grid contain many of what are considered the earth's most sacred sites. When sites outside of the Americas space what often concerned mind as soon as sacred sites room mentioned, both North and also South America, have countless points along this grid.

The current theory that ley lines drops under the group of planet mysteries and is taken into consideration by some to it is in a pseudoscience and something much off base from the initial theory that Alfred Watkins—the very first modern ley heat hunter. However, for true believers, ley lines space a reality and also explain few of the most famous of earth's mysteries such as the Bermuda Triangle and also Stonehenge.

This is a brief introduction to ley lines consisting of the background of differing theories and current thought. Included is a listing of top online resources around ley lines, some through maps, and sacred web page in North and South America.

Leys is an Anglo-Saxon word definition cleared strips of ground or meadows. Source: Paul Devereux, previous editor that Ley Hunter Magazine.

The Difference between Ley Lines and Vortices

Vortices—the plural kind of vortex and additionally sometimes pluralized together vortexes—are the point out on the grid that ley currently connect. Spiritual sites are really often the areas you hear about such as Stonehenge, numerous places in the American West, and also other old monuments.

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Original theory of Ley present by Alfred Watkins contrasted to New-Age Ideas

Englishman Alfred Watkins indigenous Hereford is believed to have first popularized the ley heat theory. In 1921, that was examining a map that the countryside when he had actually a suddenly insight. According to a biography by his son, that was together if his mental was,

"...flooded through a rush of images developing one coherent plan. The scales fell from his eyes and he experienced that over plenty of long years of prehistory, all trackways were in right lines marked out by specialists on a sighting system. The whole arrangement of the Old straight Track stood all of sudden revealed." Source.