The central Processing Unit (CPU), Cooling System(heat sink and/or CPU fan) and Motherboard (the main circuit board).

The aspects of the mom board are


2.CPU- main Processing Unit

3.Main storage / Random accessibility Memory (RAM)

4.BIOS- an easy Input calculation System

5. CMOS-Complimentary metal Oxide Semiconductor

6. Cache Memory

7. Expansion Buses

8.Firewire header

9.PCI express 16x slots

10. PCI refer 1x Slot

11. Chipset - North leg (with heatsink)

12.ATX strength connector

13. Motherboard controls

14. Chipset - southern Bridge

15. Serial ATA Connector

16. USB 2.0 header

17. Motherboard Battery

18. Floppy drive Connector

19. Principle connector no on Diagram

20. BIOS (Basic Input calculation System) Chip

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