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Laurie Dawn Bugnacki indigenous Ocala, FlI love this song. I did not recognize that Bing crosby sang it. That comforts my soul and also I must have actually heard this song the an initial time once I was in grade school. It is a happy song and I love the method Bing crossby sang it and I choose the text too.George from Vancouver, CanadaSpider Robinson created a feeling parody the the lyrics in "Callahan"s Con"Barry native Sauquoit, NyOn might 19th 1963, large Dee Irwin and little Eva"s spanned version that "Swinging on A Star" gone into Billboard"s warm Top 100 graph at position #90; seven weeks after that July 7th, 1963 that would optimal at #38 for 2 weeks and also it continued to be on the chart because that 10 weeks...Big Dee Irwin had one other Top 100 record, as lead singer of the Pastels, "Been so Long" peaked in ~ #24 in 1958... And little Eva had 4 Top 100 records, v "The Loco-Motion" being her biggest hit, the peaked at #1 for 1 week in 1962...Big Dee, born DiFosco T. Ervin Jr., passed far on august 27th, 1995 at the period of 63 and little Eva, born Eva Narcissus Boyd, died on April 10th, 2003 at age 59...May they both R.I.P.Barry native Sauquoit, NyOn February 7th 1944, ice cream Crosby recorded "Swinging on a Star"; as stated above, providing backing vocals were the Williams brother Quartet, through 16 year old Andy Williams gift the youngest member that the quartet...And on respectable 5th, 1944 the peaked at #1 for 9 weeks ~ above Billboard"s best Selling Retail documents chart, it changed Bing"s version of "I"ll Be see You"* at #1 on the chart, it had actually been #1 for 3 weeks...Plus his version of "Amor" to be at #4 at the time...* and at the moment Tommy Dorsey"s variation of "I"ll Be see You", featuring Frank Sinatra, was at #6 top top the same chart.Barry from Sauquoit, NyThis song won the Oscar for best Song at the 1944 Academy Awards, it was from the movie "Going my Way"... The tune was likewise covered in 1963 by huge Dee Irwin in a duo with little Eva; it peaked at #38...Rando from Duluth, MnI seem to remember city hall this in a "Little Lulu" cartoon as soon as I was very young.Daevid native Glendale, the the all=time greats! swing that Bing.Steve Dotstar native Los Angeles, CaSonny Burke"s manufacturing with man Scott Trotter"s orchestra aided make this a "neat" small record..nice clarinets, violins and muted brass..along with the near harmony that the Williams Brothers, of course!It also helped to have a an excellent song, courtesy ofJimmy van Heusen and also Johnny Burke! Oh, go I mention the singer? lolPete native Nowra, Australiathis is .... Favor a really good song......Andy Williams to sing for Lauren Bacall...thats one for the cool kidssee more comments

When Adele essential to cry throughout the filming of the video clip for "Hello" she played Labrinth"s 2014 solitary "Jealous." "You can play it in ~ my kid"s birthday and I"d burst into tears," she said.

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HumanThe Killers

"Human" by The Killers to be the many streamed track on Spotify in 2008, the year the the music streaming organization was launched.

go into SandmanMetallica

The original "Enter Sandman" lyric was about crib death, v the "sandman" death a baby.

one more Brick In The wall surface (part II)Pink Floyd

Producer Bob Ezrin persuaded Pink Floyd to put a disco beat and also children"s chorus on "Another Brick In The wall surface (part II)," which began out together a quick interstitial for their album The Wall.

BlackstarDavid Bowie

At 9:57 Dabid Bowie"s "Blackstar" is the longest song ever before to reach the warm 100.

25 Or 6 to 4Chicago

The title "25 Or 6 to 4" by Chicago refers to the time it was written: one of two people 25 minutes to 4 (3:35) or 26 (3:34).

Tom Waits text QuizMusic Quiz

Pool balls, magpies and thorns without roses - just how well carry out you know your Tom Waits lyrics?

when Rock Belonged come MichelobSong writing

Michelob commercials created hits for Eric Clapton, Genesis and Steve Winwood in the "80s, even as few of these rockers were fighting alcoholism.

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PrinceFact or Fiction

Prince is shrouded in mystery, making him terrific candidate for truth or Fiction. Is he yes, really a Scientologist? go he own an exotic animal?

Charlie DanielsSongwriter Interviews

Charlie discusses the songs that made the a southerly Rock icon, and also settles the devil vs. Johnny dispute once and also for all.

Gene Simmons of KissSongwriter Interviews

The Kiss rocker consists a lot of ground in this interview, consisting of why there space no Kiss collaborations, and why the absent Hall has "become a sham."

Why go Everybody dislike Nu-Metal? Your steel Questions AnsweredSong writing

10 questions for the author of valuable Metal: Decibel gift the story Behind 25 extreme Metal Masterpieces