Love & Basketball(2000)
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Label:New heat RecordsLabel number:NLR 9001
Running time:not on fileShipping date:April 18th, 2000
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Album Tracklist
1.I"ll walk - Donell Jones<4:01>
2.It Takes 2 - Bob base & DJ EZ Rock<5:01>
3.Dance tonight - Lucy Pearl<3:50>
4.Complete lovely - black color Eyed Peas<4:19>
5.I like - Guy<4:48>
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Music indigenous the movie no on this soundtrack CD
Our Destiny - Hinda Hicks
This Woman"s occupational - Maxwell (found on the CD "Now")
Work This - MC HAMMER
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:What room the surname of the song from this movie that are not ~ above the soundtrack? There"s this one tune I like however I don"t understand who sing it.(from lishain new orleans,La)
A:"You make a stupid of Me" through India Arie. (thanks to tina,las vegas)add an ext info
A:"Our Destiny" by Hinda Hicks. (thanks come Keandra,SF, California, USA)add an ext info
A:It"s in reality by Meshell NdegeoCello. Castle are right up there in the tracklist. (thanks to Kami,Tampa, FL)add an ext info
A:"Fool of Me" by Me"Shell NdegeOcello (thanks come Jada,US)add an ext info
Q:What"s the surname of the tune playing once Omar and that girl an initial had sex on the ground?(from nettein faunsdale, al unified state)
A:Isn"t that "This Woman"s Work" by Maxwell?? (thanks come katy,ny)add an ext info
A:"This Woman"s Work" by Maxwell. This track is beautiful. (thanks to CrazyNerdyChick28,Oakland, California..us!!)add more info
Q:What"s the surname of the track playing as soon as her sister was doing her hair? "...Making love in the rain..." ns don"t know the surname of the song or the artist. Thanks a bunch!(from Trinain Cleveland, Ohio)
A:I loved the song as soon as I heard it as well. The is dubbed "Making Love In the Rain" by Janet Jackson. Gotta love it! hope this helps! (thanks to Stephanie,Illinois)add an ext info
A:FROM WIKIPEDIA... "Making Love in the Rain" is the third single by Herb Alpert indigenous his save Your Eye ~ above Me album. It attributes vocals indigenous Lisa Keith (lead) and also Janet Jackson (back up). "Making Love in the Rain" was a large success ~ above the U.S. Warm R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks getting to number seven, and also did moderately fine on the Billboard warm 100 peaking at number thirty-five. This is a beautiful song! i stumbled throughout it as soon as I to be looking up another song through Herb Alpert. Herb Alpert is an accomplished trumpet player and also was through Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. He co-founded A&M Records. Ns later connected this song with Love & Basketball which to be a great fictional story! (thanks come Matt,Parma, Ohio, USA)add much more info
Q:What is the song playing when they very first get into the dance? It"s no on the soundtrack.(from Daniellain UK)
A:"Just acquired Paid" by Johnny Kemp (thanks to kelani,NY)add more info
Q:What"s the song playing when she is at the college gym through herself playing basketball. Ns heard "baby goodbye" in the lyrics a couple of times.(from cecein detroit)
A:It"s Hinda Hicks. The tune is dubbed "Our Destiny" (thanks to ceez,New york, ny)add an ext info
Q:I to buy the movie from finest Buy and it came with the soundtrack CD included. There"s one extra tune or something in ~ the end. Track 14? that is the artist and also what is the name of this song?...from Reain fort worth, tx(answer Rea"s question)
Q:What tune is playing when she just moved in following door and also goes end to beat basketball
Q"s house?(from addyin alb,nm)
A:"Candy Girl" by new Edition (thanks come ashley,pa)add an ext info
Q:What is the song playing when Monica is in Spain? (from James Bryantin Lake Orion,MI)
A:Abraxas pool - "Baila Mi Cha-Cha" (thanks come Chelseababe,London, UK)add more info
Q:What is the tune playing once they are having actually sex because that the very first time? it is an extremely romantic.(from mickeyin Laguna hills, CA)
A:Maxwell... "A Woman"s Work" (thanks come Tee,Baltimore, MD)add much more info
Q:What is the track playing as soon as Q dram his negative game after he found out his dad cheated?...from cherryin boston, ma(answer cherry"s question)
Q:What"s the tune we hear at the end of the movie when they space playing ball?(from Brandi Campbellin Oregon)
A:"I"ll Go" through Donell Jones (thanks to plh114,Chicago, IL)add much more info
Q:What is the Marvin Gaye tune playing in the background when "Q"s" mom is sitting by the pool, as soon as she finds the end her husband is cheating?(from tabiain atlanta)
A:I think it"s "I Wish i Didn"t Love you So." (thanks to nubian,philly)add much more info
Q:What"s the tune playing when Q is play his negative game?(from trinixsweetiein NJ)
A:"Our Destiny" through Hinda Hicks (thanks to sean,oakland ca)add an ext info
Q:What"s the tune playing in ~ the dance once Monica and also her day starts slow-moving dancing?(from sEc_loves_brin Kentucky)
A:"I Wanna Be her Man" by roger (thanks to Bryte,Philly, PA)add an ext info
Q:What is the song playing when they first start the second quarter and also Monica is play high college basketball? Something about "...light together a feather difficult as a rock..."??(from aliin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
A:"Lyte together a Rock" by MC Lyte (thanks come Bryte,Philly, PA)add an ext info
Q:What"s that very first song playing once the credits start?(from Maein U.S.)
A:"I"ll Go" by Donell Jones (thanks to Danielle,Texas)add an ext info
Q:What is the song playing when young Quincy is composing a i m really sorry letter come young Monica in ~ his house, as soon as he claims "I can"t do this shit"? Sounds favor Marvin Gaye.(from hollywoodin eht, nj)
A:It is through Marvin Gaye and also it is referred to as "After the Dance." (thanks to Bren,VA)add more info
Q:What"s one of the big songs play while the credits space running? I assumed it was called "The Letter" or something prefer that.(from Raquelin TX)
A:"I"ll Go" (thanks to brenn,memphis,tn,usa)add an ext info
Q:When Quincy and Monica ultimately make love, what song is playing?(from claytonin columbus ohio)
A:"Women"s Work" through Maxwell (thanks to Shelbae,Cali)add an ext info
Q:What is Q"s genuine name in the movie?(from Nenain Fresno Ca)
A:Omar Epps (thanks to Kia,New York)add an ext info
A:His genuine name in the movie is "Quincy" (thanks to Dyamond ,Oklahoma City, ok )add an ext info
Q:What is the Marvin Gaye song playing in this movie when Nona McCall is pool side, drinking wine and crying due to the fact that she had just discovered out her husband was having an affair?...from squeezein new york(answer squeeze"s question)
Q:What track is playing as soon as Quincy plays her for her marriage? ...from Frenchfriein tx(answer Frenchfrie"s question)
Q:What track is playing in the start of Q"s first bball step in high school?(from tinain cali)
A:"I get Da task Done" by large Daddy Kane (thanks to dorah,SC)add more info
A:Kool Mo Dee - "I walk To Work" (thanks come Rufio,Vancouver, Canada)add more info
Q:What is the track playing in the critical scene where they played for Q"s heart? The one before he stated "double or nothing"......from omjoshin Tamuning, Guam(answer omjosh"s question)
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