The main characters are the members that Laura"s instant family. Charles Ingalls was apparently his daughter"s favorite—and she his. In this story, Pa is rugged, hardworking, and also competent. He sets traps, shoots animals for food, plants and also harvests, butchers, builds, and also travels to town to market furs. But ideal of all, Pa is funny to it is in with. Back Ma reportedly takes pains to save her tiny girls entertained with paper dolls and also pancake men, Laura declares, "The finest time of every was at night, once Pa came home." Pa roughhouses v the girls, jokes, theatre his fiddle, and also tells tales. He knows the girl love to it is in "scared" through his games and stories, even as his presence makes them feeling secure. Fair and also openminded, the is every for "progress," and also the later publications of the series reveal that he really hopes for bigger obstacles farther west.

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Ma, a slender, graceful woman, likes things to be pretty. In spite of all her housework, she take away the trouble to color and mold the butter; she gazes happily at bolts of new calico. She china shepherdess, put on a shelf do by Pa, presides over a civilized house. Ma is positive, firm, and also versatile. She expects the girl to execute their chores, and also she trains them to have good character and to "act choose ladies." In a crisis— such as the night when she and also Laura satisfy a bear—Ma keeps she composure, but she is human enough to cry and laugh later.

Ma and Pa division their obligations in a smoothly to run household. Clearly they like and also respect each other. They provide for the family and know exactly how to survive. Resourceful in entertaining their children, Ma and also Pa do whatever simply however beautifully—at the very least in Laura"s memory.

The three sisters complete the family. While tiny is claimed of infant Carrie, Laura and her enlarge sister Mary room in plenty of ways opposites. The pretty, blonde mary is polite, obedient, clean, and also neat; the brunette Laura is energetic and bold, periodically unmannerly and naughty. As soon as Pa dram "mad dog," mary screams and shrinks away, when Laura leaps to attack.

Laura, native whose point of check out the story is seen, is an intense, observant girl of five. She loves she family and also tries to be an excellent and dutiful, however sometimes she feels selfish, jealous, or fearful. She is bored on Sundays and also sometimes overexcited on distinct occasions. All in all, she is a child with whom it is straightforward to identify.

household life is just one of the most important themes. The book shows the security and obligations associated in both the nuclear and also the expanded family. Laura performs her chores, and also her parents provide a secure residence for her. In addition, the entire Ingalls clan it s okay together once work needs to it is in shared; subsequently for help at sugaring and harvesting, every clan member feel a feeling of belonging and also draws strength from the household unit.

also important is the idea of survive on the frontier. Return the people of the big Woods help one another, they perform not depend on machines, produced objects, or outsiders for your survival. Their day-to-day equipment and also their entertainment room handmade. Wilder mirrors the pleasure that the big Woods civilization take in your competence.

not all is sweetness, however. Rivalry, jealousy, and competition flare up amongst the children. Laura envies mar her yellow hair. At a family gathering, she and her cousin, likewise named Laura, controversy hotly about whose infant sister is prettier. The adults, well mindful of the problem, advice unselfishness and also sharing. This is an ext than a matter of politeness: ~ above the frontier, where cooperation is regularly the vital to survival, such characteristics are crucial.

although the bigger human ar is important, the Ingallses seem to come into contact more often with animals. Their perspectives toward wild and also domestic animals administer another necessary theme. Other than for protecting against her ears when the hogs are killed, Laura is no squeamish about the butchering or hunting of animals. Still, she sometimes feels sentimental around them and also is glad once her father decides no to kill the deer the sees in the moonlight. Bear stories administer both comedy and also a reminder that the hazard of the wild is always present. Simply as the house is surrounded by wolves and deer, therefore the story itself is framed with recommendations to deer. The very first things Laura sees at the beginning of the publication are the deer carcasses hanging native the tree. Among the last scenes is that of the deer in the woods the Pa decides no to shoot.

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Time is one of the most poignant themes that the book. Laura Ingalls Wilder, looking earlier sixty years upon a civilization that had vanished even before she began writing about it, memorializes that people in the "Auld Lang Syne" sung by Pa at the finish of the novel. But tiny Laura, period five, stays in the here-andnow. Together she drifts come sleep at the finish of the book, she says, "Now is now. It deserve to never it is in a lengthy time ago." on the one hand, the seasonal cycle never changes: loss will constantly be harvest time. ~ above the various other hand, everything changes: Pa looks at brand-new machinery and talks around progress; children grow older. The existence of these 2 views the time lends tension and also power to the novel.