In the category an unfavorable NBA records, right here you are the optimal 20 matches through the lowest-scoring record.

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We have currently seen the peak 20 Highest-scoring games. Currently it’s time to talk about the an unfavorable side that the record.

Because of poor shooting percentages and an extremely (too) conservative tactics, below you are the 20 lowest-scoring games in the NBA history.

NBA Lowest-Scoring Record

On November 22, 1950, the Fort Wayne Pistons beat the reigning champions of the Minneapolis Lakers for 19 to 18, in the complement that would go down in history as the game with the lowest-scoring (37 combined points).

At the time, those Lakers to be too strong for the Pistons; coach Murray Mendenhall, then, devised a strategy: if they had the sphere possession because that the whole time, Minneapolis wouldn’t have had a chance to score.

If this is basketball, ns don’t desire to it is in a component of this game anymore. Play choose that will kill skilled basketball

John Kundla, Minneapolis Lakers’ coach

Only four years later, in 1954, the NBA describe the 24-second clock many thanks to an intuition by Daniel Biasone, the Syracuse Nationals‘ owner.

NBA Playoff Lowest-Scoring Record

The NBA Playoff lowest-scoring match was played on march 30, 1948 in between Philadelphia Warriors and St. Louis Bombers and also ended through the score the 51 to 56.

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Unlike the match in between Pistons and Lakers, in this historical video game the short score was figured out by the countless missed shots: the portion realized to be horrible, also lower 보다 20%.

The Bombers scored just 20 the end of 76 shots (26.3%). The warriors a paltry 20 the end of 113 native the ar (17.7%)

NBA Lowest-Scoring Matches List

#MatchTotal pointsDateRS/PO
1Minneapolis Lakers 18-19 fort Wayne Pistons37November 22, 1950RS
2Detroit Falcons 33-50 Washington Capitols83November 2, 1946RS
3Boston Celtics 47-38 Washington Capitols85January 16, 1947RS
4Washington Capitols 49-40 Pittsburgh Ironmen89November 30, 1946RS
5Pittsburgh Ironmen 44-46 Boston Celtics90December 2, 1946RS
6Boston Celtics 48-43 Pittsburgh Ironmen91January 23, 1946RS
7St luigi Bombers 46-50 Toronto Huskies96December 15, 1946RS
Cleveland Rebels 49-47 Detroit Falcons96December 1, 1946RS
9Boston Celtics 49-48 brand-new York Knicks97February 6, 1947RS
10New York Knicks 46-52 Boston Celtics98January 25, 1947RS
11Philadelphia warrior 53-46 Pittsburgh Ironmen99December 26, 1946RS
12Detroit Falcons 54-46 Boston Celtics100November 23, 1946RS
Detroit Falcons 48-52 Toronto Huskies100December 29, 1946RS
St louis Bombers 51-49 brand-new York Knicks100March 20, 1947RS
St luigi Bombers 60-40 Toronto Huskies100March 23, 1947RS
16Detroit Falcons 49-53 St louis Bombers102November 5, 1946RS
Boston Celtics 53-49 Toronto Huskies102November 16, 1946RS
Pittsburgh Ironmen 54-48 Toronto Huskies102November 18, 1946RS
Philadelphia warriors 58-44 Cleveland Rebels102December 19, 1946RS
Philadelphia warrior 59-43 Boston Celtics102January 21, 1947RS
Washington Capitols 54-48 Chicago Stags102January 31, 1948RS
Indianapolis Olympians 52-50 Milwaukee Hawks102March 13, 1953RS

Zeno Schievenin
Appassionato della palla a spicchi senza averci roof giocato (se non al campetto): laureando al secondo anno di Scienze Politiche, tifosissimo della Roma e dei Lakers. Gli aneddoti e le statistiche so not il mio pane quotidiano: un Federico Buffa ancora alle element armi.