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NARRATOR: In this watch we deserve to see the south east in relationship to the rest of the west Hemisphere.One thing you should an alert right far is the the southeast is lot closer come the Equator than most other components of the U.S.Being close to the Equator, it is warmer.So once it looks like this in Minnesota . . .it commonly looks prefer this in Florida.See just how much that the region borders ~ above the Atlantic Ocean and also the Gulf that Mexico? Warming winds blow in turn off the water.These winds also carry humidity , offering the Southeast lot of of rainfall.Sometimes--particularly in the summer and fall--the warmth of the s supplies the power to make a hurricane, a furious storm the wind and rain.A hurricane can do a good deal of damages if that strikes the coast.But many of the time the weather in the southeast is pleasant.A relief map shows us the major landforms the the Southeast.The very first thing you notification is these mountains, the Appalachians. They prolong all the way up into new England.In actual life the Appalachian hills look choose this.Notice exactly how round lock are contrasted to the Rocky Mountains, i m sorry look prefer this.The Appalachians are lot older; wind and rain have actually been smoothing them under for millions of years.As you come under from the mountains, you find an area of tenderness rolling hills,the Piedmont.At the east edge the the Piedmont the land drops off suddenly, producing a line of river rapids and also falls. This is called the loss line.Below the Piedmont is the coastal Plain.These room low-lying follow me of flat land.Some parts of the seaside Plain space so low they"re extended with water.Here is one such place--the Everglades. Among the world"s most famous wetlands.It covers a huge part of southerly Florida.Its subtropical climate and its diversity of water do it a distinctive environment, home to countless animals and also plants that room rarely uncovered in other parts of the joined States.Before there were highways and railroads, rivers were among the finest ways to acquire from one ar to an additional . Therefore when human being established cities, they commonly did so on the banks of a big river.This map shows the main waterways of the Southeast: the Mississippi River, the Ohio River, the Tennessee River. As you deserve to see the Ohio and also Mississippi help kind the borders of numerous states.Today the Mississippi flow is an important transportation route.These barges space loaded v corn grown in the Midwest. They"re going southern to the mouth that the Mississippi, to reach brand-new Orleans, the best port in the united States.In the port, the corn is invited onto an oceangoing freighter.The freighter will lug this corn out through the Gulf that Mexico, and also eastward across the Atlantic s to countries about the world.
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