With a harmony-laden vibe the sounds much more like miscellaneous byAlabamaor theNitty Gritty dust Band, Mel McDaniel"s 1980 variation of "Louisiana Saturday Night" suited both the "80s country charts and also the heat dancing craze that bubbled up a te later.

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Bob McDill, the writer ofAlan Jackson"s"Gone Country," penned the song in the late "70s.Don Williamscut the initial version because that his 1977 albumCountry Boy. His fiddle-driven take suited an introspective storyteller an ext so than a rowdy bandleader. It"s not to be perplexed with aTom T. Halloriginal through the very same title, which was tape-recorded by Louisiana"s Jimmy C. Newman.

McDaniel, a huge label record artist since the mid-70s, walk from a small-town Oklahoma dreamer to a genuine nation star through his 1980 albumI"m Countryfied. "Goodnight Marie," a McDaniel co-write do popular currently by Bobby Goldsboro and also Kenny Rogers, and another McDill creation in the future Jackson cut "Right in the Palm of your Hand" combine an album anchored through "Louisiana Saturday Night."

Every solitary from the album, beginning with "Hello Daddy, great Morning Darling," cracked the optimal 40. "Louisiana Saturday Night" reached No. 7 on theBillboardHot country Songs chart, making the the absent starter the both the album"s top 25 success and also McDaniel"s rise career.

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Bigger things were ahead for McDaniel, who"d peak the charts in 1985 because that the an initial and just time through "Baby"s got Her Blue blue jeans On" (a McDill original passed increase by both Conway Twitty and John Anderson). His commercial peak also brought fans "Big Ole Brew" (1982), "I call It Love (1983), a covering of lining Berry"s "Let It roll (Let that Rock)" (1985) and also the song with the ideal "80s music video clip you might"ve overlooked, "Stand Up"(1985).

A Hit prior to Its Time

While McDaniel moved on to new material, "Louisiana Saturday Night" was a resting giant, wait to mix with the fun tunes of Brooks & Dunn and also other "90s stars.Dolly Partonand Cajun fiddlerDoug Kershawhad a little fun when they brought the track some renewed fist on a 1987 airing ofThe Dolly Show. Parton"s bubbly energy and Kershaw"s facial expressions and also showmanship (why isn"t the net obsessed through him?) an initial alerted dancers to an infectiously funny song. V cheeky lyrics about one-eyed dogs, kin folks, front garden festivities, a single shot rifle and also an chance to gain fed a belly complete of Cajun cooking, it"s to fill with country music cliches supplied respectfully transparent a feet-stomping, hand-clapping hoedown that rages on till the morning light.

Although that wasn"t reissued as a hit or offered at a an essential moment in a renowned film, "well you gain down the fiddle and also you gain down the bow" still obtained line dancers boot-scooting on the floor once the great mainstream nation revival that the "90s hit full-swing.

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Long after ~ the music organization saw right to revolve out the lamp on "80s traditionalists and "90s heat dancers, the big stage the LSU"s Tiger stadium in Baton Rouge maintained the song pertinent to a live audience. It and also Garth Brooks" "Callin" Baton Rouge" blare prior to home games at the stadium known as death Valley--not come be puzzled with Clemson"s home ar or the Undertaker"s hometown. In every seriousness, it gets fans pumped increase in one of the loudest and also least inviting stadiums for visiting teams.